What happened to Brandon Walsh? His Age, Height, Net Worth, GF

Ever since joining YouTube and other social media in 2018, Brandon Walsh has been gaining fans everywhere thanks to his personality and hilarious content. Whether he’s creating content alone or with his equally famous family, Brandon’s videos are always original, entertaining, and unforgettable.

The millions of followers that Brandon has gained on his social media accounts prove how great his content is, yet his increasing online fame has not only brought him popularity and money, but also has raised many questions about his personal life, his relationships, career, finances, and a lot more.

So who is Brandon Walsh and what happened to him? Stay here to find out!

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Early Life

Brandon Walsh was born on 12 December 1994 in Baltimore, Maryland USA, the older son of Jen Seidel and Aiden Walsh, who are also parents to Claudia and Kennedy Walsh, famous on YouTube.

According to Brandon, his childhood was difficult due to self-esteem issues and his difficulties making friends for most of high school. As revealed in a YouTube video from 2018, he weighed 89lbs (40kgs) at 14 years old, which was much less than other kids his age. Though Brandon affirms that he was just ‘super skinny’ and didn’t have any eating-related issues, he was disheartened by the comments that his classmates made about his appearance.

Due to his low weight, Brandon couldn’t join the wrestling and lacrosse teams alongside his classmates, and could only compete with younger kids, on top of feeling increasingly more insecure about his physical activity after developing acne. It wasn’t until Brandon reached 12th grade that he started making friends, thanks to his love for video games, eventually also growing confidence as he became older and gained more weight, using fitness routines and diets to get the appearance he desired.

Career & Beginnings

While Brandon’s fame comes mostly from his online content, he’s also well-accomplished in other professional fields. According to his LinkedIn, he’s a 2016 graduate of computer science from the Baltimore-based University of Maryland, and then launched several startups in tech, health, and social media, before focusing on creating online content.


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Two years before his graduation, he had already co-founded a small tech startup named Compared Care, which centered on offering services in the health field. He stayed with that company until 2016, when he founded the web platform Fandemic Inc., which was an e-commerce website designed for online content creators. He also worked for the company Ductless Technology, and founded the marketing platform Webify Studios.

Surprisingly enough, Brandon was not only the brains behind the businesses he started, but also created their web platforms himself, using his tech knowledge to make his dreams come true. In 2018 he finally founded Walsh Media LLC, which focuses on talent management and takes care of the content which most of his family creates for social media, including his sisters and parents.

How Did He Start On Social Media?

Although Brandon Walsh started to consistently share content on social media in 2018, his beginnings as a content creator started in his childhood. As he affirmed in an interview with ABC Baltimore, he had an ‘obsession’ with filming everything he could when he was a kid.

Though Brandon claims that those videos ‘weren’t good by any means’, he still shared them on YouTube and also pushed his sisters to appear in the videos with him. Fast forward to his college years, Brandon started producing videos to promote his mother Jen’s body paint business, surprisingly atracting a huge positive response from the public. Soon enough his mother’s videos became viral on the internet, and that helped Brandon come up with the idea for Walsh Media, which features all members of his family.

Brandon’s first video on YouTube was entitled “Trying ASMR for the First Time”, which only got a couple of thousand views when it was posted in August 2018. Other videos about hilarious situations followed, but the first of his videos which turned popular featured his sister Claudia as he taught her to work out as a guy. Another one of his most memorable early videos was of him setting his mom on a blind date with a guy his age.

These days, Brandon has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Who Are His Family?

The first in the Walsh family to gain online fame was Brandon’s mom Jen Seidel. Her YouTube channel – Jen The Painter – was started in 2017, and featured her work as a body painter. Back in the day, Brandon and his sisters often appeared in Jen’s videos as they helped to promote her business, while taking part in viral challenges and other eye-catching video content, not taking long before gaining millions of views.

These days Jen The Body Painter has over 140,000 subscribers on YouTube, and her professional Instagram profile has 300,000 followers. Jen is also an OnlyFans content creator.

The next one after Jen to follow on the YouTube trend was Brandon’s youngest sister Kennedy, who in May 2018 started her channel with a vlog of her prom day. From then on her content centered on vlogs, make-up, and lifestyle. She now has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, also using her fame online to sell her original art.

Right after Brandon started his YouTube adventures in early August 2018, his sister Claudia started her lifestyle and fashion channel on the platform. She now has almost a million followers on YouTube and Instagram combined.

Last but not least, Brandon’s father Aidan is a fitness content creator who goes by the name of Papa Walsh and has gained over 70,000 subscribers online.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

The most well-known romantic relationship of Brandon Walsh was with Devorah Lazar, a model and content creator. The pair met thanks to Claudia Walsh, who had been a long-time friend of Devorah, before she and Brandon started dating in 2020.

Devorah and Brandon often collaborated to create YouTube content, though their appearances together hugely decreased after they broke up in early 2023, though they seemingly remain friends. These days Devorah continues creating content for her popular YouTube channel We’re All Insane, and is also an OnlyFans model.

These days Brandon is dating a model named Cait who goes by the username c.pugliese on Instagram. However, not much is known about their relationship or what she does for a living.

Appearance & Net Worth

Brandon Walsh is a Caucasian man who has green eyes and brownish-blond hair. His height is 5ft 8ins (1.78m) tall and his weight is unknown, though he’s visibly well-toned and does a lot of physical activity to keep his defined build, as seen on his videos and Instagram pics. Brandon is often praised for his appearance, and doesn’t shy away from sporting a variety of styles, whether it comes to hairstyles or somewhat daring clothing styles.

Brandon has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of late-2023, which comes from his YouTube earnings, his company Walsh Media, and social media sponsorships. Nonetheless, Brandon’s fortune will surely keep growing as his online fame increases.

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