“Storage Wars” star Ivy Calvin Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, MMA, Football Career, Eye Injury

• Ivy Calvin is an American reality TV star, famous for starring on “Storage Wars” on A&E Network since 2012.
• Before fame, he was an MMA fighter and American Football player.
• He owns Grandma's Attic store, and has appeared in 50 episodes of “Storage Wars”.
• He is married to Wendy and they have two sons.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million.

Who is Ivy Calvin?

Ivy Calvin is described as a loud, determined and confident American reality television personality, famous for starring on “Storage Wars”, a series that aired on the A&E Network, appearing on the show since 2012 during its third season. Ivy is also referred to as “The King of Palmdale”. He used to be an arena football player as well as an MMA fighter, but is now a successful entrepreneur and owns Grandma’s Attic store. He is a person who is never afraid to go after his dreams, and has managed to put his name on the map.

Early Life and Education

Ivy was born of American nationality and African-American ethnicity, in Southern California, USA under the Virgo Zodiac on 10 September 1971 – Calvin’s sign describes him somewhat inaccurately as intelligent, modest and attentive. He went to California State University for his education from where he graduated.

Before Fame

Before Ivy rose to fame, he was an MMA athlete as well as an American Football player, for Cal State Northridge as their linebacker. Professionally, he played in the arena football league before moving to the ring. He is remembered for his biggest MMA win in 2002 when he defeated an opponent within just 60 seconds by his keylock. His fearless attitude in the ring is still manifested in his super competitive nature, as he is always trying to outsmart his competitors on the auction circuits.

Ivy Professional Career

For a long time Calvin has been fascinated by storage lockers, spending almost a decade visiting auctions all over the nation, and selling the items he acquired at swap meets and flea markets. In 2009, Calvin finally decided to open his own thrift store, in Palmdale, California, and named it Grandma’s Attic. It offers different unique items and goods that Ivy bid for on “Storage Wars”, and he has even taken his business online in order to reach more clients.

Calvin adopted the name “The King of Palmdale” after starting his business, to boast about his successful auctioning, and the store has actually proceeded to become some kind of a tourist attraction, welcoming many customers including “Storage Wars” fans, who are always on the look-out for one-of-a-kind items.

Calvin made his debut appearance on “Storage Wars” in its third season, starting out as a part-time cast member after the departure of an original member, Dave Hester left. Calvin was retained as the show’s full cast member in its fifth season, and has been on it ever since, having appeared in 50 episodes which have made him a sensation due to his articulate approach to auctions, as well as an ability to stock his store with varied storage locker items.

He is always willing to travel far for worthwhile goods, including attending auctions not only in California but around the whole US, to ensure that his shelves are full. Regularly, Calvin gets in touch with locals prior to any auction trip, creating new relationships and using them to help him get a better chance in the bidding; he does whatever works.

Calvin Personal Life

Contrary to all the publicity Calvin attracts in his professional career, his personal life has remained very private. He is a married man to Wendy; the couple appeared together at the “Reality Wanted Awards” in Los Angeles in 2014, but Wendy generally prefers to stay out of the picture, although they’ve posted Twitter messages about their children, stating how proud they are of them. Calvin is still very active in sports and even earns from it. Additionally, he is very passionate about charity work, and on his Facebook page, Ivy has promoted various fundraising events.

Family and Children

Calvin and his wife have been blessed with two sons, Ivy Jr. and Isaiah. Both of them have appeared beside their father in a “Storage Wars” episode. Ivy Jr. is also an athlete who plays basketball, football, and is involved with field and track events. His dream is to get a college scholarship to enable him to pursue a career in athletics, so when Calvin is not filming, he aims to spend quality time with his sons. They often go hunting, fishing, and traveling around California as a family.

Ivy Eye Injury

Although Ivy was a mixed martial arts fighter, he did not get an eye injury from it. The injury was as a result of an accident that took place when he was out fishing. A rogue wave hit Calvin making him also hit coral, which led to the eye injury.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth

As a reality TV superstar and shop owner, Calvin has managed to accumulate a handsome amount of wealth. His weekly income is over $6,000 and $25,000 per month, so annually Calvin earns $300,000 from his store and $200,000 from “Storage Wars”. Reputable sources estimate Calvin’s net worth to be OVER $1.5 million and his wealth keeps increasing with each passing day, enabling Calvin to offer his family a lavish life, also owning a mansion and other properties.

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