What Does Alix Lapri Do For a Living? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend

Alix Lapri is a 27-year-old American singer-songwriter and actress, probably best known for playing Effie Morales in the TV crime-drama series “Power” in 2019 on the Starz network. After the series concluded, she reprised her role in “Power Book II: Ghost,” a sequel series spin-off; she remains a leading cast member as of 2023. Alix also promoted a few brands, such as WHAT WAIST, BodyNV, and LIVINTAGE apparel on her Instagram account, thealixlapri, on which she has over a million followers.

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Early life and education

Alexus Lapri Geier – Alix Lapri – was born on 6 November 1996, in Topeka, Kansas USA. She has two younger siblings, one a sister born to Lynn Geier, who later became a make-up artist. Alix began singing as soon as she could talk, and performing publicly when she was five, after her parents and a cousin taught her the proper technique. She became somewhat known locally at seven, winning third place in a talent showcase in Kansas City. Two years later, Alix took the crown at the Kansas Annual “Juneteenth” Talent Showcase, which got her recognition outside her state, and got a break a few months later, winning the Spring 2009 Miss Atlanta Girl title after only a month and a half of acting, modeling, and catwalk modeling.

As a reward, she received a year-long scholarship for modeling and acting at Nick Conti’s Professional School of Acting, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Alix has attended the Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet School in Topeka, Kansas, and might have matriculated from Newton High School in Covington, Georgia. According to her LinkedIn profile, she studied at California State University, Northridge.


Music and modeling

Alix rose to nationwide prominence in July 2011, when she collaborated with rapper Tyga on a remix of the “Keisha” song by Jawan Harris entitled “Forget Keisha,” and was featured in the music television show “106 & Park” it. That led to a collaboration with artist Jacob Latimore; the two were the first artists signed to the Crown World Entertainment record label in 2011.

After they recorded a cover of the “My Boo” song by Usher and Alicia Keys, they were featured in the “It’s On!” mixtape by Jawan; Alix recorded a remix of the song by Marvin & Chardonnay and Big Sean, which they renamed to “Chris Brown and Kool-Aid.” Alix also appeared in the music video for Jacob’s “Camera Phone” song in 2011.

Early the following year, Alix was the featured artist on the “Arriven” song from the “King Issa” mixtape, and in July 2012, she released her debut extended play (EP) album entitled “I Am Alix Lapri.” Crown World Entertainment did an excellent job promoting it, as its download was free.

Developing her acting career

Positive reviews were supposed to lead to ticket sales at the scheduled tour, entitled No. 1 Girl Power Tour, which featured artists Kourtney Heart, HiRiz, and Cymia alongside Alix. While the organizers canceled the tour without a detailed explanation, Alix landed a minor role as Nataya in three episodes of the American sitcom “Reed Between the Lines” on the BET (Black Entertainment Television) network.

She capitalized on the recognition by performing “Star-Spangled Banner” at the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) play-off game between Atlanta Dream and the Indiana Fever in November 2012, was featured on Jacob Latimore’s mixtape track “Clique”, and appeared on the cover of Sesi Magazine before the year ended.

Alix appeared on G3 Magazine’s cover the following year, recorded a cover of the “Nobody’s Business” song with Rick of Bluff City, originally by Chris Brown and Rihanna, and appeared in her first film, “Standing Up,” as Tiwana. Alix played the leading role in “Core: A Short Film About Bullying”, and portrayed Quinby in an episode of the “Red Band Society” in 2014.

A brief return to music

Alix spent 2015 working on her music, starting with the cover of “Throw Summo” by Rae Sremmurd with Jacob Latimore, and a solo cover of Brandy’s “Wish Your Love Away.” She confirmed that she was experimenting with her sound at the 2015 Kids Choice Awards, and proved it by making a cover and a music video for “With Ur Love” by Cher Lloyd. Furthermore, she released an original “5 Mo Minutes” with Brandon Rossi, and a cover of rapper Drake’s single “Too Good” the following year.

Big break

Her fans sensed that she was itching for a prominent movie or television role after she didn’t release music in early 2017’ news that she would play Madison in the TV movie “Downsized” confirmed this. The movie focused on the couple Ebony and Michael, played by Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe, who married after they became teenage parents, and focused on raising their family instead of pursuing their previous goals. The film released in August of that year was well received, but went unnoticed due to its distribution type.

However, it helped Alix land the supporting part of Maloa in the “Den of Thieves” film released in January 2018, starring Gerard Butler and rapper-turned-actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in lead roles. The heist action movie follows a gang of thieves, former MARSOC (United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command) operatives, scheming a barely plausible multi-million heist of the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve. During The Man Cave Chronicles w/ Elias podcast, she revealed that it was her first time on a well-organized set, and that she had no idea what was happening when she played 50 Cent’s daughter.

