What happened to Ezekial “Zeke” Tenhoff? Bio: Net Worth, girlfriend Sarah Dunn, “Bering Sea Gold”, Net Worth

• Ezekiel "Zeke" Tenhoff is a star on the Discovery Channel show “Bering Sea Gold”
• He grew up in an eccentric family, and was financially independent at a young age
• He bought his first vessel, "The Clark," and started his own business in sailing and gold prospecting
• He met his current girlfriend Sarah Dunn in New Orleans, and she moved with him to Nome
• His net worth is estimated to be up to $200,000 from his primary operations in gold and appearances in the TV show

Ezekiel “Zeke” Tenhoff is currently doing what everyone would dream about – seeking for and hunting gold offshore, while being a huge star on the Discovery Channel. He has been an important part of the cast since the beginning of the thrilling documentary “Bering Sea Gold” in 2012. Being known on screen as a very talented gold digger and an excellent diver, Zeke has an even more interesting life background, which we’ve presented below. If you want to find out more about his romantic relationships, his net worth and other spicy things from the shootings of the show, then keep reading.

Short Bio

Just a few things are known about Zeke’s early days and his life as a teenager. He was born in 1987 in Alaska, and grew up there in a rather eccentric family, as a result not following the traditional schooling system, but learnt a lot about the world and life due to an unstructured homeschooling system. However, he was a particularly intelligent child, which helped him later in life. He is the eldest of three sons – his brothers, Sam and Gabe Tenhoff, have the same passion for diving, being seen on several occasions during “Bearing Sea Gold” operations.

Success and fame didn’t come so easy to him – he had to face the need to be financially independent at a very young age. Before discovering his life passion, he ventured into a variety of jobs to earn a decent living, but at only 20 years of age after some successfully completed expeditions, he was able to buy his first vessel. He bought “The Clark” and started his business in sailing and gold prospecting. Now he owns Tenhoff Mining, and has a rising career.

Subsequently, he got his second vessel “The Edge”, which was later bought by Zeke’s good friend, Emily Riedel, who renamed it “The Eroica”.

Zeke Tenhoff


That was just the beginning; it is interesting what life gives to hardworking and truly passionate people, more opportunities to grow, and one of the biggest achievements in Zeke’s professional life is the collaboration with an important TV channel. We’re talking about the Discovery Channel, which saw and liked Zeke’s gold-digging adventures; their proposal was to produce a reality program about Zeke’s everyday job, and this is how “Bearing Sea Gold” appeared.

Bearing Sea Gold

The show has been highly praised by the public, because people could see there more than a bunch of sailors looking for gold in the sea. They found an entirely different world with a lot of intrigues, struggles, but also courage and true friendships. The crew from “The Clark” became the real stars of the show, due to their innovative ideas and also their interesting tactics of gold digging. They had a lot of problems, struggling with the cold, the deep sea and storms. Despite which their gold fever won, reaching people’s interest.

As a captain, Zeke has proven impressive diving skills, but he has also been seen as a man with good moral principles, and a great capacity to interact with people. He always knows what and to do and how to reach his team’s goals, despite the rough and difficult times they faced. “Bearing Sea Gold” began with its first season in 2012 and reached its 10th in 2018, although Zeke didn’t feature in this last season for still unknown reasons. Due to its high ratings, the show will continue in 2019.

Success in both professional and personal life?

Because Zeke devotes a lot of time to his crew and his show, his personal life is inevitably linked with them. The difference is that, from a bird’s eye view, his intimate life has more storms than the sea.

His first serious romantic relationship was with his very good friend and co-worker Emily Riedel. She was introduced into the life of gold dredging shortly after graduating college by Zeke; she bought her own vessel and appeared in the same show with him. “Bearing Sea Gold” was a good chance for fans to follow the evolution of their relationship – there were frequent dissensions between them, regarding both technical problems and relationship struggles. They had plenty of cute romantic moments too, but also passed through a lot of breakups, which could all be seen on screen.

Even after their breakup, with a lot of maturity and responsibility, they kept working together. It even looks like they get along better as simple friends and co-workers, than as romantic partners. Their professional relationship was profitable for both parties, but it ended in 2017.

Is he currently dating someone?

Back in 2012, Zeke passed through a very hard period of his life. His best friend John Bunce committed suicide, and this severely affected Zeke’s emotional state. He was depressed and substance addicted. While trying to cope with the loss he went to New Orleans, but because everything happens for a reason, he met there his new love – Sarah Dunn, an artist who immediately stole his heart. This new relationship helped Zeke pass over his state, and gave him new reasons to fight for the best in his life.

She even moved with him to Nome, where she runs a food truck called “The Au Gratin”, previously a school bus bought by Zeke from Emily’s father. In their latest appearances, they looked happy and satisfied. Even if they didn’t appear in the 10th Season of “Bering Sea Gold” and haven’t updated their social media pages lately, we have no rumors about any separation or at least regarding any major problem in their relationship.

Zeke’s Net Worth

Zeke’s income has been growing as the time and the seasons from “Bering Sea Gold” passed. He made a reported salary of $22,000 in season two to over $65,000 in season four and it increased more ‘til the ninth season. Now, it is really hard to estimate his net worth, but sources place it at up to $200,000, accrued from both his primary operations in gold, and appearances in the TV show.

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