The Life and Career of Jesser: Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Who is Jesser?

Jesse ‘Jesser’ Riedel is a well-known American YouTuber and social media influencer, primarily recognized for his basketball and gaming content; he’s become quite popular among the online community, amassing millions of followers on his channel. Additionally, Jesser is affiliated with two notable groups in the online gaming and basketball communities: 2HYPE and 100 Thieves. The former is a group focused on basketball-related content, while the latter is a well-established esports organization. He often features collaborative content with these groups on his channel.

Early Life and Education

Jesser was born on 27 March 1999 in Los Angeles, California. He was raised alongside his older brother James, who also appears in some of his videos. The brothers attended the same high school in their hometown, where they both developed an interest in basketball. Their father worked as a car salesman, while their mother was employed at a local market.

YouTube Channel

Jesser’s YouTube channel primarily features basketball and gaming content, particularly around NBA 2K. He engages his audience with basketball challenges, wager videos, and a series entitled “Road to the Playoffs.” Besides, he collaborates with his friends for various challenges and games, which contribute to his channel’s popularity. Over the years, his channel has amassed more than 16 million subscribers, while his videos have been watched more than four billion times, as of November 2023, reflecting his significant influence within the YouTube community particularly among NBA 2K gamers and basketball enthusiasts.


2HYPE is a collaborative group consisting of several members including Jesser, Cash Nasty, Kristopher London, ZackTTG, Kenny Chao, Mopi, and a few others. They often work together to create engaging content, usually centered around basketball challenges, although they have diversified into other types of content over time.

Jesser, being a prominent member, collaborates with the group to release various videos on YouTube. His involvement with 2HYPE has seen him participate in basketball challenges and other group activities, sometimes alongside other notable personalities like NBA stars James Harden and Paul George. The collaborative nature of 2HYPE has allowed Jesser and other members to grow their individual online presence while also building a strong community around their shared content. They have a large following, and engage with their audience through their entertaining videos​.

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100 Thieves

100 Thieves is a premier lifestyle brand and gaming organization based in Los Angeles. This organization encompasses various facets including esports teams, apparel, and a roster of content creators from different platforms. Jesser is one of the content creators, and has been acknowledged on their platform as a significant basketball content creator. He’s celebrated for his energetic and engaging content which resonates well with his audience. Jesser continues to build his brand while also being associated with a reputable and multifaceted gaming organization. His involvement with 100 Thieves also extended to his group 2HYPE, as they joined 100 Thieves alongside him, further integrating their collaborative content creation efforts within the larger 100 Thieves community​.

Presence on Social Media

His Instagram account has attracted over a million followers, on which he shares various photos and videos, presumably relating to his personal life and YouTube content​.

Apart from YouTube and Instagram, Jesser also engages with his audience on other platforms such as Twitter – handle ‘@Jesser’ – and while the exact follower count isn’t retrieved, it’s likely significant given his popularity on other platforms.

Additionally, Jesser promotes his merchandise through Bucketsquad Apparel, with its Instagram page being ‘@bucketsquadshop’, showcasing another aspect of his social media engagement.


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Other Ventures

Jesser has a brand named Bucketsquad which he’s been taking to new heights. He hired Zach Miller, a veteran from Spotify and NBCUniversal, as the first President of Bucketsquad to lead its expansion and chase new revenue opportunities. This move is aligned with Jesser’s aim to grow the brand by exploring areas including content subscription, international syndication, and retail. Jesser’s Bucketsquad brand has also become involved in merchandising, and he recently launched his own sneaker line called Bucketsquad 1s​.built for everyday style with premium materials, comfort, and a wearable color combination. The design reflects his passion for basketball and gaming and aligns with the Bucketsquad brand identity​.

Bucketsquad Apparel is a basketball apparel company founded by Jesser. This venture was announced to participate in the first-ever NBA Con in Las Vegas, showcasing the brand to a wider audience and providing fans an unparalleled experience through talent appearances and brand activations.

Apart from YouTube, Jesser also earns income through various sponsorships, donations, and collaborations. These collaborations likely include his work with groups such as the aforementioned 2HYPE and 100 Thieves as well as partnerships with other creators and brands.

Love Life and Girlfriend

Jesser is currently in a relationship with Christina Trexler, known to be a coder who studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for two years, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. She’s expressed interests in various fields including research, software development, product management, marketing, and data analysis.

The couple seems to share a supportive bond. For instance, Christina celebrated Jesser’s achievements in a pair of tweets ahead of the NBA’s 2023 Ruffles All-Star Celebrity Game, in which she mentioned that when they first met over two years ago, Jesser had shared two of his lifetime goals with her: reaching 10 million subscribers on YouTube, and playing in the NBA celebrity game.

Net Worth

As of November 2023, Jesser’s net worth has been estimated at more than $17 million, was he earns roughly $360,000 per year from his YouTube videos alone, largely from ad revenue, but he also through other avenues such as sponsorships, donations, and merchandising. For instance, he has endorsements from various brands like Hot Pockets, SeatGeek, Sky Zone, Metro, and NBA Playmakers, and also earns from his merchandise shop.

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