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Presley Elise, hailing from Louisiana, is a multifaceted teenage personality, growing internet influencer and model. She has garnered a burgeoning fan base on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her appeal lies not only in her striking visuals but also in the engaging content she shares. With a focus on fashion and fitness, Presley Elise has carved out a niche for herself, captivating audiences with her distinctive style and authentic personality.

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Early Life and Family

Presley Elise Lavergne entered the world on 8 December 2007, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, to Jennifer and Kade Lavergne. Her father, formerly employed as a crane operator at Kinder Morgan, an energy infrastructure company, contributed to the family’s livelihood. Affectionately known as “Pres,” she was raised with a younger brother Preston in a middle-income household grounded in Christian faith. Growing up primarily in Gonzales, Louisiana, a locale renowned as the Jambalaya Capital of the World, Presley’s formative years were shaped by the cultural richness of her surroundings.


She began homeschooling towards the end of fourth grade, and expressed a preference for this alternative form of education over attending a traditional school daily. Despite this, she diligently rises at 6:30 every morning to complete her schoolwork and subsequently creates content for her online platforms and attends to other planned activities throughout the day.

At the end of the academic year, she participates in school testing as part of the program, an aspect she finds distressing. She describes her anxiety escalating during this period and even cites not having her nails done, due to the overwhelming nature of the experience.

She expressed aspirations of becoming a veterinarian; however, it remains uncertain whether she has concrete plans to pursue a career in this field.


Presley Elise began dancing at the tender age of two, learned acrobatics, and delved into the world of cheerleading at four years old. What she remembers most about her debut stage performance is when her hairpiece fell out, a moment that everyone else found amusing. Her venture into competitive cheerleading began during her school years, and she became a valued member of the Louisiana Cheer Force.

In early 2022, at the age of 14, Presley demonstrated her cheerleading skills as her team was victorious at the National Cheerleaders Association Championship. Reflecting on her passion for the sport, she emphasized her love for performance and highlighted the multifaceted benefits she has derived from the sport. These include invaluable life experiences such as time management, collaboration with diverse individuals, prioritizing her health, fostering relationships, and mastering the art of setting and achieving goals.

Her early accolades include securing the coveted title of LA Perfect Cheerleader at the age of nine. As she quit cheerleading in 2022, she’s become fully committed to traveling, modeling, and generally putting herself out there. With time on her hands, she hoped to seize opportunities.

Presley Elise’s rise to social media stardom involved a mix of creativity, authenticity, engagement, and strategic content sharing. Her journey serves as inspiration for young influencers and content creators.

Early YouTube Presence

The focal point of her YouTube channel revolves around her early ventures in cheerleading and modeling. While Presley joined the online video-sharing platform in 2015, her earliest post, showcasing her in a photoshoot, was uploaded two years later. It became apparent from the outset that she possessed confidence in front of the camera from a young age.

Subsequent posts chronicle her experiences as a member of a cheer squad, featuring her flexibility workout routines and active involvement in The Cheerleading Worlds—an annual international championship event for competitive cheerleading held in the United States. Furthermore, her content highlights her journey as a model. Remarkably, even before reaching her teenage years, she displayed adeptness in applying basic makeup.

Her last post on the platform dates back to April 2019.

Instagram Presence

Presley shares captivating photos and videos on her Instagram account, @itspresleyelise. Her content ranges from providing fashion inspiration to offering glimpses into her daily life. By maintaining an active presence and fostering connections with her audience, she has steadily cultivated a small but loyal fan base. Since her inaugural post in June 2022, she has amassed 22,000 followers. Notably, her most-liked post, with over 25,000 likes, featured a short clip of her donning a dress with a caption expressing a desire for a date to showcase that particular outfit.

Her Instagram timeline is primarily comprised of sponsored posts and paid advertisements.

TikTok Success

Presley leveraged the popularity of TikTok in which short-form videos thrive. She joined the platform in mid-2021 and created entertaining and relatable content, including fashion hauls, dance challenges, and lifestyle snippets. Her authenticity and creativity resonated with viewers, leading to increased visibility and follower.

She first became widely popular on TikTok with a video of her doing a cheer basket when she was eight or nine years old. Her most viewed clip, posted in July 2021 and with 1.4 million views and over 200,000 likes, shows her dancing in a light blue dress with the caption, ‘I’d do this trend, but he might get in trouble with his girlfriend.’


