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In the expansive digital realm of streaming and gaming, specific stars radiate more brightly than their counterparts. A notable luminary in this space is AriaSaki, who ventured into platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, seamlessly sharing her life and passion with a global audience. Through her captivating personality, her brand of humor, and creative flair, AriaSaki has skillfully carved a distinctive niche in the hearts of viewers around the world.

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Early Life and Family

AriaSaki was born Angela Don on 31 March 1994, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to Vietnamese parents, and has a younger sister. Her mother is employed at a local supermarket, while her father is a serving police officer. Limited information is available about her family and formative years, except for the fact that as a child, she immersed herself in watching Disney films, anime, and cartoons as well as playing video games. Her initial gaming device was a Nintendo, a gift from her father. Fondly reminiscing, she shared an anecdote about playing Pokemon with her sister. AriaSaki was drawn to the fantastical realms and challenging quests these activities offered.


AriaSaki’s foray into gaming mirrors that of many enthusiasts—fueled by curiosity and passion.

Origin of the name, Aria

During the SFU Anime convention in Vancouver, she watched the pilot episode of “Sister Princess.” A character named Aria, with a soft-spoken and shy demeanor, immediately captured her heart. She was in fourth grade at that time, and since that moment, she’s consistently embraced the name Aria in various aspects of her life. Notably, her mom, who appears in one of her cooking streams and is as funny as her, pronounces Aria’s name as “Oreo.”

Twitch Streaming

In 2014, AriaSaki took a bold step, venturing into Twitch as a casual or laid-back streamer, not really adopting to a highly structured approach. Her channel featured gameplay from titles such as “League of Legends,” a team-based online battle arena game developed by Riot Games. Her infectious enthusiasm quickly resonated with viewers, becoming the hallmark of her content.

AriaSaki primarily streamed League of Legends and Overwatch, a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, in 2016 and ‘17. Throughout this period, her follower count surged from 15,000 to 31,000. In recognition of her growing influence, she acquired a “sub button,” symbolizing her eligibility for channel subscriptions with potential monthly payments. March 2018 marked a noteworthy milestone in AriaSaki’s streaming journey as she achieved Twitch partnership, bringing forth additional benefits and features beyond the revenue generated through subscriptions.

In the expansive world of gaming, where sessions often extend for hours, AriaSaki seized the opportunity to interact with her audience. Her Twitch chat transformed into a vibrant hub, cultivating a loyal fanbase that appreciated her genuine connection. Notably, her Twitch channel, boasting close to 650,000 followers, has featured not only gaming streams but also cooking sessions.

Forging Connections in the Gaming Community

Her rise as a game streamer wasn’t a straightforward or effortless journey. She navigated a path that involved forging connections with fellow streamers and cosplayers, delving deeper into the gaming community, and broadening her reach to a wider audience. A pivotal moment occurred when AriaSaki attended the 2014 Anime Expo, leading to a fortuitous encounter with cosplayer Sachie.

In turn, Sachie introduced AriaSaki to notable figures in the gaming world, including the then-professional esports League of Legends player Jummychu, VTuber (virtual YouTuber) Uguubear, and YouTube personality and musician LilyPichu. A unique opportunity arose when AriaSaki discovered via Twitter that Lily desired pink hair; given Aria’s side hobby of hair dyeing, she promptly offered her services. This act not only deepened their friendship but also opened doors for AriaSaki to connect with more individuals within the gaming and content creation sphere.

Affiliations with CLG, NRG, Offline TV, and Immortals

In the latter half of 2014, AriaSaki found herself homeless, reportedly evicted by her parents due to her excessive dedication to playing League of Legends; she sought refuge with Uguubear and Lily.

In early 2015, she assumed a culinary role with the North American esports organization, CLG (Counter Logic Gaming), leading her to relocate to a CLG team house. By January 2016, she’d transitioned to NRG Esports, undertaking responsibilities as Assistant GM and chef. Unfortunately, she left in June 2016 due to harassment from one of the owners with the initial “G”, whoe frequently entered her room without knocking, and despite promises, failed to provide a lock for her door. A particularly unsettling incident occurred when he walked in on her while changing and caught her topless, leading her to raise her voice and create a scene.

Come February 2018, Aria house-sat for the Offline TV house, an online social entertainment group of content creators. Streaming from there and collaborating with friends significantly boosted AriaSaki’s viewership, increasing her concurrent views from 100-200 to 600-900. Engaging in cooking streams alongside Offline TV and Just Friends, a Twitch streamer group, she became an integral part of the content. Aria officially joined Offline TV as a cook in December 2018, but parted ways with the group in April 2019 due to conflicting schedules of the members, rendering her services unnecessary.

Between November 2021 and December 2022, Aria served as a content creator for Immortals, a gaming and esports organization based in the Great Lakes region,.

