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• Elisabeth Anne Broderick (Betty Broderick) is a former housewife convicted of the murder of her ex-husband and his second wife.
• She is currently in prison with a net worth of $0.
• She was born in Eastchester, New York State and raised Roman Catholic.
• Her marriage to Dan Broderick broke down after he began an affair with his paralegal, Linda Kolkena.
• After a lengthy divorce process, Betty murdered Dan and Linda, and was convicted on two counts of second degree murder.

Who is Betty Broderick?

Elisabeth Anne Broderick was born on 7 November 1947, in Eastchester, New York State USA, and is a former housewife, now best known – notorious – for being convicted of the murder of her ex-husband and his second wife. She was charged with two counts of second degree murder, and was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison.

The Riches of Betty Broderick

How rich is Betty Broderick? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $0, as a result of losing all of her form of income as she was sent to prison. Her case received a lot of attention and became highly controversial. Numerous books have been written about the murder and the trial.

Early Life, Education, and Marriage

Betty grew up in Eastchester, the third child of six children raised Roman Catholic and of Irish-American and Italian-American descent; her father owned a successful plastering business alongside relatives. Her parents were notably strict, and she was encouraged to be a housewife from a young age. She attended Eastchester High School, and after matriculating in 1965, enrolled at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Her college was a small Catholic women’s college located in Bronx and she majored in early childhood education. She also earned a minor in English and got the degree thanks to an accelerated program. She met her future husband Dan Broderick at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend – he was also from a Catholic family descended from Irish immigrants. They were married in 1969, and she returned from their honeymoon pregnant with their first child. They would have four more children, but with the last one dying just two days after birth.

Betty Broderick

Marriage Breakdown and Divorce

Betty’s husband took on student loans to complete both a medical degree and a law degree from Cornell University and Harvard Law School respectively. To make ends meet, she had to become the main provider for the family, working to support them while he was still studying. Eventually, her husband gained the attention of numerous firms which were looking for someone with a background in both medicine and law. After he got his first job, the family moved to nearby Coral Reef, and she continued to work part time while he built a reputation.

Her husband specialized in malpractice cases, and gained a lot of income from the work; she then functioned as a stay-at-home mom and took care of the children. In 1983, he hired former stewardess Linda Kolkena as a paralegal, but a few months later, it was suspected that he was having an affair with her. Betty accused her husband of cheating though he denied it, but that eventually led to the breakdown of their marriage. In 1985, he moved out of the house and eventually took custody of the children. It was later confirmed that he did have an affair, so the two had a lengthy drawn out divorce case, finalized four years later with him retaining custody of the children.

The Murders

During the latter part of their divorce proceedings, Betty’s behavior became more irrational and violent. She left hundreds of profanity and obscene filled messages in her former husband’s answering machine, and ignored countless restraining orders as she kept setting foot on his property. She vandalized his home, including driving her car into the front of the house. In 1989, her former husband married his paralegal, despite concerns over his ex-wife’s behavior.

Seven months after they were married, Betty drove to the house and used a key she had stolen from her daughter to enter while the couple slept, and shot and killed them – Linda was killed immediately while Dan was not, as he struggled to reach for a phone. After contacting her daughter, Betty turned herself in and did not deny that she pulled the trigger. She contended that she had not planned to kill the couple and that her crime was not premeditated.

Betty Broderick

The Trial

Betty’s defense during the trial was that she was a battered wife, and that she was driven to the edge thanks to years of abuse. The prosecution portrayed her as a murderer who had schemed the death of her ex-husband for some time. She was not a battered woman according to the prosecution, as she enjoyed a good lifestyle thanks to the support given to her after the divorce proceedings. It was determined through a doctor that she had personality disorders, so the first trial ended with a hung jury with two of the jurors holding out for manslaughter citing a lack of intent. A mistrial was declared and a re-trial was given a year later.

The defense attorney and prosecutor were the same for the second trial which was a re-run of the first. However, this time around the prosecutor was a lot more successful, with the jury giving a verdict of two counts of second-degree murder. She was sentenced to two consecutive terms of 15 years to life plus another two years for the illegal use of a firearm. She has been in prison since then, serving her sentence at the California Institution for Women. She has been denied parole three times.

