What Does Leana Deeb Do for a Living? Her Age, Height, Net Worth

Leana Deeb, an accomplished American fitness trainer, content creator, and Instagram sensation, has garnered an impressive following of over 12 million on TikTok. Her motivational fitness and nutrition content on this platform has become a beacon for those seeking inspiration.

Beyond TikTok, Leana has cultivated millions of followers on Instagram, where her engaging mix of selfies, fitness snapshots, modelling highlights, and travel adventures paints a vibrant picture of her versatile personality.

But Leana’s digital footprint doesn’t stop there. With her self-named YouTube channel, she dives deeper into the realms of fitness and lifestyle, offering a more extensive glimpse into her expertise and experiences.

In the vast landscape of social media, Leana doesn’t just sculpt bodies; she crafts a narrative that resonates with a community passionate about health, wellness, and the enjoyment of the fitness journey. Let’s get to know this inspiring young woman a little better.

Early Personal Life

Born on 13 July 2001, in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, Leana Deeb is a proud American with roots deeply embedded in the rich culture of a Muslim family. Guided by the principles of the Islamic faith, she not only embraces her religious heritage, but also proudly holds American nationality.

We don’t know much about her upbringing, and it’s unclear who her parents are. Leana hasn’t shared many private details when it comes to her family, so it’s also unknown if she has any siblings.


While the specifics of her early academic endeavors remain elusive, it’s believed that Leana Deeb completed her schooling within the confines of a private educational institution.

Venturing into higher education, the fitness enthusiast proudly graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington. Her academic journey revealed a tenacious spirit and an early passion for fitness, propelling her to delve into dedicated lessons and ultimately attain certification as a fitness trainer.


In July 2020, Leana kicked off her TikTok journey with an infectious lip-sync performance, grooving to the beats of a Drake track. What began as a foray into lip-syncing quickly evolved into a platform for her motivational fitness and nutrition content, captivating audiences with its vitality. The rapid virality of her content catapulted her to the status of a TikTok sensation, amassing millions of followers in no time.

Her TikTok repertoire boasts a diverse musical palette, featuring chart-toppers such as Doja Cat, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

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Beyond the beats and rhythms, Leana aspires to be a beacon of motivation for the up-and-coming generation, urging them to chase their dreams, and triumph in the wake of digital stardom. Renowned for her stylish aesthetic, she distinguishes herself in the crowded influencer landscape.

Leana actually started out as a personal trainer, when a friend suggested that she should make fitness videos; she never imagined that doing so would attract millions of people to her content. Her followers would tag her in their own journeys, and let her know how much she helped them. She was very happy to know she could help others and became fond of her community.

Consistently engaging her audience, Leana shares reels and IGTV recordings, establishing a firm connection with her followers. The ripple effect of her fame attracts attention from established brands seeking her endorsement.

Amidst her rise, she remains committed to her roots, delivering motivational and inspiring content that advocates for a healthy lifestyle. From tailored workout routines to practical meal planning, Leana guides her fans towards holistic well-being, even offering insights into stretches for managing period pain and invigorating full-body circuits.

She regularly works with brands such as Bloom Nutrition and Gymshark on Instagram, and shares her continuing journey with her 5.2 million fans.

Interesting Facts

Leana has a penchant for the ’80s; if she could step into any decade, it would undoubtedly be that vibrant era. The allure of the fashion from that time resonates with her, a sentiment she expresses with genuine admiration. Once captivated by the cargo pants trend, she revelled in the thrill of discovering vintage clothing, showcasing a keen eye for retro styles.

In the dynamic world of social media, Leana has found a home with Genflow Creators Agency, a content creators management company. It’s not just a business partnership for her; it feels like being part of a family where management extends beyond professional duties to genuine friendship.

While winding down, her latest Netflix obsession was “Narcos”, a testament to her appreciation for compelling storytelling.

A globetrotter at heart, Leana has explored picturesque destinations including Paris, London, Russia and Italy. Her travel escapades reflect a love for diverse cultures and scenic beauty.

Beyond the digital realm, she wears the badge of an animal lover, particularly fond of the companionship offered by dogs and cats.

A surprising soft spot shows in her admiration for King Kong, viewing the colossal creature not just as a powerful force, but as a kind-hearted being.

Winter holds a special place in Leana’s heart, with the first day of the season marking her favourite day of the year. The appeal lies in the joy of bundling up in cosy clothes.

If given the chance to reside in a fictional world, Leana’s top picks would be either the enchanting realm of Harry Potter, or the magical land of Narnia.

When it comes to snacks, Leana’s weakness lies in potato chips, with salt and vinegar chips claiming the title of her must-have indulgence.

Beyond the digital canvas, Leana channels her creativity into painting, expressing herself through the freedom of abstract art.

“Runaway” by Kanye West takes the coveted spot as Leana’s all-time favourite song, resonating with her on a profound level.

Later Personal Life

Currently, information about Leana’s love life is hard to find. It doesn’t look like she’s dating anyone, and she hasn’t shared anything about a lover on social media.

Physical Characteristics

Leana is 5ft 9ins (175cms) tall and she weighs about 116lbs (53kgs). She has lovely brown eyes and long brown hair.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Leana’s net worth is estimated to be as much as  $1 million. Since she doesn’t really share this kind of information with her fans, it’s hard to say exactly how much she earns. Given her career success, this estimate sounds fair.

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