Moreover, she told Thisis50 that the director invited 50 Cent into the room during the callback after her audition, and he simply said, ‘Yeah, she’s the one.’ Although Alix immediately felt that she would be happy acting for the rest of her life, she featured ion the “Bad Timing” song by rapper Lxrd Rossi on his 2018 EP “Its Never You, Its Always Me.”

Most prominent acting role

Alix debuted as Effie Morales, a Yale University student who eventually starts selling drugs, in the second episode of the sixth and last season of the “Power” television series. That collaboration was somewhat expected; rapper 50 Cent co-produced the TV show since it aired on 7 June 2020. It follows James St. Patrick, also known as Ghost, a drug dealer trying to transition to doing legitimate business and owning a nightclub. Unsurprisingly, leaving the criminal world has consequences: his marriage is failing, law enforcement is on his tail, and his protégé, Kanan Stark, eventually becomes his rival.

Although Alix only appeared in four episodes before the series ended on 25 August 2019, it had positive reviews, excellent ratings, and a loyal viewer base. Consequently, the Starz television network announced that a spin-off and a sequel series, “Power Book II: Ghost,” would premiere on 6 September 2020. It followed James’s son Tariq St. Patrick and allowed the writers to incorporate Effie in more scenes. Alix debuted in a recurring role as Tariq’s drug dealer ex-girlfriend, who became his business partner. The character progression from a college-educated student to someone who would do anything for financial freedom was evident. For example, her character was there when Tariq killed Artyom and helped him cover the crime. Additionally, she attempted to kill another female character, Lauren and wanted to murder Tariq.

The plot change led to Alix’s upgrade to the main cast in the second season. She will stay in that role unless something changes, as Starz renewed the series for a fourth season shortly before the third aired in March 2023. She said that becoming a series regular is her most significant career accomplishment. However, Alix would want to switch things up and star in a movie with an intricate plot that makes viewers think.


Alix Lapri is single and has never publicly dated anyone. However, she was rumored to have dated fellow Crown World Entertainment artist Jacob Latimore in the early 2010s. Moreover, she posted a now-deleted picture of herself wearing what looked like an engagement ring on her Instagram profile in May 2018, according to Distractify. However, Alix dispelled those rumors roughly three months later, with a video of her singing captioned, ‘Looking for my husband so I that can sing to him like this.’

Interesting facts

  • Alix is a big fan of the “Harry Potter” movie and book franchise, and would be sorted into Slytherinif she attended Hogwarts.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She always carries lip gloss and can’t live without spearmint chewing gum, skinny jeans, and a personal folder.
  • Alix works out five times weekly, and is passionate about martial arts.
  • Halloween is her favorite holiday.
  • She enjoys the Bloody Mary cocktail, which she feels makes her a minority.
  • Alix loves jalapeños and can ‘eat them like they’re candy.’
  • She’s a big fan of activities involving water.
  • She would be a pre-school teacher if she wasn’t a singer or actress, because she adores children.
  • Alix worked as a bartender before she auditioned for “Power.”
  • Alix is a super shy person, and revealed that the acting school at 13 helped her get out of her shell more than it boosted her skills.
  • She calls her fan base Alix Alliance.
  • Alix shared the stage with Natina “Blaque” Reeda month before the singer died in October 2012.
  • She had her belly button piercedin November 2012.
  • Alix has a YouTube channel, @stlyourbabygirl, on which she’s amassed over 54,000 subscribers but with no videos.
  • Her other YouTube channel, @alixlapri, has 760 subscribers, with two videos from her appearance in “The Stan Watson Show” in 2010.
  • She is a philanthropist and has supported the Kenedi Treasure Easter Fundraiser, Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis, Erase the Race, and Stop Your Bullying organizations and events.
  • Alix has a list of everyone who has helped her, so that she can ‘repay them when she gets to the top.’
  • She’s a devout Christian, and looks forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  • She enjoyed acting more than singing in 2022.
  • Alix is proud of her birth sign, and often wears a necklace with the word Scorpio.

Physical characteristics

Alix Lapri has black hair and dark brown eyes, is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall and weighs about 132lbs (60kgs). She has a curvaceous figure, and a large tattoo on her left rib with the words ‘Made to Love’ inside a wreath, usually covered by her clothing.

Net worth

Alix Lapri has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Although she’s been signed to a record label for over a decade, she was its first artist and has yet to find multi-national success with her music. In contrast, her acting career took off in 2018, and she’s earned a steady paycheck from “Power” and the series’ sequel for about four years.

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