Pop Culture Effect

The murders and the trial led to the production of a two part television film in which Betty was portrayed by Meredith Baxter who received an Emmy Award nomination for her performance. The murder was also dramatized in an episode of “Deadly Women”. She has been granted numerous magazine and television interviews from before and after her trials, with her making an appearance in the “Oprah ,  Show”, and “Hard Copy”. At least four books have been written about her, not including those written about her in magazine articles. A “Law & Order” episode was also inspired by the murder, and the case was also covered in an episode of “My Favorite Murder”.

Olivia Wilson

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  1. I email with Betty almost daily and have been working on her plea for clemency. She’s done her time, she needs to be released. WA state almost released a mass murderer under the auspices of COVID. Domestic Violence was not understood in the capacity it is today, so I would encourage readers to research her case and make your own assessment.

    1. I totally agree with you, she has done her time surely, can’t see why she would be a threat to anyone now

      1. Why does everything have to be about color!! I’m a Caucasian male married to a black women… get over it!!.. im so sick and tired of hearing about color this color that.. a good person is a good person. White or black. A bad person is a bad person.. goes both ways.

    2. Glad to hear about the work you’re doing. I work in behavioral health and understand well the complexities of domestic abuse and psychological manipulation.

    3. Keep fighting John she deserves a second chance. What happened to her was a tragedy. For every action there’s a reaction, and unfortunately Betty’s reaction to the action that was first taken against her resulted in a very bad way. He drove her to insanity, and he knew what he was doing. He chose her when he was nothing, had nothing. Then worked to get her to marry him. She could have had any man she wanted, but he worked hard to convince her of his “undying” love that he had for her. (The 12th of Never) That was their theme song. He had no money, and they struggled both financially, and physically. The living conditions were less than adequate, for a pregnant woman with children, cold apartments with no hot water. But, he convinced her that he loved her, and that they were in it together. That it was all for the greater purpose. That he was going to be this successful Doctor-Lawyer, make all of this money, and it was all for them, and their family. He convinced her that he would love her, and only her, and there would never be another. Betty thought that they were in it together, because that is what Dan made her believe. That woman’s life had been taken from her long before she went insane. Everything that was done was done for Dan. For Dan’s school, for Dan’s career. Her needs always came last. He was playing like he was this amazing Superman, wiz-kid, but in actuality he had a lot of help. Betty gave up her entire life. Dan convinced her to put all of her dreams on hold, and put all of her energy into helping him achieve all of his dreams, and goals. Betty was his cook, his house keeper, his maid, his butler, his baby maker, his assistant, his secretary, his personal valet, his stylist, his therapist, his decorator and anything else you could possibly imagine. She was his dumping ground. She did e-v-r-y-t-h-I-n-g for Dan T. Broderick, to help get him to where he lead her to believe “they” would be “together”, and once he made it there he went back on his promise to her. He didn’t stay, and support her to help her with her dreams and goals. Instead, after he had run her down, and had used her getting everything that she had to give, he kicked her to the curb, and threw her away, like one throws out the garbage. After which he went and got himself someone younger, that he could parade around on his arm, so that he could be the envy of his peers. This person did not know the struggle. She did not help to build that life that Dan had. She knew nothing about how it came into existence, but Betty did. Betty knew, because Betty helped to build it with here bloody hands, and fingers. Brick, by brick, brick she helped lay the foundation. She was there from ground zero, and now after all of the blood, sweat, and tears that she put in Dan tried to keep her from getting what was rightfully hers 50/50. Betty deserved half of everything that they built together. But, because Dan was a doctor and a lawyer, he had all the power, and the know how to keep Betty from getting what was rightfully hers. After all she had to go through, and get through helping him to get there and now, not only are you throwing me away for someone that had nothing to do with any of the struggle or success, but now you are going to cheat me out of what’s rightfully mine too? Not to mention Dan’s extreme manipulation, and taunting of Betty, and the manipulation and head screwing of his own children. It was enough to drive anyone insane. Betty Broderick went insane for a moment. I do not believe that she was in her right mind when she committed those murders. It should have been clear for all to see, but again it was Dan who had all the power, the powerful players, and friends at his hand and on his side. I’m sure that after Dan’s death those partner(s) sprung into action to leverage the situation. That’s if it had not already been put in place prior. This story is both sad, and tragic, but it also serves as a cautionary tale. Instead of being jailed, Betty should have been found to have went temporarily insane, and should have received medical attention.

