What does Phil Swift do for a living? His Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Phil Swift

The name Phil Swift may not ring many bells, but he’s known as the spokesperson and inventor of Flex Seal, an American brand of adhesive bonding products. The internet sensation and his brother Alan founded Swift Response in Weston, Florida, in February 2011. Since then, the family-owned company has created Flex Seal, and employed over 100 people; Phil is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), but Alan’s role is unknown.


Flex Seal has become an unexpected but popular internet meme, thanks to its exaggerated and comedic TV advertisements, which star Phil using a loud, enthusiastic voice that has endeared him to thousands of viewers. Also released in waterproof tape and fix-all adhesive form, Flex Seal sponsored a NASCAR Xfinity Series car at the 2017 Road America racing event. During a race in the same year, Flex Tape was used to repair crash damage on the car sponsored by the company.

Over the years, Swift Response has launched a number of other products with memorable names, such as Winter Wax, Foamazing, and Slick Fix. Obviously, Flex Seal’s unorthodox advertising campaigns have made it the most popular product. According to the syndicated newsmagazine “Inside Edition”, its advertising campaign greatly exaggerated its effectiveness. However, when they show tested the Flex Paste product, it was found that it performed as advertised.

A lot of the information regarding Phil Swift is either wildly inaccurate or unverified. For example, according to his Wiki page, Phil was born ‘in the heart of a dying star in the Andromeda galaxy during the creation of the Milky Way’ and earned himself the nickname of “Indestructible Phil” after killing over 100,000 enemy in the Vietnam war. The outlandish lore doesn’t seem to affect Phil in the slightest, as he’s aware that fans love his onscreen persona.

Personal Life

The pop culture icon was born on 3rd March 1961, in Florida and began working in the marketing and direct sales industry sometime in the 1980s. He’s been featured in Buzzfeed and other online publications, but most of his interviews are podcast appearances which are later released on YouTube. According to reliable sources, Phil is married to his long-time partner Edna, who is the mother of their three children, Medil, Ramona and Nic.

Despite having over 1.4 million Instagram followers at time of writing, Phil reveals almost nothing about his personal life on social media, preferring to use his platform to promote Flex Seal and his other products. He’s also wildly popular on TikTok, as his videos have been viewed tens of millions of times.

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As for Alan, we can confirm that he graduated from the University of Houston, and also has decades of experience in sales and marketing. The online blog Grunge also claims that Phil and Alan have a younger brother named Rick, but Rick, much like Alan, has no social media presence that we’re aware of.

Regarding Phil and Edna’s children, Nic currently resides in Los Angeles, and is an aspiring music producer. He previously worked as a production assistant on the first Flex Seal commercial before, presumably, deciding that sales and marketing wasn’t for him. With that said, Nic isn’t active on Instagram or other platforms either, so we have no way of knowing if he still works in the music industry. Phil’s daughters are equally enigmatic, so much so that their birthdays and other basic information has yet to be revealed.


Although Phil’s marketing campaigns have certainly helped make the Flex Seal products as successful as they are today, YouTuber JonTron also played a part: in fact, the video in which JonTron sits on his couch and discusses Flex Tape has been seen over 35 million times so far.

Not all social media reviews have been positive, however; two YouTubers who sawed a boat in half and put it back together using Flex Tape found that the boat ‘only’ floated for an hour. Flex Seal responded by implying that the product had not been applied correctly. It’s important to note that Flex Tape was also tested out by a local Fox station in Texas to seal an underwater leak, with the results being the same as in the commercials.

So far, over 25 complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau in which they claim that Flex Seal overcharges for its product. According to some customers, they received more product than they had ordered, were charged full price, and were unable to change their orders after placing them. One disgruntled netizen also claimed that Flex Seal had destroyed his pond, adding that he would be pursuing a class-action lawsuit; however, this has yet to happen.

In 2022, Flex Seal received negative publicity after it was reported that an Iowa family had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the former owners of an amusement park, following the demise of their 11-year-old son Michael Jaramillo. The heartbreaking incident made national news but was quickly forgotten about; it was later revealed that the operators of the ride in question used Flex Seal to repair leaks on the Raging River ride.

Net Worth

Phil has amassed an eight-digit fortune thanks to his marketing and sales expertise. During the height of the coronavirus pandemic in August 2020, he purchased a stunning $20 million estate in South Florida, also advertised as the most expensive home ever in Gulf Stream.

The gated compound – which was built in 2015 and boasts six bedrooms and nine bathrooms – comes complete with direct ocean views, a guest house, and a beautiful white façade, and is also minutes away from the beach. Former Forbes magazine writer Keith Flamer added that the transaction took place in under three weeks, and that Phil managed to shave almost $2 million off the original asking price.

Alan, despite being the co-founder of Swift Response and Flex Seal, is worth rather less. This is because Phil also earns revenue from his YouTube channel, and goes the extra mile to bring in views – just see his “Take it to the MAX” music video, which was released in 2021 as yet another elaborate ad campaign. The catchy three-minute jingle has been seen over 600,000 times, although Alan’s behind-the-scenes uploads have accumulated hundreds of millions of views overall.

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