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In the dynamic realm in which social media influencers carve their paths to stardom, Joie Chavis stands as a captivating personality, leaving quite an impression on her audience with her multifaceted journey. From gracing music videos to navigating the complexities of high-profile relationships, Joie has become more than just a social media sensation; she’s a mother, entrepreneur, and a woman who commands attention with her charisma and authenticity.

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Early Life and Family

Of African-American ethnicity, Joie Chavis was born on 27 September 1988, in Torrance, California USA, to parents Peter and Mary Chavis. She has a sister named Phatara, and her formative years were spent in Los Angeles. Joie regards her mother as both a role model and teacher, attributing these roles to Mary’s heart of gold. Mary has consistently navigated life with love, respect, dignity and grace, becoming a source of inspiration for Joie. She’s been a constant presence, serving as Joie’s biggest cheerleader, and the candid voice offering guidance that might be difficult to hear at times. Throughout life’s ups and downs, Mary’s unwavering support has been the bedrock upon which Joie has built her journey. Although specific details about her family life remain relatively private, her upbringing laid the foundation for the confident and charismatic woman she would become.


Joie Chavis graduated from the University of California; while the specifics of her academic standing or performance are less publicized, her intelligence and business acumen are evident in her entrepreneurial ventures.


Back-up Dancer

Joie Chavis embarked on her cheerleading journey at the age of five, fueled by a strong desire to join the cheerleading squad, despite her inherent shyness. Her early aspiration encountered a pivotal moment when, at the age of 12 or 13, she enrolled at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Transitioning to high school, Joie eagerly joined a dance team, but faced struggles. Reflecting on her experience, she expressed a wish for earlier, more formal training to enhance her dance skills. She temporarily stepped away from dance, and it was a persuasive friend who eventually convinced her to return; once back in the dance class, Joie loved how dancing made her feel.

Recalling her initial challenges of feeling that she had ‘two left feet,’ Joie noted that as she grew more comfortable, she began seamlessly connecting to the music, her moves becoming more fluid, transforming the experience into an enjoyable one for her.

She ventured into the entertainment industry early in her career, making waves as a sought-after backup dancer. She gained recognition through her appearances in music videos and concert stages for various artists such as Eric Bellinger, Future, Tank, and Janelle Monae, showcasing not only her beauty but also her ability to captivate audiences with her moves.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Joie Chavis is deeply involved in entrepreneurship, making a name for herself as a businesswoman in the health and fitness industry, which she’s incredibly passionate about. As the visionary behind “Joie in Life,” a comprehensive health and fitness brand, she extends a diverse array of offerings. From workout and nutrition programs to insightful blogs chronicling her personal journey toward a happy, healthy, and well-rounded lifestyle, Joie is dedicated to inspiring and assisting women in becoming the best versions of themselves.

Her commitment to holistic wellness doesn’t stop there. Joie has authored and released two impactful books: “Joie in Life: Healthy Nutrition Guide” and “Joie Chavis + Chef KK’s Recipe Book.” These literary contributions exemplify her dedication to promoting a wholesome lifestyle through informed nutrition and culinary exploration.

Beyond publications, Joie’s brand encompasses a wide range of products, including fitness equipment, athletic apparel, supplements, and various merchandise. As an extension of her brand, she manages a YouTube channel boasting nearly 180,000 subscribers. This channel serves as a dynamic lifestyle vlog, providing an intimate look into Joie’s life and her journey toward a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Instagram Presence

Joie’s Instagram account (@joiechavis) stands as a visual testament to her flair for dancing, fashion and fitness. Her first post, dating back to March 2014, documented her participation in the L.A. Marathon, a venture that left her with sunburn, soreness, and blisters. Despite the physical challenges, the 26-mile run proved to be a profoundly inspiring and amazing experience for Joie.

While each of her posts captures significant attention, it’s her dance videos that consistently amass the highest views. Immersed in the music, Joie’s passion shines through, and notably her most viewed video approaching 3.5 million views, features her dancing energetically while heavily pregnant. With a feed that seamlessly blends fashion, dancing, workout routines, and glimpses of her daily life, Joie engages her audience with authenticity and style. She boasts a substantial following of 2.3 million.


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TikTok Presence

Joie’s online popularity seamlessly transitioned to TikTok, on which she’s garnered close to one million followers, and her videos have amassed over 15 million likes. Her TikTok journey began in early 2020, with a post showcasing her daily workout routine; while her brief videos gained notable attention, the ones featuring her daughter, Shai, became the most viewed. In a clip approaching nine million views, the duo participated in a skit in which Shai playfully encouraged her mom to join in a dance, almost tripping but skillfully recovering. It became evident that Shai possesses both talent and charm, whether it’s dancing or lip-syncing. Her expressions clearly conveyed the joy and fun she experienced during the interaction.