      1. Yes, Her husband (and then his second wife) shaped her behavior by using punishment. There is always fallout from the use of punishment and coercion. He manipulated her behavior and appears he gas-lighted her into and throughout her trauma. In this case the fallout led to their deaths. I also think because they had money – the trauma is lessened but that isn’t true either. Trauma particularly with Domestic violence continues to often be misunderstood. But a side effect of trauma is often violent behavior. Fight/flight/freeze

      2. I totally agree with you!!! My heart goes out to Betty. Yeah she could have handled things differently but with postpartum and the way he treated her in the end…. Its no surprise she snapped. He did her dirty as hell and basically spat in her face. She sacrificed everything for him to be great just to do what typical males do…. Trade her in for a newer, younger version to share in the wealth she helped him gain. She needed an outlet but she was singled out. He used his place and position to basically black ball her. She never had a fair shot at any of the situation due to his position.

      3. I have read your comments, also listened to Betty’s Oprah interview. You are 100 per cent correct. Betty was trashed after all she did for him. He and his wife deserved what they got. So sorry for her. Cant somebody try and help her to get parole?

    4. I agree, it was like he followed a plan to make her crazy. I cant believe her sentence is still going on when he treated her so badly.

    5. I feel what she went through and her actions she was not at fault. Not totally, she was emotionally broken and they berated her and drive her completely mad. I would have done the same thing if I were her!! Go BETTy GO!!!! I have been infuriated the entire time I’ve watched this miniseries, that led me to research farther my heart broke for her even though at times I felt her unreasonable, but I totally understand where she was coming from!!! I do feel bad for the kids.

      1. Well I hope your not in a relationship cuz if you are and your husband sees this he may run for the hills. Betty was a grown ass women and had a choice to make move on with her life and share custody respectfully but she didn’t she choose to shoot two people in the head I’m sorry but I don’t agree with all the sympathy bullshit people get divorced EVERY DAY and they don’t go shoot there exes and new wife. Rot in jail Betty.

        1. Well said! When are people going to stop playing the blame game and be responsible for their actions? She chose to murder 2 people while they were defenseless and lying sleeping in their beds. She should have gotten first degree murder. I personally hope she never gets out.

      2. My heart broke for her too. Shame on that female prosecutor! They seem to be the most vicious. I watched a program on it and these females who want to pretend to be males are very unhappy at not having chosen a family. The stories don’t all turn out like Betty’s. Many women have good men. Dan Broderick was a jerk but so was the prosecutor. Betty should have gotten off on manslaughter. Her son sickens me who is trying to keep her in jail. He’s a chip off the ole block.

    6. Thank you for helping her. I completely agree that she has done her time. More than her time. What she did is to relieve herself of the constant pressure of “whats next” in the legal abuse arena that she did not want to be a part of and was not prepared for. Even now lawyers do not fully comprehend legal abuse as emotional abuse and a way of battering from the inside and the weapon of control that it is… She didn’t plan it simply because the language of legal abuse as a weapon would not have occured to anyone back then. When someone has a weapon against you it is equitable to have a weapon also. They want her to be remorseful but how is this possible when all she wanted to do was put a stop to this. It is natural to feel relief at that point. I am sure she was horrified by what she had done but she stopped THAT reality which was paramount to ending the abuse. Its insidious and sanctioned from lack of language as well as recognition. I pray they let her out so perhaps she can salvage a small happy life. She really does deserve that.

    7. There’s hundreds of inmates doing time due to domestic violence. I’m sure hundreds more died while in custody. I would love to see her freed. If you need any assistance on her case, please let me know.

      Lisa Ramos

    8. I was horrified reading this story. Although it’s impossible to know the husbands mindset, I feel with his credentials as a lawyer and contacts within the system, I’m surprised this woman was left with anything at all resembling a life. Took her kids??!? That alone would have been enough to send most women over the edge. She was a partner in the marriage while he was getting to be who he was. Yet he had no problem at all taking her kids and running off with to live his new life. If she had psychological issues that had been diagnosed, they should have been taken into consideration, but since she is still in jail, we can assume they were not.
      Nobody one in this case. I really feel for the children.

    9. She would be out as of her 2011 parol hearing if she would express some remorse. She refuses to say she’s sorry for killing 2 people.

