The Life of Sylvester Apollo Bear: The son of Famous Parents

Born under the sign of Pisces on 8 March 2021, Sylvester Apollo Bear is a two-year-old Caucasian child of British, Polish, German and Jewish ancestry. He’s frequently talked about in the media due to being the only offspring of producer and actor Sebastian Bear-McClard and his much more famous model and actress wife Emily Ratajkowski. Both his parents have had massive success in their endeavors, and it’s without a doubt that the boy’s childhood will be publicized whenever the prowling paparazzi manage to catch a glimpse of it.

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The joy of Sylvester’s birth

Emily joyfully shared on Instagram that she and her husband had welcomed their first bundle of joy into the world three days after his birth, detailing the morning as the most intensely gorgeous feeling she had ever had, in a heartfelt caption accompanying a photo of the newborn. The journey to parenthood, as the actress revealed, was marked by a decision to keep the baby’s gender a surprise. She expressed a desire to let her child determine their identity, emphasizing the complexity that goes beyond simply knowing one’s genitalia, thereby showing the entire world just how far-gone she is into post-modernist ideology.

Discussing supposed societal preconceptions about gender, Ratajkowski acknowledged the unavoidable influence of these constructs on her child’s life. While recognizing the reality of gendered experiences, she advocated for allowing her child to unfold their identity naturally, free from rigid expectations. She emphasized her hope to be a parent who enables their child to reveal themselves on their own terms, which, in theory, could also involve the toddler choosing to self-identify as a dinosaur.

Emily has managed to remain candid about her life choices throughout her illustrious career, and she wasn’t about to break the habit when it comes to her child. She therefore shared her aspirations for motherhood in a Q&A on her Instagram story in March 2020, expressing a desire to be the best mom she can be while balancing other life goals. Her pregnancy journey was documented with a nude maternity selfie on Instagram, whereby she humorously described herself as feeling like both Winnie the Pooh and a fertility goddess.

The mystery of Sylvester’s gender

In a letter penned to Vogue and published on 26 October 2020, Emily has been notably vocal about her progressive views on gender and her unique approach to parenting, particularly concerning her son’s gender identity. In her exploration of pregnancy and motherhood, the model ultimately chose to keep the gender of her child undisclosed until the age of 18, challenging traditional norms and fostering an atmosphere of anticipation. This decision is apparently rooted in the couple’s desire to allow their child the autonomy to determine their own gender identity, free from societal expectations. Others, however, would argue that this is a tragedy of two leftist ideologues refusing to acknowledge the physical sex of their child.

Ratajkowski’s perspective on gender seems to be underscored by a rejection of stereotypical narratives and an embrace of the complexities that come with individual identity. She reflected on her own experiences to strengthen her point, revealing childhood fantasies of playing with baby dolls and envisioning a future daughter as a cherished companion. She further explored the psychological difficulties of parenting, acknowledging the common desire to ‘re-do’ one’s own childhood through the act of raising offspring. Her post-modernist aspirations notwithstanding, the baby was born, and is referred to as a boy.

What is his parents’ love story?

Nobody knew a thing about Emily’s love life until the 26-year-old model spilled the beans on her Instagram story on 23 February 2018, revealing that she’d tied the knot with actor and producer Sebastian Bear-McClard at New York City Hall. Remarkably, their journey from acquaintances to newlyweds spanned only a few weeks. Emily shared the joyous occasion in a series of post-wedding snapshots, capturing the essence of their unconventionally quick ceremony. The absence of a grandiose diamond engagement ring was notable, with both opting for simple gold bands. The groom, however, showcased two rings inscribed with ‘EM’ and ‘RATA,’ adding a personal touch to their union.

Ratajkowski shared a since-removed romantic photo of the couple minutes after the revelation, offering a simple yet profound caption, ‘💍ny💍.’ She tantalized her followers with a sneak peek prior to the ceremony, posting a photo at City Hall alongside her witnesses, one of whom was the outspoken social media star Fat Jewish, making a statement in Planned Parenthood sweats. Breaking away from tradition, Emily made a bold choice for her wedding day attire, donning a mustard-colored power pantsuit straight off the shelves at Zara. The $119 long double-breasted jacket was cinched with a belt, paired harmoniously with flared trousers priced at $69.90. Her accessories included a simple circular gold pendant, a stylish black-brimmed hat with a French netting veil, and, in an admittedly strange yet delightful touch, a pug.

While their relationship was still in its infancy, the announcement drew an outpouring of congratulations from fans and friends on Instagram, with notable figures like Jackie Cruz from “Orange Is the New Black” and Kim Kardashian’s former assistant Stephanie Shepard chiming in with their well wishes.

Rumors of Emily’s split with her boyfriend of over four years, Jeff Magid, surfaced around Valentine’s Day 2018, gaining traction when she was seen with Bear-McClard. However, the couple kept their newfound romance under wraps until the out-of-the-blue wedding revelation, taking millions of fans by surprise.

And what is their hate story?

The entire rushed love tale of Sylvester’s parents began swerving towards a bad ending on 15 July 2022, when Page Six published that whispers in the gossip mill suggested a potential parting of ways for the spouses, culminating in the aftermath of their four-year marital journey. Observant eyes had caught the 31-year-old model without her wedding band during a leisurely stroll in New York City with Sylvester, while, in contrast, Bear-McClard was spotted still adorning his ring as he navigated the cityscape the day prior.

