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In the bustling world of social media in which trends come and go like the changing seasons, one name stands out as a beacon of authenticity and creativity – Kris Collins, who became one of the highest-earning TikTok-ers in 2022. Beyond the perfectly timed comedic TikTok video uploads and the carefully curated Instagram grids, her story is a testament that one could easily turn boredom and battling illness into a multi-million dollar business.

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Early Life and Family

Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins, renowned as “KallMeKris,” entered the world on 1 July 1996, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Kris’ unique name, an amalgamation of both her parents’ last names, inadvertently led to amusing airport encounters, a testament to the quirks that make her story unique.

Growing up in a conservative, religious environment alongside two brothers and three sisters, Kris, as the second eldest child, assumed responsibilities beyond her years. With older sister Jessica, she shouldered the care of younger siblings when their parents were engrossed in full-time jobs. This early maturity was both a challenge and a catalyst for Kris’ journey.

A Quest for Recognition through Comedy

An introvert in her formative years, Kris grappled with the common plight of being overshadowed in a large family, particularly by the talents of her accomplished older sister, Jessica. Frustration fueled her journey into comedy, a realm in which she could finally break through the familial noise and command attention. Kris candidly admits to occasionally adopting an abrasive approach – ‘Cracking jokes, maybe being a little bit of an a**hole sometimes so my parents would notice me,’ she reflects on those early attempts at self-expression.

Curiosity and Rebellion

Described as too curious for her age, Kris found herself expelled from Sunday school for daring to ask too many questions. This innate curiosity and non-conformity marked her as somewhat of a rebel, even leading to an unexpected stint in the back of a police car. Not for any criminal act, mind you, but as a consequence of her insatiable inquisitiveness. Despite the unconventional path, Kris emphasizes the foundation of her upbringing – loving parents and cultivation of good morals.

From Trouble to Laughter

In the face of her mischievous tendencies, Kris developed a unique knack for diffusing tense situations with humor. Scoldings from her parents, instead of breeding resentment, often concluded with shared laughter behind her back. It was this realization that prompted Kris to redirect her energy from troublesome exploits to a focus on spreading joy. Embracing the power of laughter, Kris found a path that not only entertained but also created a positive impact on those around her.


Kris embarked on her academic journey within the confines of local schools for her primary and secondary education. Her initial aspirations led her to the University of Fraser Valley, where she set her sights on obtaining a college degree to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher, but then made a decisive move to drop out, and enroll at the Vancouver Hair Academy South Surrey.

Battling Mental Illness

Amidst insecurities, Kris found herself grappling with an intensifying internal struggle as she entered her teenage years. The weight of her emotions manifested into a diagnosed battle with depression, an illness she concealed from even her closest confidants, including her best friend. The disparity between her outward persona and her private turmoil became evident in her home life. While she maintained a facade of normalcy in school and social circles, the heaviness of pretense dissipated when she returned home. Unbeknownst to her loved ones, Kris was struggling, hesitant to share her troubles and unable to comprehend the depth of her depression.

The pivotal turning point emerged when a close friend committed suicide. This tragic event prompted Kris to break her silence, seeking solace and understanding from her parents. Therapy and medication became integral components of her healing journey. However, the challenges didn’t cease, as Kris found herself facing the additional pressure of a soccer scholarship. Then in July 2019, she was confronted with another formidable adversary – anorexia nervosa. The burden of academic expectations and the demands of athletic pursuits compounded the weight she carried, leading her down a perilous path of improper eating habits and relentless weight loss.

Despite familial interventions, Kris’ stubborn resolve resisted the doctors’ recommendations. The desire to end her life loomed large, stopped only by the haunting thought of the impact on her family. A moment of self-realization occurred when she laid eyes on her emaciated reflection, triggering a shift in her perspective. Choosing life over despair, Kris resolved to embark on a journey of recovery. In May 2021, she bared her soul to the public, sharing her journey through a video, “My Story | Battling Mental Illness.” In doing so, Kris not only unveiled her personal struggles, but also became a beacon of hope for others silently grappling with similar battles.

Career Beginnings – Life before Social Media

At 14, Kris delved into entrepreneurship with a successful house-cleaning business, which she managed until age 23. Transitioning to hairdressing, she thrived in styling for TV shows, from her parents’ home. However, the pandemic brought a sudden halt to her hairstyling career, leaving Kris seeking a new outlet for her creativity. This period of stagnation became the catalyst for her journey into social media, setting the stage for her rise as a content creator.

Social Media Journey to Success

Kris Collins, known as “KallMeKris” online, initiated her social media presence years ago but truly stepped into the spotlight when she joined TikTok in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, marking the inception of her monumental social media career.