    10. I have watched her story 4 times now on netflix. I feel so sorry for her! He drove her insane. took her children first then stripped her of any sort of life! She got him those degrees! She did homework and proposals. cleaned clothes! cooked for him suffered miscarriages alone. He didn’t deserve to be murdered like a dog. She didn’t however deserve to be let loose like a animal back into the wild! He did her wrong! it’s sad.

    11. I literally just watched her story this week on Netflix. She was devastated, scorned especially being righteously IN LOVE with her husband. His cheating brought all this on. He ruined her heart and life, she deserves some of his money

    12. Please let me know if there is a petition I could sign or a list of items I could detail in a letter also asking for her release. No idea where to start but I have followed it for years it is high time Betty is out.

    13. Please tell Betty we support her! What her ex did was wrong. She did her time and needs to be released!!!

    14. WOW… I watch the movie every five years, and did again yesterday.
      She…. should have shown REMORSE, she would have been long released.
      I would like to see her free. I hope you can help her!


    1. Betty has served her time according to what the courts had ordered. My brother was murdered in 1995 under different reasons, but when his time has been served, if I am alive, I will be there at that hearing & I want him to be released. I have forgiven him for killing my brother, but I still miss him everyday.

    2. David J Engle, it is obvious that you don’t know about marital abuse. Having been there and suffered, I assure you that the poor woman was driven to it. A woman is not a commodity, that you can discard after you have used and abused her. In my view Betty Broderick is not a threat to anyone in our society. She should not be locked up with serial killers and vicious murderers. The poor woman deserves the sympathy of all the people who understand marital abuse. She should be out of the Jail now. It is too long a punishment for her.

      1. I have sympathized for Betty Broderick, since I heard about the case, decades earlier. Her husband’s blood is on His own hands! He made a LIFE vow, to love and protect his beautiful wife, for as long as she lived…only dumping her, tearing the marital bed into shreds, and destroying His own family!. She paid for her hurt and anger…now let her go…and let this be a tale of LUSTFUL BETRAYAL, for the ages.

        1. I agree 100%. She has done the time ordered by the court so I cannot understand why she has not been released. Let the woman go…for Pete’s sake!

      2. Hello Victoria, I COMPLITELY agree with you. I was impressed by this story and I know how Betty could feel because I lived with the emotional abuse too. I was thinking that probably we can get signs and ask the court to release her. Is it possible in the United States?

    3. There’s more to it than that. At the time it was widely reported that the lawyer ex-hubby kept trashing her financially. How do you fight a lawyer? He sounded like a real a-hole at the time and after jerking her around and around she finally snapped. Fact is, if you push anyone too far you will pay for it. Maybe her big mistake was sending all the emails and phone messages. Should have shut up and popped him.

      1. That woman was/is crazy period. No one can control your actions or make you do something. If a person no longer wants to be with you, move on. She did that to herself.


    5. No normal human being would mentally abuse and manipulate their ex wife like Dan and Linda did.
      Linda should not of messed with another woman’s husband point blank. She should have turned down Dan’s advances and told him to go home to his wife. She was a money hungry pig, how she was bragging all the stuff they did in the office when she was still the side piece. She got what she deserved. Dan and Linda both are in hell for committing adultery.

    6. David j Engle
      You’re an ex-husband ??
      Dan Broderick got what her deserved, and his girlfriend didn’t just break up a marriage, she broke up a family… she deserved the karma she got.
      We only saw the highlights of the death of the marriage, only she knows how much more damage he caused her in the very early years.
      She gave up everything to help his education and career and in true stereotypical fashion, when he was done with her, he bailed. He acted like the whore he really was.
      Free Betty Broderick ! Make her a cape ! 🦸

    7. David, I agree with you She has never shown remorse for the murders. She still, t after all this time holds such hate and anger. I also, leave her in prison. She’s to violent to be out pretending to be Normal.

  3. She is crazy….if her story she told was true why sister try harder to get help I watched her on Oprah and betty made me feel like she was lying about everything and she is not remorseful at all..and the way she talks about her oldest daughter it’s awful…..that woman needs to stay in there she knew what she was doing when she did it she was soooo jealous of not haven’t things…she wasn’t wanting her children she just pretend she did…for her benefit

    1. He played with her emotions and her mind so it’s not even her fault. Abuse is abuse and people snap sometimes. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t care more about catching him cheating in the beginning when she was first suspicious. She should have hired a private detective and then a lawyer to divorced him. He wouldn’t have been able to take her kids and control of her life. She wouldn’t have felt so much like a victim and some justice would have been served. The courts failed her but she failed herself too. The betrayal was to much for her. I guess vows mean something to some people.
      I think she was a good mom until this happen to her. Her kids wanted to be with her not their dad.

