The Untold Truth of Twice Member – Nayeon

• Im Na-Yeon is a South Korean singer, performing under the stage name Nayeon, as a member of the girl group Twice.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• She trained in JYP Entertainment for three years before debuting in 201•
• Nayeon is the oldest and one of the most popular members of Twice.
• In 2020, a restraining order was filed against a stalker who had been following her.

Who is Nayeon?

Im Na-Yeon was born on 22 September 1995, in Seoul, South Korea, and is a singer, best known for performing under the stage name Nayeon, as a member of the girl group Twice under JYP Entertainment. She was chosen as one of the members of the group after competing in the reality television program “Sixteen”.

The Net Worth of Nayeon

As of early-2020, Nayeon’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career in the South Korean music industry. Aside from her work with Twice, she has also appeared in other programs.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Nayeon aspired to become a K-pop idol at a young age, though she kept it a secret from her family. In 2010, she got word that JYP Entertainment was holding open auditions in Seoul, and she auditioned successfully, becoming a trainee under the company. For the next three years she trained in JYP improving her skills – vocal and dance abilities, and many other aspects.

In 2013, she was intended to be a member of the girl group 6Mix, which was planned by JYP. They had gathered all of the members for this new group, but they never debuted as plans for the group were later shelved.

She then began appearing on television, with one of her first appearances in the Korean drama “Dream High 2” which was a cameo role – the program starred numerous band members such as Hyolyn from SISTAR and Jinwoon from 2AM. She stayed under the radar for a few more years, but eventually made her breakthrough in 2015 when she competed for the reality television show “Sixteen” which was intended to find members for a new girl group.


Becoming a Part of Twice

As the name denotes, “Sixteen” pitted 16 aspiring K-pop idols against one another, to gain a spot in the girl group Twice. They were tested for their singing capabilities, dancing, personality and charisma. The show ran for 10 episodes on Mnet, and Nayeon became one of the nine successful contestants.

This newly created group called Twice also consisted of Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, and Dahyun.

They made their debut later in 2015 with the extended play (EP) “The Story Begins”. The group marketed themselves in the color pop genre, with influences from rock, hip hop and R&B. Within five months of their debut, their music video of “Like Ohh-Ahh’ hit 50 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed debuts of any K-pop group.

They quickly followed up with another EP called “Page Two”, which contained singles such as “I’m Gonna Be a Star”, “Precious Love”, and “Cheer Up”.

It sold over 150,000 copies, as did their debut EP. During their first anniversary, they unveiled a third EP – “Twicecoaster Lane 1” – and released the music video for the single “TT”, which attracted over 200 million views on YouTube.

Recent Projects and Accolades

Twice went on tour across Korea to promote their music, and then visited parts of Southeast Asia such as Singapore. They announced their Japanese debut with a compilation self-titled album, before creating their fourth EP called “Signal”.

They began touring and releasing songs after creating a partnership within Japan, and their compilation album reached second spot on the Oricon Albums Chart. Later in 2017, they released their first full-length album entitled “Twicetagram”, which contained the single “Likey”.

They also debuted at the Kohaku Uta Gassen that year, making them the first Korean artists to appear in the event after six years. With momentum steadily behind them, they continued releasing music including singles such as “What Is Love?” and “Yes or Yes”.

In 2019, they made history as they became the first female K-pop act to embark on a dome tour of Japanese. One of their latest releases is the EP “Feel Special”, which found popularity within North America. They have sold over a million albums on Gaon for consecutive years since 2016.

Personal Life

Nayeon is single, and hasn’t engaged in any public romantic relationships since debuting with Twice. With her busy schedule, it is unlikely that she has any boyfriend, which is common for many K-pop idols.

She is one of the best vocalists and dancers of Twice, often placed in the center during dances. She is also the oldest member, and one of the most popular members of the group. In 2019, she was voted as the fifth most popular Korean idol in the annual music poll of Gallup Korea.

In 2020, JYP Entertainment filed a restraining order against a stalker who had been relentlessly following Nayeon despite being warned by the police. He attempted to approach her multiple times, including during a trip on an airplane, which caused a huge disturbance.

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