What happened to Matt Dix on ‘Maine Cabin Masters’?

Nestled deep within the picturesque wilderness of Maine, the hit television series “Maine Cabin Masters” has brought to light the extraordinary journey of one of its standout stars, Matt Dix. Over recent years, Matt’s evolution from a novice carpenter into a bona fide Maine Cabin Master has captivated audiences nationwide. His story is one of resilience, marked by unwavering dedication to his craft and a determination to overcome the various hurdles life has thrown his way. From humble beginnings to the bright lights of the small screen, his remarkable journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion with unyielding tenacity.

Matt Dix’s early life and career

Born and raised in Augusta, Maine, Matt’s early life was steeped in the traditions of craftsmanship and an appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounded him. From a young age, Matt exhibited a fascination with woodworking and the construction process. His childhood days were often spent tinkering with tools, assisting his family in various do-it-yourself, DIY projects, and honing his skills in carpentry. As he grew older, his passion for transforming raw materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing structures only intensified.

It was his unique ability to blend the traditional craftsmanship with beautiful designs that set him apart in this craft. Matt’s work quickly garnered a reputation for its attention to detail, and the ability to seamlessly integrate modern amenities into rustic settings—attributes that would later prove crucial to his role on “Maine Cabin Masters.”

As Matt’s reputation as a talented builder grew, in 2017 he received an invitation to join the cast of “Maine Cabin Masters,” a decision that would forever change the trajectory of his career. Little did he know that this opportunity would not only showcase his skills to a broader audience, but also provide the perfect platform to share his love for preserving and renovating classic Maine cabins.

In the years since his introduction to the show, Matt Dix has become an integral part of “Maine Cabin Masters.” His charismatic personality, unwavering commitment to preserving Maine’s rich cabin history, and uncanny ability to turn renovation challenges into opportunities have endeared him to viewers across the nation. Today, he stands as a testament to the power of following one’s passion, nurturing one’s talents, and embracing the unique opportunities life presents.

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Maine Cabin Masters

“Maine Cabin Masters” is a television series that’s captured the hearts of viewers by providing a unique and immersive look into the world of cabin restoration in the beautiful state of Maine. The show revolves around a dedicated team of builders, craftsmen, and designers who share a deep love for preserving the rich history of Maine’s iconic cabins. At the forefront of this talented crew stands Matt Dix, whose journey from his early life in rural Maine to his role as a prominent figure on the show epitomizes the essence of the program.

One of the show’s distinguishing features is its commitment to showcasing the natural beauty and rustic charm of Maine’s wilderness. Each episode explores the renovation of a different classic cabin, often situated in breathtaking locations near lakes, rivers and forests. The team’s mission is not just to modernize these cabins, but to carefully restore and enhance their original character, allowing them to stand as a testament to Maine’s rich cabin heritage.

“Maine Cabin Masters” not only entertains but also educates its audience about the unique challenges and joys of cabin renovation. Each episode offers insights into the renovation process, from tackling structural issues to incorporating modern innovative design concepts. Through it all, the cast member express their joyful attitude, and share it with their world-wide audience.

Future seasons

The first episode of the latest season of the show, Season 9, premiered in October 2023. The new season came rather soon, considering that Season 8 finished in February 2023. With a growing popularity and a loyal fan base, the show is likely to continue for many more seasons.

Kennebec Cabin Company

The home and headquarters of the show is Kennebec Cabin Company, which is run by the hosts themselves. Their offices are located in downtown Manchester, in the building which was the subject of the first episode of the show.

Today, the company also hosts a podcast on their YouTube channel, in which they talk with DIY experts and carpenters, as well as host interviews with cast members such as Matt. The podcast is entitled “From the Woodshed” and has over 400 episodes aired so far.

One of the episodes features Matt, in which he talks about topics such as growing up in Maine, and how his life changed after he joined the show. Matt highlighted that their work environment hasn’t changed much, other than having the cameras around, but that they do the same things as if the cameras weren’t there. One thing that did change however, was public recognition. Matt notes that he’s often recognized in his local stores, and greeted by supporting fans.

Net Worth

When it comes to Matt’s net worth, not much has been publicly disclosed, but estimates say that it’s over $1 million, mostly reflected by the success of Maine Cabin Masters, and the projects they conduct as part of Kennebec Cabin Company.


“Maine Cabin Masters” is more than just a television series; it’s a window into the soul of Maine’s cabin culture, and the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to keep it alive. Matt Dix’s journey from a small-town carpenter to a beloved “Maine Cabin Master” reflects the essence of this show—passion, craftsmanship, and a profound connection to the rugged beauty of Maine’s wilderness. As viewers, we are not only entertained by the transformation of historic cabins, but also educated about the importance of preserving their heritage.

The show’s enduring appeal lies in its ability to transport us to serene lakeshores, hidden in the heart of Maine’s enchanting landscape, and remind us of the simplicity and tranquility of cabin life. It’s a celebration of tradition, a nod to innovation, and an exploration of the enduring allure of the great outdoors.

So, as we continue to follow the adventures of Matt Dix and the “Maine Cabin Masters” team, we are reminded that in the midst of a fast-paced world, there is something timeless and comforting about the smell of freshly cut wood, the crackling of a warm fire, and the rustic charm of a classic Maine cabin. Through their craft and dedication, Matt Dix and his fellow Cabin Masters invite us to experience the magic of this world, and in doing so, they inspire us to treasure and preserve the stories and traditions that make Maine’s wilderness and cabin culture truly extraordinary.

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