    2. Continued…. Think about how much she must have loved him and her family to be driven by so much anger and hurt. Her hate and anger clearly was due to the hurt she felt from such a betrayal. It’s sad but its like a weight had been lifted from her. She wasn’t able to accept it. That happens psychologically to people in some situations. I just can’t imagine how awful it must have been for her to get to a place where killing them seemed like the answer. The fact that she doesn’t have remorse shows how strongly she felt.

    3. I was horrified reading this story. Although it’s impossible to know the husbands mindset, I feel with his credentials as a lawyer and contacts within the system, I’m surprised this woman was left with anything at all resembling a life. Took her kids??!? That alone would have been enough to send most women over the edge. She was a partner in the marriage while he was getting to be who he was. Yet he had no problem at all taking her kids and running off with to live his new life. If she had psychological issues that had been diagnosed, they should have been taken into consideration, but since she is still in jail, we can assume they were not.
      Nobody one in this case. I really feel for the children. Honey how are you?? Not old enough apparently, or perhaps just not educated enough to comprehend beyond simple situations. This is way beyond jealousy sweetheart. Get a clue!

    4. Debra Montgomery
      Are you a home wrecker ?
      She worked and gave up EVERYTHING to support the promise he made for both of their futures, he took her hard work and spent it on a third party that had no place stepping in the middle of
      their family, he didn’t really want the kids, he liked using them as show pieces,
      There’s no reason Betty shouldn’t be released.

  4. I agree she has done her time and I feel she should be released!
    I feel she wasn’t just the only guilty person in this act… the husband and his girlfriend which became his wife has caused some of this pain, and heart ache for their children.

    1. OJ didn’t go to jail for double murder. He was found not guilty of those charges. SWEET JUSTICE!!!!!!!!

  5. I feel she should serve life sentence. She should never be released from prison. She shot them point blank as they peacefully slept. She took a mother and father from their children. She was always miserable and picking little fights with her husband. She drove the man into an affair which was wrong on his part. These 2 people did not deserve to die in hands of a crazy, insane woman. She should have gotten help, it was obvious she needed it. She should never see the light of day…just my opinion.

  6. Betty Broderick made a beautiful family for Dan Broderick. The new receptionist Linda K. Should have been sued by Betty. She was having a sexual affair with Dan and broke up betty and Dan’s marriage. She was the whore, knowing Dan was a married man, Linda was the culprit. Betty has done more than her time. She should have been released many years ago. I don’t know why she hasn’t been released, they are catching and releasing immigrant killers ….enough already. Let the woman go ….there should have been a petition by battered women, to have her released…

    1. I don’t condone murder, but people snap. I briefly met betty once in 1992 at the San Diego Superior courthouse. The guards allowed me to acknowledge her while she was waiting to go into the courtroom. I felt and saw her pain and anguish. You can tell she was scorned and mentally abused. You can still plan to kill due to being driven into insanity, which i believe she was. I agree, that girl was culprit. People keep talking about the money, house, and other material things she gotten in the settlement. Those things can’t heal a broken spirit and psychological breakdowns. She should be released, but he was an affluent rich white man in America with power. She ain’t going anywhere no time soon.

    2. Let her out. She was emotionally abused, she had no chance at any fair divorce proceedings and she was the victim of marital infidelity WHICH SHE HAS PAID FOR PLUS. She has served her time. It’s almost unconstitutional that she NOT be released at this point.

      1. That’s complete rubbish. Any and everyone has a right to end a relationship if they choose not to be in it anymore, regardless if the reason. Betty did not own Dan. She could have easily started her life over when the marriage was not working. She has all the financial and other necessary resources to do so. It was completely her choice to take Dan and his new wife’s life. She completely destroyed the lives of 7 people, including her own. And then she ended two lives. She was not temporarily insane. She was the one who was clearly abusive, privileged, and abusive.

  7. Let her out and just monitor her. She has no.money and at her age would have to rely on someone else to take care of her. It costs tax payers over 25k a year per person incarcerated. If need be put her on probation or have her love in a halfway house.

