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Truly Young

Unlike many of her half-siblings, influencer and celebrity offspring Truly Young has enjoyed an excellent relationship with her father Dr. Dre over the years. The youngest child of the former Death Row Records president was born on 8th August 2001, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is the daughter of Dre’s ex-wife Nicole Threatt, who became involved in an acrimonious divorce battle with the hip-hop legend in 2020.

During the lengthy and highly publicized proceedings, Dre suffered a brain aneurism, but also had to pay out $100 million to his ex-spouse of over two decades. The former couple shared two children together: Truly and Truice, who was born in 1997 and has pursued a career in the music industry after graduating from the University of South Carolina.

Regarding Truly’s education, she is said to be studying at the University of South California (USC) and has so far shown an interest in fashion, photography, and music, meaning that she may well follow in her famous father’s footsteps with a career in the arts. Her mother, Nicole, is a law school graduate who was working as an attorney when she met Dre; however, she focused on motherhood and being a homemaker once Truice was born.

During the 2019 college admissions scandal, Dre took to social media to boast that Truly had been accepted into USC on her own merits, but it was later reported that the award-winning rapper had donated millions of dollars to the university, al;though the donations took place years before she applied to college.

Although Truly shares many details of her life via social media – such as her college dorm room, which perfectly reflects her creative inspirations with its unusual décor, vintage books, and more – the Californian isn’t one to give interviews or share her opinion regarding current topics, preferring instead to post the occasional selfie on Instagram. Back in 2020, she was reportedly dating a guy named Aidan Korte who made a few cameos on her social media profile, but they’ve since broken up.

The one time that Truly did speak up on the internet was to defend her mother, with whom she shares an incredibly close relationship. When rapper 50 Cent – who is known to goad and bully other celebrities – commented on Dre and Nicole’s divorce and referred to Nicole as ‘crazy’ and a ‘b*tch’, Truly clapped back by saying: ‘Coming from an ugly, washed up, early 2000s rapper who filed for bankruptcy and is only envious of my family’s wealth and lifestyle. Have fun spending the rest of your savings on steroids. F*** you.’

Truly then took to her Instagram Story to put 50 Cent on blast, describing the musician as ‘low life’ and ‘disgusting’ amongst other adjectives. Although 50 and Dre’s reportedly strained relationship has been gossip fodder for years, the hip-hop artists performed together at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show, and have always maintained a cordial front. It is perhaps for that reason that 50 only replied to Truly’s comments with ‘LOL’ instead of taking things further.

At 5ft 6in (168cm) tall and weighing 124lbs (56kgs), many fans of Truly consider her slim physique to be one of her many stand-out features.


Dre welcomed his first son, Curtis Young, in December 1981 with then-girlfriend Cassandra Joy Greene. Both Dre and Cassandra were adolescents – in fact, the future record executive was just 16 years old. They broke up shortly after Curtis’s birth, and the rapper wouldn’t reunite with his firstborn until two decades later.

In any case, Curtis, who is now a happily married man with two children of his own, has worked hard over the years to launch his music career. To date, he’s released various mixtapes and albums under the stage name Hood Surgeon, but for some reason he never took off in the hip-hop scene. Was he possibly blackballed by his own father, or did his discography just not have the ‘it’ factor? We’ll never know.

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LaTanya Young, Dre’s first daughter, was born in 1983, and supposedly had a good relationship with her father – or, at least, good enough for him to financially support her – until January 2020, when she began discussing him in the press. The timeline is slightly confusing, as in December 2020, she revealed that her father had never met any of her children, and had also gone almost twenty years without seeing her.

Months later, LaTanya told media outlets that she was doing DoorDash and Uber to pay her bills, and living in her car while her children stayed with friends. At this point, the public’s sympathy went out of the window as they branded LaTanya an opportunist. Netizens also wondered why Dre would have been sending his daughter an allowance and paying her rent until 2020 if he hadn’t seen her since the early 2000s, so many considered that LaTanya was lying or omitting important details to make the rapper look like the bad guy. The last we heard, Dre had gone no-contact with LaTanya, and only communicated with her via his attorney.

According to LaTanya’s mother, Dre’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Johnson, she and the rapper went on to have two more daughters named Tyra and LaToya, whom Dre has never acknowledged. Lisa made these explosive claims in a 2010 interview that was uploaded onto YouTube, and which resurfaced after LaTanya first spoke to the press.

During the interview, Lisa also alleged that Dre has another daughter named Ashley Young: however, it’s important to note that there is no proof of Ashley’s existence. As Dre is so discreet when it comes to his private life, the general consensus is that Lisa is lying, or that Dre paid off his secret daughters to protect his public image. Lisa and Dre allegedly broke up in 1989. (Photos of Lisa with Tyra and LaToya do exist, but to date, their paternity has not been publicly confirmed).

In 1988, Dre and ex-fling Juanita Porter brought Andre Young Jr. into the world. Andre died of a morphine and heroine overdose in 2008 when found unresponsive in bed; Dre’s spokesperson released a statement asking for the media and public to respect his and Juanita’s privacy as they mourned the loss of their son.

Lastly, Marcel Young was born in February 1991, and is the son of Dre and R&B songstress Michel’le. The couple met in the studio when Michel’le was 16 years old, and began dating months later. Although Dre appeared to be taking his relationship with the singer seriously, and even popped the question, the couple broke up due to the rapper’s violence, infidelity and alcohol addiction.

Even so, Michel’le didn’t leave Dre until she found out that he had become engaged to another woman. She then began dating Suge Knight, the co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records, and they had a daughter named Bailei.

Confusing? Apparently all normal for Dr. Dre, Unfortunately, Truly is one of many…….

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