Who is Zoie Burgher? Wiki Bio, age, dating, family, net worth, parents

• Zoie Burgher is a YouTuber from Miami, Florida.
• She studied International Affairs at Florida State University but dropped out.
• She posts content on her YouTube channel and other social media accounts, including Twitch, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
• She started the Ladies Gaming Club in 2016.
• She has over one million subscribers on YouTube and 500,000 followers on Twitter.

Who is Zoie Burgher?

Zoie Erena Burgher was born in Miami, Florida USA on 29 November 1995; she has a younger brother called Robin Oliver. She is a YouTuber – a somewhat new profession nowadays meaning that she posts her videos online on her YouTube channel, and so earns money from her subscribers and the views she gets on these videos.


Education and personal life

Zoie matriculated from a high school which she attended in Miami. She started going to the Arizona University but only stayed there for one summer before switching to Florida State University. She was interested in politics and studied International affairs, but later on dropped out of University. When people asked her about her political engagements and whether she is a Republican or a Democrat, she stated that she doesn’t belong to any group and is not politically active, but simply loves to listen to their debates and their points of views. She says how she wants to eventually study and graduate from college, but not right now.

Even though Zoie is a somewhat controversial person, she tries her best to keep her personal life hidden. There is not much known about her past relationships or about her parents, but we do know that she dated D’Angelo Taylor in 2018, but it’s unclear whether they are still an item.

Zoie Burgher


Many people want to be famous even if they say otherwise, but few try hard to accomplish it. Zoie is not one of those people – she started her YouTube channel in 2013 when she was 18 years old, and has also launched Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat and Twitter accounts.

She wanted to become famous and she decided to do it in a controversial way – she started uploading pictures and videos of herself wearing little clothing, going from being half-naked to being completely nude. While a lot of people don’t like what she does, others love it. The bad part about her career is that it is a little hard to maintain because of the content she posts. Nudity is not allowed on social media and she has faced some problems because of it. She was also sued by FOX because she used the image of “Futurama” character called Zoidberg in 15 of her videos – FOX asked for $150,000 for each video. It is unknown whether she paid the sum or if she intends to pay it, but it she did stop using this image.

Zoie had both of her Twitch and Instagram accounts blocked in the past, and actually a permanent block on Twitch after being blocked and warned a record six times. The reason behind this was something which she calls bikini-streaming. She streamed herself on Twitch while playing games such as Call of Duty and wearing only a bikini.

You can guess that didn’t stop her – she continued to post similar content on her other social media accounts.

After being banned on Twitch, Zoie formed a Ladies Gaming Club where she and her friends played video games live while wearing bikinis, and she later on posted these videos on her YouTube channel. She also twerks in some of her other videos.

Luxe Gaming

Once you go online, you got to stay online – Zoie’s next creation was “Luxe Gaming” in 2016, which is a type of small gaming society having both streamers and professional gamers as members. Celestia Vega, for example, was a member before she turned to pornography and therefore had to be removed from the group. In one of her witty comments she said how this gaming group was ‘70% committed to titties and 30% committed to gaming’. The group was disbanded after about a year, Zoie stating that it was the online hatred that decided her to disband the group.

Zoie Burgher Dissed

I can guarantee that most of you have heard about rappers dissing each other, but you probably never heard about dissing a YouTuber or an internet celebrity. Well, Zoie had a friend called Bryan, and once when live streaming together and being watched by over 7,000 people, Bryan said how Zoie was so boring and just left the stream. She became annoyed, and continued to roast him until the end of her live stream. Bryan responded to her roasting with a diss track called “Zoie Burgher roasted me”.

Appearance and net worth

Zoie has a net worth of about $150,000 as estimated by sources, mostly earned from her YouTube channel but she also sells her photos (of which some are half nude or even nude). She wrote this herself on her Patreon account – Patreon is a website on which young artists post their pieces of art, and get paid for them.


Zoie was a contestant for the Miss Coed Title in 2016, a contest for which only smart and beautiful college girls can apply, to later have one of them chosen as Miss Coed. She made the finals, but didn’t manage to win.

Her YouTube channel “Zoie Burgher” has over a million subscribers. Her ‘about’ section says how her channel is made to ‘empower people of every gender’, however, there is nothing motivational about it, and is used to generate money, from almost three million views to date!

Her Instagram account “luxezoie” has almost 250,000 followers although she only has about 88 posts on it. Her Twitter account “Zoie Burgher” is followed by more than a 500,000 people. Of course she hasn’t been using Twitch since she was banned for good.

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