The Life and Career of Ashleyyylreyyy: Age, Real Name, Dating

Ashley Reynolds

TikTok sensation Ashleyyylreyyy – birth name Ashley Reynolds – was born on 6th July 1998 in the USA, and has gained millions of followers thanks to her curvaceous physique and energetic dance videos. Currently based in Southern California, Ashley frequently uploads comedy content and choreographies set to trending songs.

Like any self-respecting content creator, Ashley is active on a number of platforms apart from Instagram and TikTok. In 2023, she became a Twitch streamer and joined the Lost Media team, which describes itself as a group of ‘wonderful individuals [who] have teamed-up to create more of your favorite content!’. Despite not uploading in over a year, Ashley continues to be a part of the collective, which is also mostly inactive.

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Personal Life

In September 2022, Ashley divulged that her ‘sneaky link’ (a guy she was seeing) had made her sign a non-disclosure agreement. In a 30-second TikTok video, the twerk expert sensationally claimed that she had bought the man in question an expensive PS5 despite them not being in a committed relationship – but never received anything in return.

Although Ashley didn’t go into further detail, the incident was just one of many in her chaotic dating life. While it’s possible that the content creator exaggerates or even fabricates certain situations to go viral, it’s evident that she’s been unlucky in love, having been in a number of unhealthy relationships. The TikTok starlet confirmed her single status in February 2024, while wishing her followers a happy Valentine’s Day.

On a happier note, the influencer revealed to her followers in September 2023 that she’d crossed an important item off her bucket list, by moving into her own home with her pet dog; in the same month, rapper Cardi B reposted one of her viral clips, which helped Ashley receive plenty of online attention.

Regarding Ashley’s life before becoming TikTok famous, the blonde graduated from Clemson University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2019. Unlike other influencers who scrub their profiles when they begin gaining followers, all of Ashley’s pics are still available to view on Instagram – many netizens have noted her shocking physical change over the years.

Although Ashley has never directly addressed surgery rumors, her current body looks remarkably different compared to old photos posted in 2016. At the time, the dancer had lost 37 pounds over the course of her months-long weight loss journey; then sometime in 2019, she began putting weight back on and joked that she ‘wasn’t pregnant, just eating good’. Just a year later, she had already become something of an online celebrity, with tens of thousands of likes on each photo and video.

Some of the rumored cosmetic procedures Ashley has undergone include lip filler, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and breast augmentation. The lengthy gaps between some of her Instagram posts have added to the speculation, but for now, we can’t confirm that anything else has changed. Regardless, her net worth is estimated to be close to $5 million, as of early 2024.

Lost Media Collective

There’s not much available information regarding the Lost Media collective which Ashley belongs to on Twitch, but we can share some more details about its most popular members.

Hailstorm766, a variety streamer and aspiring influencer from Florida who ‘loves talking to people’, is the most active member of the collective with almost 18,000 followers at time of writing. The blonde participates on almost every social media platform you can think of, from Discord to Twitter to YouTube, and even has her own Amazon storefront as a way to generate more revenue. Unlike the rest of the collective members, Hailstorm streams regularly, and is possibly making the most money through the platform, despite not having the most followers.

Next up is xoTeegan (birth name Teegan Hyde), who is 23 years old and loves drawing, singing, and travelling. Despite having almost 40,000 followers on Twitch, the rest of Teegan’s platforms are far less popular, and she often struggles to reach 1,000 likes on Instagram. Nevertheless, the blonde has clearly found her niche and is sticking to it with her lifestyle and gaming content.

Millie Miles, a dance teacher and content creator based in Dubai, has almost 100,000 Twitch subscribers which she somehow gained after just one livestream. Although the blonde has been inactive on Twitch for months, she has several streams of revenue, and is currently working as an instructor at The Platform Studios. Other brands and businesses the dancer is affiliated with include the premium health club Fit Code, and the female-only gym Fit ‘n’ Glam.

Mati Marroni, who goes by the name of lonelygirlmati on Twitch, has over half a million Instagram subscribers, and uploads most of her content on Only Fans or Patreon. The sultry brunette often toes the line with her Instagram pics and has been criticized for posting risqué snaps on a website which is easily accessible by minors; however, she clapped back at her detractors by saying ‘I like to think that you too would do it for a check.’

Last but not least is thevarietygurl, also known as Lil V. The streamer is currently living in Florida and, as her name indicates, uploads a bit of everything, be it cooking content, fitness videos, or hours-long chats with her subscribers.

Lost Media Ltd.

The Lost Media Twitch collective is just one branch of Lost Media’s business ventures: the online marketing and talent management agency – founded by Luke Loukaides and two business partners in 2020 – promises to accompany its clients in their ‘journey towards unbounded digital success’.

Apart from influencer marketing, Luke, who graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental geoscience, dabbles in crypto and is no stranger to juggling several projects at once.

After a string of short-lived jobs as a content specialist, growth operations associate, and Know Your Customer (KYC) associate, Luke launched his talent agency and podcast almost at the same time; however, he was forced to drop his podcast due to Lost Media taking up so much of his time.

Despite Lost Media’s talent roster being scattered around the globe, the company itself is based in London, and has been running smoothly for over four years.

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