  8. The woman killed two people while they were sleeping. Sure, she was betrayed by her husband, but in a civilized society, you can’t go around killing people who have betrayed you. Life is not fair, and you get over it. The fact that she, after all these years, still thinks Dan and Linda “deserved” what they got is frightening. She’s 72 and can still enter into a relationship. What happens when she thinks the other is not respecting her in the way she thinks he should. She is where she should be.

  9. I am a woman scorned. I can sympathize with Bettie. After 15 years and four children my husband who had nothing when we met had made a great career for himself we were happy for the most part. He was never home, I worked outside of the home , and took care of children, made his dinner, did his laundry and and the wifely duties, all for him to leave me in the end. He and his new wife (Whom he married just six months after the divorce) made my life hell. He didn’t want to pay support so he tried to make me appear unfit and unstable to gain custody of the children. He had money for a fancy lawyer that I did not. I got very little from our divorce which was ugly .. and I felt as if I lost my best friend, my husband ,my children ,my home, and I was devastated I became suicidal. I cannot say that the thought of driving my car through his home or writing graffiti on his home did not cross my mind. Was she wrong to murder them yes but when put in a position where you lose everything you feel you have no control and there is nothing left to lose. This could have very easily been my story. Bettie did her time she should be released. The only people she was a threat to are now gone. She paid for what she did by her time in prison in excess of her sentence , the loss of her family and basically her whole life .

  10. They couldn’t put the knife in OJ’s hand.Betty told them she killed them and showed no remorse.

  11. The following is my opinion as well as my own personal experience. I haven’t suffered in an abusive marriage so unless you’ve personally been there, I believe it’s hard to know the physiological effect it can take on a person other than what you hear and try to imagine yourself in that situation. I know how it feels to fight through child custody however. Doing everything right and following all the rules sometimes feels like its never enough, but I didn’t take anyone’s life because I was angry. Ultimately, it worked in my favor as I trusted it eventually would. Although it was the most difficult time in my life, for 6 years, I never thought to do what Betty did. With that said, I also am realistic enough to understand being pushed too far affects everyone differently. I wish Betty could have held out a bit longer as the eventuality of Linda dumping Dan as HE got older, wasn’t that far off. That would have been the best revenge for Betty to witness. Afterall, God takes care of vengeance as he promises to. It’s just in his time, not ours. The worst thing about all of this is 4 children lost BOTH parents that night and they did nothing wrong. In my opinion, when you love your children, more than you’re own life, you do anything you can to protect them in every way, including from being hurt. Betty may have been taken for granted and mistreated, which no one deserves, but taking the children’s parents away, especially in the manner she did, was purely selfish. The legal system did and is doing it’s thing, regardless of how anyone feels either way as to her being released from behind bars or looking at them for the remainder of her days walking this earth. But I truly believe God will pass the final judgement. Sitting in jail or not, Betty will never be done paying the price for her choice.

  12. People don’t get what they deserve. It’s all random. Jails are filled with innocent people and the streets are filled with the guilty. It’s all meaningless.

  13. Betty Broderick believed in traditional marriage and the roles of the spouses. Dan Broderick agreed & they made promises to each other. Betty supported Dan, in various jobs, throughout medical school AND law school. She did this while having THEIR children, growing their large family, and making ends meet for THEIR family, no matter how difficult their financial situation was. Meanwhile, Dan continued working towards HIS 2nd degree, making HIMSELF ever more marketable and successful.

    IMO, when Dan became successful & making more money, Betty felt she’d earned the right to also enjoy it after sacrificing so much, for so many years, so Dan could complete his 2nd degree. She was proud of her family, and Dan’s success.

    Then, Betty felt the sand shifting beneath her feet. And Dan confirmed that he’d betrayed her again and again. Betrayal, using the law degree to punish her, creating a social shift as their friends weren’t HER trusted friends, using the law to fight her custody requests, using law contacts to interfere with her obtaining effective counsel, etc.

    Linda knew Dan was married and had children when she began pursuing him. Dan knew how he’d made promises that he was choosing to violate and betray Betty. Dan & Linda are not responsible for being murdered. But, they ARE responsible for their actions.

    Betty is entitled to feel betrayed and emotionally abused. She’s not entitled to murder Dan & Linda.