Amplifying the speculation, social media influencer and comedian Claudia Oshry, better known as @girlwithnojob, had divulged several details in an episode of “The Morning Toast” podcast. Oshry hinted at bad news in Ratajkowski’s marriage, alleging that Sebastian’s purported infidelity might have been a catalyst for the speculated marital discord. The 28-year-old influencer remarked that Sebastian’s lack of respect towards his marriage vows was a commonly known fact by those close to the couple. Adding a touch of foresight, she predicted that when the inevitable Instagram post or official statement surfaced, it shouldn’t elicit much surprise from anyone in particular.

Efforts to obtain comments from the couple’s representatives yielded no response, and Page Six extended inquiries to Bear-McClard’s production company, Elara Pictures, in pursuit of clarity. The web of speculation continued to unravel, leaving the public on the edge of anticipation for any official confirmation or clarification regarding the alleged unraveling of Emily’s marriage.

Confirming the unthinkable

Emily initiated divorce proceedings against her estranged husband in a decisive move, on grounds of alleged infidelity. The court records, accessible to Page Six, revealed that the model officially filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court, marking the case as contested, indicating unresolved issues necessitating legal resolution. Despite requests for comments, neither Ratajkowski’s legal representation nor the film producer’s spokesperson provided immediate responses to Page Six.

A credible source close to the model affirmed the infidelity allegations, describing Bear-McClard as a ‘serial cheater’ and denouncing his actions as reprehensible. Formally confirming the speculations in September through a TikTok video, Emily declared her newly single status and shared her contemplation on re-entering the dating scene, while the clarity in her statements clarified to everyone watching that there was no more room for doubt regarding the nature of her marriage.

Going (somewhat) public

Ratajkowski remained mostly silent for the next four months, until an extensive interview with Harper’s BAZAAR brought to light the nuanced narrative of the aftermath. Most importantly, the revelation that Ratajkowski was dating again hinted at the evolving dynamics of her relationships, and the fact that she was emerging from the heartbreak. However, the particular details pertaining to the reasons why the two divorced remained guarded, as the model adopted a measured approach when discussing her marriage’s dissolution, choosing to prioritize her son’s privacy. While she acknowledged the spectrum of emotions she experienced, including anger, sadness, and even excitement and joy, she maintained a stand-offish disposition on the matter, recognizing the potential pitfalls of having personal details misconstrued.

The status of her marriage marked a departure from her past, as she revealed never having experienced singleness before. The revelation invited speculation and commentary from fans and the public alike – rumors, fueled by social media chatter and celebrity matchmaking, swirling around potential suitors, including playful suggestions of connections with Brad Pitt and Pete Davidson. Acknowledging her venture into dating once more, Emily shared a newfound perspective on the experience. She revealed that relationships served as a form of protection from the predatory aspects of the modeling industry in her younger years, but also that dating wasn’t always enjoyable, owing to a past tendency to seek validation rather than making independent choices. Now, freed from those constraints, the model found pleasure in assessing her likes and dislikes without the burden of external perceptions.

The absence of a definitive type of partner and the openness to potentially dating someone famous or powerful underscored Ratajkowski’s exploration of this new phase. Despite the conjecture surrounding her romantic life, she exuded a sense of independence and a commitment to taking her time, enjoying the solitude that came with being alone. She remained a dedicated mother to Sylvester, keeping him unquestionably protected from the negative influences of her previous outfalls, ensuring a pure, drama-free upbringing for her only descendant.

Yay divorce!

In a subtle acknowledgment of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce announcement in early September 2023, Emily took to TikTok to impart pearls of relationship wisdom to her female audience. She conveyed a sense of solidarity with young women opting for divorce before reaching the age of 30, deeming it not only commendable but also inherently ‘chic.’ Drawing from her own experiences of marrying at the age of 26 and subsequently going down the road to separation at 32, Ratajkowski shed light on the myriad advantages that being in one’s 30s entails.

This includes a profound period of self-discovery, whose empowerment apparently stems from financial independence, and the revelation that the once-idealized marital fantasy might not live up to its societal hype. She underscored the liberating aspect of having an entire lifetime ahead, offering a heartfelt congratulations to those grappling with the stress of divorce. In a noteworthy caption accompanying the video, stating that she personally sees it fashionable to be divorced by 30 years of age, the model has managed to polarize the public, with some in stark support, and some in ardent opposition of such a mindset.

Like mother, like son

Ratajkowski stepped into the spotlight as the face of Versace’s Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, joyfully sharing the news of her involvement with the brand on 24 January of the year. As a surprise, however, the model’s 22-month-old son took center stage alongside her, adding a delightful touch to the fashion narrative. Taking to her Instagram stories, the model documented Sly’s debut in the Versace shoot. In one charming snapshot, the toddler found himself in the arms of the iconic Donatella Versace, earning the endearing title of ‘auntie’ from Emily.

A subsequent photo depicted Sylvester grinning amidst a table adorned with an array of black and purple leather accessories. In awe of her son’s apparent enjoyment, she captioned the moment with ‘Someone had the best time.’ In a brief video, Ratajkowski, dressed in a backless pink gown, strolled hand-in-hand with her son, who sported pink crocs right by her side, creating a heartwarming mother-son duo in matching pink style. The Versace campaign announcement featured a two-photo carousel on Ratajkowski’s Instagram, to which she expressed having no words to describe how honored she felt as Donatella’s pick to represent the brand, emphasizing that being the official face of Versace had always been her dream.

How rich are his parents?

It can be said with certainty that little Sylvester won’t find himself lacking anything in particular, for probably ever, considering the sheer wealth of both his parents. Some of the most reputable media outlets of today have pegged Emily’s total accumulated wealth at more than $8 million, while her ex-husband is determined to be worth around $10 million.

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