Cosplay and Creativity

Going beyond pixels and controllers, AriaSaki delved into the realm of cosplay—a creative and performative art form in which enthusiasts known as cosplayers, don costumes and accessories to embody specific characters. She skillfully transformed into beloved video game characters, meticulously crafting costumes and makeup to breathe life into her portrayals. Aria’s dedication to detail and her genuine love for the craft earned her admiration from both fellow cosplayers and fans. Her inaugural venture into cosplay involved bringing Wicked Lulu, the Fae Sorceress in League of Legends, to life entirely from scratch, a feat that consumed three days of her time. She proudly showcased her diverse array of cosplays, featuring characters such as Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact, on her Instagram platform.

YouTube Presence

AriaSaki officially joined YouTube in June 2014, but her earliest post dates back only to February 2017, featuring her friend Lily’s Pomeranian puppy, Temmie. Surprisingly, this video has become her most popular to date, amassing over 650,000 views. The highest-performing YouTube Shorts, with 10 million views, showcases Aria in a shirt that has apparently burst open. In the video, she amusingly buttons it up while informing her audience that there’s nothing to get excited about, as she has something on underneath. Currently, her channel boasts 265,000 subscribers.

Her content primarily consists of streaming sessions and travel vlogs, accumulating an impressive 30 million views overall. In addition to her main channel, in 2021 she launched a second one, AriaSaki Clips, which has garnered over 10,000 subscribers. The channel’s inaugural post in 2023 featured an unboxing of Nerf guns, followed by her playing with them.

Instagram and Twitter

Expanding her online presence beyond Twitch and YouTube, AriaSaki has delved into Instagram, amassing a follower count of more than 400,000, and Twitter in which she has a following of over 600,000. Through her posts on these platforms, she offers glimpses into her vibrant and quirky personality, providing a multifaceted view of her life as a game streamer, cosplayer, fashion enthusiast with her Outfits of the Day (OOTDs), and a traveler. Notably, AriaSaki has dedicated a separate Instagram account ojikisa, exclusively to her adorable pet cats—Mayo, Kisa, Buki, and Coco. It has close to 9,000 followers.

Personal Life

AriaSaki openly acknowledged that she doesn’t consider herself girlfriend material. According to her, she’s definitely not the ideal companion in a relationship, because her intense focus on her interests, whether it’s gaming, cooking, or any hobby, tends to make her disregard or forget her partner.

She admitted that her presence is most enjoyable in person, but due to her demanding work schedule, she can’t always be physically present. In her three real relationships, she received similar feedback from all three boyfriends, questioning if they even had a girlfriend. She suggested that they could always break up from her, but they didn’t.

It wasn’t until her third boyfriend voiced the same concern that she realized she needed to work on this. Notably, her longest relationship lasted four and a half years. She did express a commitment to becoming a ‘fantabulous’ wife in the future, but as of her August 2021 vlog, she wasn’t ready for that yet. It remained uncertain if her perspective on settling down had changed since then.

Interesting Facts

Cutting people out of her life

In her YouTube vlog dated April 2023, Aria shared that, regardless of the relationship, she had to make the tough decision to cut certain people out of her life. Aria recounted a situation in which she lent a substantial amount, a five-figure  sum, to someone who assured her they would repay her. When she reached out to the family member, requesting small payments, she encountered a defensive attitude. Regrettably, she later realized that, despite having the person’s best interests in mind, they didn’t reciprocate, and no longer had the intention to repay her. Later, someone she cares about wanted to borrow more money from her. Aria mentioned that it’s unlike her to be all about the money, but her past experiences have made her think about money, and find it really stressful.

Her social approach

AriaSaki possesses a strong inclination to please others. She values being well-liked, and tends to analyze people extensively upon first meeting them; she’s quite the adept observer, seeking to grasp their personality traits and nuances. Her intention is to navigate social situations with care, avoiding any missteps or inadvertently causing offense. Her reserved nature makes her initially shy, but a surefire way to get close is engaging her in a conversation about something she’s truly passionate about. Once immersed in such discussions, she becomes remarkably talkative, expressing herself with enthusiasm.


AriaSaki stands at a height of 5ft 3ins (162cms) but insists that she is nearly 5ft 4ins! She weighs about 112lbs (51kgs), boasting a curvaceous figure with vital statistics measuring 35-27-35. Her distinct features include dark brown eyes and black hair, which she’s creatively dyed in various colors ranging from purple to green.

Net Worth

Aria Saki has purchased her own house, and is relishing a comfortable lifestyle while indulging in her passions. As a partnered Twitch streamer, she earns revenue through subscribers, advertisements, and donations. Additionally, her income is bolstered by her presence on YouTube and Instagram. She reportedly garners an annual income of $200,000, and boasts a net worth estimated at over $1 million, as of February 2024.

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