How it All Began – The Viral Breakthrough

Prompted by pandemic-induced boredom and still navigating her mental health journey, Kris’ brother suggested she download TikTok for entertainment. Seizing the opportunity, she began creating diverse content. Her first viral breakthrough came with a video featuring her overprotective father, resonating widely with viewers. What started as a one-time event turned into a recurring phenomenon, propelling Kris to uploading up to seven videos daily.

Transformative Laughter and Character Creation

Initially, the surreal experience of fame didn’t register, as Kris crafted videos from her parents’ basement. Recognition surged when she ventured outside, yet Kris, initially unconvinced of social media as a career even having 15 million followers at that time, returned to hairdressing after pandemic restrictions eased. Unleashing her creativity, she introduced several beloved characters including four-year-old girl Riley, the alcoholic mom named Janet, the Red Bull chugger Uncle Chad, and the Russian stepmom Katrina, featured in an ongoing series of skits, which made people laugh. Within a year she gained a over 27 million fans and by February 2024, had accumulated a staggering 2.3 billion likes and over 50 million TikTok followers.

Cross-Platform Triumphs – Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon

Recognizing social media as a legitimate career, Kris expanded her influence. Verified on Instagram in 2021, she now boasts over three million followers, offering glimpses into her personal life. Her YouTube channel, catering to fans desiring longer content, boasts close to 11 million subscribers, with more than half of her 400 videos surpassing a million views – the most popular amassing 25 million views.

Venturing into Patreon, Kris created a subscription-based platform, connecting with fans through group chats, and providing exclusive content, discounts on her clothing line, and early access to videos.

Entrepreneurial Ventures Beyond Screens

In February 2023, Kris ventured into fashion with the launch of “Otto By Kris,” her clothing brand. Collaborations with major brands including Amazon, Lionsgate, and Pantene underscore her influence beyond the digital realm.

Stalking and Relocation

In a vulnerable video posted in April 2023, Kris revealed being stalked, necessitating a public acknowledgment of the incidents, and a swift decision to relocate for her own safety and that of her loved ones.

From TikTok to Hollywood

Having graced Nickelback’s music video and shared the stage with the band in 2022, Kris Collins set her sights on the illustrious world of Hollywood as her next frontier. Eager to explore acting and writing, ambitions fueled by her journey through social media, Kris found herself embracing new opportunities.

Expressing her long-held desire to delve into acting, Kris disclosed that casting agents and producers had approached her, opening doors to possibilities she had once only dreamed of. Drawing inspiration from her favorite comedians, Kris articulated her aspirations, stating, ‘Now I’m trying to break into the TV/movie space, possibly. And I’m trying to write my own show.’ Venturing into the traditional entertainment industry, only time will reveal the extent of her success in this new endeavor.

Interesting Facts

Kris didn’t have an actual vacation in seven years

Due to the pressure of continuing to create and upload content on her social media platforms, Kris revealed that she hasn’t taken a break in the past seven years. Even if she would go on a trip out of the country to relax and promise herself to put down the phone, she doesn’t. The moment she was out there, she couldn’t help but work on her next content.

Her role models in life and career

She would put her parents on top of her role model list. The next three are Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and Will Ferrell, as they were her inspirations for making comedy sketches.

Kris’ daily work routine

Her work revolves around constantly coming up with ideas. Each night, she would write her script or plan the flow of a video. By morning, she would spend a few hours filming and editing the video, doing all of that for all her platforms.

Personal Life

Kris had a six-year relationship with Aaron Brown, who was introduced to her by her cousin at a barbecue in 2015. Despite sharing their relationship with her online community in October 2020, the couple parted ways in late 2021. Kris, averse to labels, openly discussed her fluid sexuality in a Q&A video, embracing the spectrum of possibilities.

Currently, Kris is romantically involved with Caleb Phelps, an online content creator known by the moniker @oompavilleig. Their connection began with a collaboration video, and later blossomed into a confirmed relationship.


Standing at 5ft 7ins (170cms) tall, and weighing about 120lbs (55kgs), Kris Collins possesses a striking appearance. Her Caucasian heritage is complemented by distinctive features, including blonde hair and captivating blue eyes that contribute to her unique charm.

Net Worth

As of February 2024, Kris Collins boasts an estimated net worth over $10 million. Notably, Forbes Magazine reported her net worth at $4.75 million in 2021, a testament to the exponential growth of her popularity. Her family-friendly humor, a magnet for global sponsorships, has paved the way for financial success. Beyond her digital endeavors, Kris has made astute investments, including her flourishing clothing line, contributing to her comfortable and prosperous lifestyle.

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