    IMO, when Dan betrayed Betty, again and again, but denies it at every turn (telling her she’s crazy for even suggesting it) he created a situation where Betty is hyper-focused looking for evidence of his actions. Each betrayal adds to the building hurt and resentment. I believe that this is what Betty needed serious help with dealing with. She needed someone she could trust that was outside of Dan’s reach to use his medical degree for gaining access to her medical records/notes. But again, Dan abused his position. This is another reminder that no matter where you turn, you’re being crushed. And this is when a person can snap. They’re still responsible, but they aren’t SOLELY responsible for what led up to it. We understand better today (than we did late-80s & early-90s) how this kind of abuse affects people.

    I feel that after this many years of incarnation, there should be a plan drawn up for Betty to comply with. This places the choice and responsibilities in Betty’s hands. If she’s able to meet the requirements, she should be released, but with new requirements. Part of that should include mandatory mental health care.

  14. Let this woman out! I don’t do done murder but what her vile ex husband and his slutty new wife did to her was beyond evil.
    Betty needed help. Instead she was abused and then taken full advantage of in court. Karma is what happened in this situation.
    She is t a threat to anyone these days yet they are releasing rapists, first degree murderers and people far more dangerous Han Betty. For those who are wanting her to stay in jail for life? You need medication, meditation or some kind of help ASAP.
    You all have deep seeded issues.

    1. Agreed. Should have been involuntary. Where was HIS/their punishment for extreme psychological torture? Completely stealing ALL her kids from her like that. …Ugh

  15. she did a cold blooded murder,she should die in prison, she will never feel remorse. she robbed 2 people of life no forgiveness no remorse

  16. All one has to do is place yourself in Betty Broderick ‘s position. You would be angry and probably inconsolable. They treated her as if she were disposable. Is murder right? Absolutely not but you never know what will push someone over the edge. Some Folks will f$#k you up!!! Those are facts!! We want Folks to rise to the occasion and do the right thing. Doesn’t always work out like that.

    1. So it was okay for her to “f—” them up but she should get a pass for not getting it together? So tired of hearing about this mental trauma gives a pass. Maybe if she endured being assaulted as a very small child, sibling abuse, and later 32 years of physical abuse might garner some measure of understanding. But oh my, her marriage failed. Yup that sounds like abuse to me. There are more people than I can imagaine who, like me, have been through a truly tortuous forms of abuse but do not take the life of anyone. What’s wrong with you people? Murder does not make you a strong person with virtues; it makes you a murderer and nothing more. Victim🙄

  17. I also feel for divorce Betty had to go thru. I think some of the reason though were created by the need for revenge on Betty’s part. No doubt Dan did her dirty!!!! All the things like leaving nasty voice mails, vandalizing his home and such on some parts what he deserves!!! Killing 2 people for adultery is way out there. I personally have been cheated on, physically abused and mentally abused for 10 years before I left. However that did not nor does justify me killing my husband. Her children ultimately pay the price losing both parents. SHE CHOSE to kill them adultery never equals a death sentencing

  18. Let Betty go! You guys always seem to give women way more time than men. You only slammed her because Dan was an attorney. Why keep her locked up? Those people have been dead more than 30 years! She’s paid the price.

  19. She has done her TIME! Let her out she is no danger to anyone now. People you have no idea until you have been in a situation what you will do or how you will react. Her whole life got torn apart. He lied and cheated on her. Betty felt betrayed, used and made to think she was mentally crazy. I do not agree with murder but I can see how she got to that point.

  20. I have lived this exact same scenario. There are two sets of laws for men and women. It is all political who u know in the legal system. LET Betty go she was driven to this!

  21. When are people going to stop playing the blame game and be responsible for their actions? She chose to murder 2 people while they were defenseless and lying sleeping in their beds. She should have gotten first degree murder. I personally hope she never gets out.

    1. Debbie Felkel you are spot on.
      Betty is a very sick,bitter, jealous, angry me person.
      She deserves nothing more than to spend her
      life in prison. She had serious problems way
      before Dan met Linda and she never seemed help.
      Betty had choices but the bad choice she selected put
      her where she is. Keep her in prison

  22. Betty belongs in prison for the rest of her life!!!! I can’t believe she lies so much on her trial it’s pitiful!!! She never cared about her kids she dropped them off at Dan’s and only cared about herself and money…. Betty is a selfish brat who didn’t get her way!!!! Dan and Linda Broderick are the victims NOT Betty!

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