She promotes her content across platforms. Her Instagram posts often featured snippets from her TikTok videos, and vice versa. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that in the majority of her Instagram posts, she actively promotes her BrandArmy account – akin to platforms Patreon and OnlyFans, it’s a subscription-based platform designed for creators to monetize and engage with their most devoted fans. Financial support is not limited to paid subscriptions, but also includes purchases of digital content. She attended the BrandArmy Creators Ball last November 2023.


Presley has graced the catwalks at notable fashion events such as New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and The Bureau Fashion Week, showcasing collections for brands such as House of Barretti, Krissy King, KishMe, and Hemistry Designs.

What she enjoys most about being a model is the diverse range of clothing options available to her. Having the opportunity to wear a variety of outfits is a particular highlight for her. Additionally, she cherishes the chance to meet the individuals behind the brands, allowing her to learn new things. The entire experience is thoroughly enjoyable for her, especially as she loves being in front of the camera.


Presley attended acting classes and produced self-tapes at home. She gained experience by appearing in commercials, and even featured in a music video, crediting her acting skills for successfully executing her role., an experience she described as quite fun.

Looking ahead, if she decides to pursue acting, she expressed an interest in exploring genres such as scary movies, comedy, or a blend of both, choosing whatever suits her best.

Personal Life

Presley Elise is currently in a relationship with Eli Fuselier, – they’ve been together since 2019. She shared a humorous anecdote about a memorable experience they had in which they pretended to be handcuffed for 24 hours, even though it lasted only five minutes. They roamed around a mall, and despite finding it a bit embarrassing, she considered it a fantastic experience. The excitement escalated when, in the midst of the mall, Eli playfully threw away the keys to their fake handcuffs, acquired from an arcade. They documented the entire incident and posted it online in 2019, claiming it as the funniest and most cherished video on her YouTube channel.

Eli was her prom date in 2023, and she often spends her leisure time hanging out with him, emphasizing that he’s undoubtedly the best adventure partner. Their shared activities include fishing, beach outings, and weekend getaways to Disney World.

In an Instagram post from October 2023, when asked about having a boyfriend, she responded playfully, stating that she doesn’t have a boyfriend but instead has a husband, albeit not officially married yet.


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Interesting Facts

A Young Beauty Queen

At the age of 10, Presley was crowned Little Miss Louisiana United States.

Favorite TV Shows

Thanks to Netflix, she mentioned that she enjoys indulging in binge-watching sessions, especially when she has time on her hands. Her favorite shows on the platform include “Ozark,” “Jane the Virgin,” and “Outer Banks.”

Favorite Movies

She admitted with a hint of embarrassment that she loves “Finding Dory,” the 2016 animated adventure film from Pixar Animation Studios. Her affection for the movie stems from its exploration of family dynamics and life-changing experiences encountered by the main character. She also expressed a general love for Disney.


Her hobbies encompass shopping, having her nails done, and watching Netflix.

If She Were Stranded on an Island

If stranded on an island, the three items she would choose to have are Zesty Ranch Veggie Straws (her preferred snack), her phone for continuous access to TikTok and content creation, and a case of water to ensure hydration.

Dream vacation

If she could embark on her dream vacation, Bora Bora would undoubtedly be her top choice. Enchanted by its breathtaking beauty, she envisions it as an ideal destination for creating content and filming TikTok videos. Imagining herself basking on the pristine sandy beaches, soaking up the sun for a golden tan, she is drawn to the crystal-clear waters that characterize Bora Bora. In her view, it is an idyllic location, embodying everything one could dream of.

Pet Peeves

Two things that annoy her the most are people lying, and when they eat noisily or smack their lips.

Loves doing captions

Among all the steps involved in creating content, such as brainstorming and filming, her favorite part is crafting captions. She takes pride in her captions, considers them consistently excellent, and openly admits to drawing inspiration from Pinterest.

Hidden Talent

She possesses the ability to fold her tongue into the shape of a flower, a skill referred to as “flower tongue” by some or as a “cloverleaf tongue” by others.


Presley Elise stands at a height of 5ft 3ins (162cms) and maintains a weight of 110lbs (50kgs), showcasing a well-toned physique with vital statistics of 32-26-35. She sports dark brown hair, occasionally dyed blonde, complemented by striking green eyes.

Net Worth

Presley Elise earns her income through modeling, paid partnerships, and brand endorsements. According to authoritative sources, she’s estimated to have a net worth of $200,000, as of February 2024.

As she continues to navigate the digital landscape, Presley is undoubtedly on the path to a promising future. Her unique blend of talent, charm, and genuine connection with her audience positions her as a rising star in the realms of online influence and entertainment.

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