The Naked Truth About Yasmine Lopez: Age, Husband, Net Worth

Yasmine Lopez

The online brand ambassador and OnlyFans content creator Yasmine Lopez, was born on 27th January 1999 ,in Charlotte, North Carolina USA, and has been well-known for years thanks to her trysts and liaisons with high-profile athletes, rappers, and other entertainment industry figures.

The brunette, who is 5ft 5in (165cm) tall and weighs about 143lbs (65kgs), has over two million Instagram followers, known thanks to her curvaceous figure, which is the result of many plastic surgery enhancements since she first came onto the scene.

Yasmine is believed to be either African-American or mixed-race; however, she doesn’t post any of her family members on social media so as to respect their privacy. Back in February 2018, she uploaded a video of herself singing in the car with her father, who was African-American, as she mourned his untimely and unexpected death.

The majority of Yasmine’s social media posts focus on her physique, although she also shares glamorous vacation snaps, and occasionally promotes Fashion Nova clothing. Back in 2020 or 2021, the influencer also had a skincare brand which seems to have since gone out of business.

Personal Life

In March 2021, Yasmine and R&B singer Trey Songz went viral on urban blogs, after the Only Fans vixen shared a mirror photo of herself with the “Na Na” hitmaker. At first, many believed that the attractive couple were in a serious relationship.

However, when leaked footage of Yasmine performing a sexual act on a man who resembled Trey began circulating online shortly afterwards, netizens speculated that the pair had linked up for the sole purpose of creating Only Fans content. (At the time, Trey and many other musicians were using the platform to share adult photos and videos as coronavirus restrictions made touring almost impossible).

Although Trey had a great run during the 2010s, his public image has been on the decline over the last few years. On New Year’s Eve 2021, female basketball player Dylan Gonzalez explosively Tweeted: “Trey Songz is a rapist. Lord forgive me I couldn’t hold that in another year. See you in 2022.” Even though Dylan wasn’t the first woman to come forward with allegations against the singer, her Tweet sparked a wave of outrage, as netizens began digging into Trey’s past offences, and since when, numerous women have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault, battery, and other crimes.

Keeping up with Yasmine’s love life seems almost impossible, as she’s been linked to over a dozen entertainers and athletes such as Drake, Diddy, and 6ix9ine, but in a previous interview, she also confirmed a former relationship with basketball player Carmelo Anthony.

It’s a well-known fact that Carmelo was married to former TV presenter LaLa Vazquez (who still uses her married name) for decades until she filed for divorce in June 2021. When social media users began criticizing Yasmine for discussing her relationship with a married man, she claimed that he was already divorced when they began seeing each other, but preferred not to give any dates.


Back to Yasmine, the adult star announced her pregnancy mere months after being linked to Trey. Due to the timeline, Trey was at first believed to be the father, but the model soon shut down the rumors and shared that it was NFL player Trevon Diggs. Yasmine and Trevon welcomed a son they named Chosen in August 2021, meaning that the Fashion Nova ambassador was several months pregnant during her short-lived fling with Trey.

Unfortunately for Yasmine, not only did Trevon want nothing to do with Chosen, as he denied being the father and refused to provide child support, but she also had a serious falling out with former friend and fellow Instagram model Chinese Kitty. When Chosen was born, Chinese explosively claimed that Yasmine had slept with Trevon behind her back, and become pregnant despite knowing he was in a relationship with her.

Although Yasmine ignored Chinese, less than a year later the tables turned as she insulted Joie Chavis – a professional dancer who has children with musicians Bow Wow and Future – for being with Trevon. “You weird as f*ck,” Yasmine wrote. “Under my friend’s pics but f*cking my baby daddy. WEIRDO”.

Joie and Trevon have since been spotted together on many occasions, and the relationship appears to be serious, as Joie tattooed the football player’s name on her body. It’s unclear whether Yasmine and Joie were ever friends, but they were certainly in close proximity to each other, due to having mutual acquaintances and romantic partners.

In any case, Yasmine moved on from Trevon shortly afterwards, and became pregnant by basketball player Christian Woods. The Los Angeles Laker power forward and the Instagram personality have yet to discuss the nature of their relationship, or even acknowledge each other on social media, and as Yasmine didn’t share any news of her pregnancy, many fans didn’t even know that she was expecting until the baby had already arrived.

In early October 2023, leaked messages of Yasmine and one of her friends ended up on blogs, after the friend in question began circulating the screenshots. In the messages, Yasmine claimed that she was hooking up with football player DeSean Jackson, but had her sights set on basketball prodigy Ja Morant. “I’m messing with DeSean Jackson right now… trying to get him to trick on me,” she told her friend, later adding: “Baby #3” with money emojis.

Many netizens wonder how the private messages were leaked. As it happens, the friend who Yasmine was messaging was allegedly friends with Ja Morant’s current girlfriend. When someone anonymously uploaded the messages online, it didn’t take long for urban and sports blogs to report the story.

Yasmine then claimed that the conversations were fake, but due to her past history, people were understandably unconvinced. It was also rumored that she had been paying blogs to take down negative stories about her in the past, but that this time, many outlets refused to do so, as the story was too good to pass up. Meanwhile, Ja and DeSean both declined to comment on the issue.

As for Yasmine and Christian’s son, there’s little to no information about the child (although Yasmine referred to him as “Kobe” in the messages). However, we do know that he was born in mid-August 2023.

Moving on to the topic of Yasmine’s net worth, the brunette has an estimated $500,000 fortune, thanks to her work as a Fashion Nova brand ambassador, and other pursuits, perhaps even including child support!?

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