What did Corinne Massiah play in? Her Age, Parents, Dating, Bio

Corinne Massiah: A Talented Young Star on the Rise

In the ever-evolving landscape of Hollywood, certain individuals stand out not only for their innate talent, but also for their ability to captivate audiences with their performances. Among these rising stars is Corinne Massiah, a gifted actress with a career that began at a young age. Corinne has swiftly become a name to watch in the entertainment industry. Known for her versatility and emotive portrayals, she’s left an indelible mark on both the small and big screens.

Let’s delve into the journey of this promising young talent, and explore the highlights of her burgeoning career and her life.


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Early Life, Parents, and Education

Born Corinne Elizabeth Maude Massiah under the zodiac sign of Pisces on 13 March 2003, in Los Angeles, California USA, which makes her today aged 20 (as of December 2023). She holds American nationality and comes from a family of mixed ethnicity – her mother, Leslie is of White descent, while Corinne’s father, whose name she hasn’t shared is of African-American descent. Corinne has a twin sister, Halle, who is one minute older. Both of their parents prefer to keep their lives away from the media’s attention, unlike the girls who love to be in the spotlight. Halle is a social media star and YouTuber with her own army of followers.

When it comes to Corinne, from a young age, it was evident that she possessed a natural flair for the arts, and her journey into the world of entertainment began early. She was eight years old when she decided that she wanted to become an actress; her mother took her to her first audition, and Corinne landed her first television series role.

Speaking of Corinne’s educational background, she attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 2021, she enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles, and is still studying.

Career Beginnings

As mentioned, Corinne started her acting career at a young age, showcasing her talent and dedication to the craft. She made her acting debut playing Michelle Woods in a 2012 episode of the series “CSI: NY”. In the following year, she played Ricki Evans in “NCIS”, followed by her first movie role as Roadblock’s Daughter in “G. I. Joe: Retaliation”, an action drama starring Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum.

Later in 2013, Corinna landed the role of Lucy Malloy in the series “Mistresses”, and from 2013 through 2016, she made an appearance in 39 episodes of this romantic drama, also starring Alyssa Milano, Rochelle Aytes, and Jes Macallan. Corinne played the daughter of the Rochelle Aytes’ character, April Malloy. The show followed the lives of four best friends, each scandalous in their own way. It won the Seoul International Drama Award for Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year.

Concurrently, Corinna was seen in the TV movies “Keep It Together” (2014) and “Adventures in Love & Babysitting” (2015).

Most Notable Role

Corinne’s most notable role to date is her portrayal of May Grant in the critically acclaimed TV series “9-1-1”. The show, which debuted in 2018, follows the lives of emergency responders in Los Angeles. Corinne’s character, May Grant, is the daughter of Athena Grant, played by the legendary Angela Bassett. The dynamic between the two characters adds depth to the series, and Corinne’s performance has been praised for its authenticity and emotional resonance.

In “9-1-1”, Corinne Massiah’s portrayal of May Grant reflects her ability to bring complexity and nuance to her characters. The show’s success and positive reception have undoubtedly contributed to Corinne’s growing reputation in the entertainment industry. The show had 28 award nominations and 18 wins. From 2018 through 2023, Corinne made an appearance in 91 episodes of a total of 97.

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Rising Star

According to critics, Corinne Massiah’s ascent in Hollywood can be attributed not only to her talent but also to her professionalism and dedication. As a young actress, she’s proven her ability to tackle challenging roles and captivate audiences with her performances.

Beyond her work on “9-1-1”, Corinne’s career trajectory suggests that she’s poised for continued success in the entertainment industry. Concurrently with her role as May Grant, Corrine was seen as a Young Linda in the 2020 musical comedy-horror “Bad Hair”, in which she starred opposite Zaria Kelley and Elle Lorraine. The movie was nominated for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Independent Film.

As Corinne navigates her way through various projects, it might be interesting for her fans to see the diverse roles she takes on and the impact she makes on the industry. She’s announced her newest project, “Generation Angst”, a drama, in which she’ll play Donna – the movie is currently in development, and set to be released in early 2024.

Personal Life, Dating

While Corinne Massiah has shared glimpses of her professional life through her work, she tends to keep her personal life relatively private. Perhaps this approach allows her to focus on her craft and lets audiences appreciate her for the characters she brings to life on screen. However, this doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been the subject of various speculations about her love life and dating.

Recently, some tabloids reported that her boyfriend’s name is Jesus Gutierez, and that they’ve been dating for a some time, however, Corinna hasn’t commented on these rumors. Her social media profiles also don’t reveal anything about her romantic relationships.

As of December 2023, it seems that Corinna is single.

How Rich is Corinne Massiah? Net Worth

As per critics and her fans, Corinne Massiah’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to her talent, versatility, and promising future. As she continues to evolve as an actress, it appears that audiences can look forward to witnessing her contributions to the world of film and television. With a noteworthy role in “9-1-1”, she gained fame but also made a good living for herself thanks to her acting talent.

According to sources, as of December 2023, her net worth has been estimated at over $500,000.

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