What does Laura Govan do for a living? Her Age, Height, Husband

Laura Govan, recognized as an American reality TV personality, graced the screens in seasons one and two of the VH1 series “Basketball Wives LA“, and also appeared on the TV show “The Next: 15.” While she gained popularity as the former fiancée of the renowned basketball player Gilbert Arenas, Laura’s identity extends beyond her association with a sports figure.

Let’s delve deeper into the facets that define this intriguing personality.

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Early Personal Life

Entering the world on 21 September 1979, in Oakland, California, USA, Laura grew up in a beautiful area. Her familial roots include her father, Michael, and her mother, Gloria; among her siblings are Gloria and Lonnie.

Laura embraces a rich heritage, belonging to both Mexican and Afro-American ethnicities. Her spiritual path aligns with Christianity, adding a layer of faith to her identity.

In the early chapters of her life, Laura faced a daunting challenge—a severe accident that left her in a coma for an arduous three-month period. The aftermath included weeks of reliance on a tracheostomy tube for breathing and six weeks confined to a full-body cast from chin to toe.

Undeterred by these setbacks, she persevered through a year of hospitalization, re-learning the fundamental skills of walking, talking, and reading. Despite being initially told that motherhood, swift running, and reading at any level would be unattainable for her, Laura defied these predictions.

Fast forward two decades and Laura emerged not only as a testament to resilience but also as one of the preeminent women’s basketball players in the state of California.

Her elite-level prowess on the basketball court is complemented by the joy of motherhood, as she has welcomed four healthy children into the world. Laura’s journey stands as a remarkable narrative of triumph over adversity, proving that the human spirit can surpass even the most daunting challenges.


Laura achieved a significant milestone by earning her bachelor’s degree in International Business. Building on this foundation, she furthered her education by attaining a master’s degree in Sport Psychology from New Mexico State University.


Laura made her presence known in the realm of reality television, through her role as an actress in the controversial series “Basketball Wives LA.” This was followed by her appearance in another TV show, “The Next: 15.”

She hasn’t starred in any other shows or films, rather focusing on being a mother and an entrepreneur.

Beyond her television endeavors, Laura rose to prominence through her association with the renowned professional basketball player Gilbert Arenas. Subsequently, she diversified her entrepreneurial portfolio by establishing her own fashion and clothing business, Shop Say La V. Demonstrating a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Laura actively promotes her business through various social media platforms.

Interesting Facts

Laura found herself entangled in controversy when she leveled accusations against her former fiancé, Gilbert, involving allegations of STDs and alleged involvement with her sister. This tumultuous case unfolded over an extended period, but has since reached a resolution.

In the aftermath of this particular controversy, Laura has managed to maintain a low profile, with no subsequent rumors or controversies circulating about her.

Later Personal Life

As mentioned, Laura was in a long-term, on-and-off relationship with former basketball player Gilbert Arenas, a journey assumed to have started in 2001, ultimately leading to an engagement. They have four children together: two sons and two daughters. Izela Semaya is the oldest, followed by Ali Jah Amani, Aloni Kianno, and Hamiley Penny.

However, in 2008, the couple called it quits for the final time. Following this significant chapter, Laura entered into a one-year relationship with star basketballer Shaquille O’Neal.

Gilbert is considered a basketball virtuoso, and left an undeniable mark on the court during his illustrious career as an American professional basketball player.

Hailing from the basketball breeding grounds of Grant High School in the Valley Glen district of Los Angeles, Gilbert was already making defenders dizzy with his moves before he even hit the big leagues. The University of Arizona recognized his talent and lured him with a scholarship offer that he just couldn’t refuse, sealing the deal late in his junior year.

The Golden State Warriors saw the brilliance in him, and snagged him with the 31st overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft. Thus began the saga of Gilbert gracing the hardwood with his unparalleled skills and finesse.

Gilbert didn’t just play basketball; he owned the game. A three-time NBA All-Star and a three-time member of the illustrious All-NBA Team, he wasn’t just shooting hoops; he was crafting a basketball symphony on the court. The 2002–03 season saw him crowned the NBA Most Improved Player, showcasing his relentless commitment to excellence.

Laura is currently immersed in a new romantic endeavor, though she opts for a low-key approach, keeping details of her current relationship out of the public eye.

In a revealing moment on ‘The Domenick Nati Show podcast’ in 2018, Laura shared that her current partner is of Moroccan descent. Building on this disclosure, she expressed a term of endearment, referring to him as “daddy” in a 2020 Instagram post, offering a glimpse into the intimate dynamics of their relationship.

Physical Characteristics

Laura is tall at 6ft 2ins (187cms) and her weight is about 130lbs (59 kgs). She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Net Worth

Laura has worked hard to build her own company and her social media content generates an impressive amount of money for her. As a result, her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million as of late 2023.

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