The Rise of Aishasofey: From TikTok Star to International Influencer

Aishah Sofey is a notable Canadian model, Instagram star, and TikTok sensation, celebrated for her captivating fashion posts and stunning photos that have garnered attention across social media platforms.

Beyond her visually striking content, Aishah also shares engaging videos, showcasing her talents in dancing, singing, and other intriguing short clips.

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However, her appeal extends beyond the realm of aesthetics, as she holds a degree in biology, highlighting her intellect and depth.

Intrigued to learn more about Aishah Sofey and the journey that led to her fame? Join us as we delve into her story and explore the multifaceted personality that has captured the admiration of many.

Early Personal Life

Aishah Sofey, born on 25 May 2002 in Canada, has maintained a level of privacy regarding her childhood, and as of now, there is limited information available on this aspect of her life. Similarly, she has chosen not to disclose details about her family, including information about her parents or the presence of any siblings.


Aishah obtained her biology degree from the University of Florida, in the United States.


Aishah embarked on her modelling and fashion journey through Instagram, quickly gaining recognition and fame fueled by her genuine passion for the industry. Her modelling career took root during high school, where she actively participated in various runway and fashion shows, showcasing her school’s style and spirit.

The turning point came with the creation of her Instagram account, where she shared captivating modelling photos. The response was overwhelmingly positive, garnering attention and admiration from a growing audience.

Expanding her reach, Aishah ventured into TikTok, where she shared engaging videos encompassing dance, lip-syncing, singing, and other captivating short content.

Her presence on TikTok and Instagram flourished, earning her a substantial and dedicated fan base.

Her Instagram account, featuring daring and stunning photos showcasing stylish bikinis, further solidified her status as a fashion influencer. She has 1.3 million followers on this platform.

Aishah’s TikTok account boasts more than 17 million likes and 1.1 million followers.  She shares a variety of content ranging from lip-sync performances to glamorous vacation moments on the platform.

Aishah also actively engages with her audience on platforms like Twitter and OnlyFans, further connecting with her fans, and maintaining a vibrant and active online presence.

Recognised for her unique style and modelling prowess, Aishah became a trusted ambassador for renowned brands, including the likes of Fashion Nova, a brand for which she is an ambassador.

Interesting Facts

Aishah has a deep passion for travelling, particularly to colder destinations, as evident in her social media presence.

Beyond her modelling pursuits, Aishah revealed herself to be an avid animal lover, with a particular fondness for dogs.


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In matters of personal style, Aishah has a love for simplicity and sophistication, expressing a preference for black and white. This choice of colour reflects a refined taste and adds a classic touch to her overall aesthetic.

A lover of coastal landscapes in addition to colder places, Aishah enjoys spending time at the beach, where she indulges in the serene ambience and takes to the waters in small boats.

Aishah shares an appreciation for luxury cars, frequently featuring them in her Instagram posts. This fascination with high-end vehicles adds a touch of glamour to her social media, capturing the attention of fans and admirers.

Through her multifaceted interests and personal preferences, Aishah showcases a well-rounded personality that extends beyond the realm of modelling, contributing to the allure that surrounds her public image, which explains why she’s become so popular and well-loved.

Later Personal Life

Currently, there is no information available about Aishah’s romantic adventures.

Physical Characteristics

Aishah is 5ft 8ins (172cms) tall, weighs about 112lbs (51kgs), with vital statistics of 33-26-35. She has long black hair and beautiful black/dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

Aishah works very hard to create compelling (and appealing) content and shares exactly what her audience wants. As a result, she has an estimated net worth of $1 million, as of late 2023.

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