Personal Life

Joie Chavis’ romantic life has consistently drawn public attention. While media scrutiny has focused on the intricacies of her relationships, Joie maintains a considerable degree of privacy, particularly regarding the fathers of her children. Her primary focus lies in co-parenting and fostering her individual growth. According to Joie, maintaining a level of emotional detachment makes co-parenting more manageable. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and adopting a pragmatic stance. According to her, whether the other party fulfills their role or not, it’s fine with her as long as she’s doing her part.

Bow Wow – Father of her daughter Shai

In 2010, Joie entered into a relationship with the American rapper Shad Gregory Moss, better known by his stage name Bow Wow, and in the following year gave birth to their daughter, Shai Moss; their on-again, off-again relationship officially concluded in 2013. There were attempts to rekindle their romance in 2016, but these efforts proved unsuccessful. The situation became somewhat complicated, as Bow Wow was engaged to American actress Erica Mena around that time, and Joie was implicated in their breakup.

Bow Wow has opened up about his relationship with Joie, acknowledging that it wasn’t perfect from the start. However, as they both grew older and matured, their dynamic improved. In a reflection on their past, Bow Wow said, ‘That’s my dawg for life, and she knows I’ll do anything for her, that’s my homie.’

Future – Father of her son Hendrix

In 2017, Joie began a relationship with the American rapper-singer Nayvadius DeMun Cash, professionally known as Future, keeping it discreet. However, this liaison proved to be short-lived, and the public only became aware of it when she became pregnant with their son, Hendrix, who was born in 2018, when the couple had already parted ways.

A leaked audio surfaced, revealing Future’s candid remarks wherein he emphasized that he never harbored a love for Joie, clarifying that their connection was strictly that of friends, maintaining a super cool demeanor towards each other. The audio leak also captured Future openly professing his love for Brittni Mealy, a social media influencer and entrepreneur. This audio leak coincided with a feud between them, following which Brittni extended an apology to Joie via an Instagram Story, as Joie found herself inadvertently dragged into the situation. Brittni asserted that there was no animosity between them, putting to rest any notion of a conflict.

Trevon Diggs – Current boyfriend

In 2022, it was reported that Joie was dating Trevon Diggs, an American Football cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). Joie demonstrated her support by attending Trevon’s football game against the Detroit Lions, during which she showcased a cup adorned with an image of Trevon, subtly hinting at her presence to cheer him on. In another match against the Philadelphia Eagles in December, a video circulated on Twitter capturing the moment when Trevon approached Joie on the sideline, sharing a kiss—an intimate gesture that garnered attention and speculation among fans. In a vlog dated November 2023, she shared that she was in Dallas to support Trevon during his recovery from surgery. Expressing the close bond, she mentioned that her family and children are familiar with him and hold a deep affection for him.

Interesting Fact: The biggest misconception about her

Some people label her as a gold digger, claiming she has children with two celebrity fathers to indulge in luxury items such as designer bags, so it’s worth mentioning that she doesn’t receive any child support. She doesn’t seek assistance for her kids, because she can provide for them on her own. Having started working at the age of 15, she’s never known a life in which everything is handed to her without effort. Despite the misconception, she remains unruffled, confident that those who truly know her understand the authenticity of her journey. Moreover, she firmly believes that her hard work and dedication will speak for themselves, dispelling any baseless judgments.


Joie Chavis stands at a height of 5ft 3ins (162cms) and maintains a weight of about 1201lbs (55kgs), showcasing a curvaceous physique complemented by vital statistics of 37-26-38. Her distinctive features include lustrous black hair that complements her dark brown eyes.

Known for her striking beauty and confidence, Joie Chavis possesses a magnetic presence. Her fashion sense is often admired, and she frequently shares glimpses of her style on social media platforms. With her impeccable sense of self-expression, Joie continues to inspire her followers.

Net Worth

Her success in entrepreneurship and social media undoubtedly contributes to her financial prosperity. Joie manages her finances by allocating herself an allowance, and saving the majority of it. This practice provides her the flexibility to invest, expand her business, or allocate funds for marketing as needed. While specific details about Joie Chavis’ wealth remain undisclosed to the public, authoritative sources have estimated her net worth at over $1.2 million as of February 2024. She persists in expanding her brand and exploring new opportunities.

Joie Chavis’ story is one of resilience, success, and embracing the various roles life has presented her. From her early days in the entertainment industry to her current status as a businesswoman and mother, her journey continues to unfold with grace and authenticity.

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