What happened to Kelly Hyland? Her Age, Height, Husband, Kids

Who is Kelly Hyland?

Kelly Hyland is a name that resonates with many who have followed the hit reality TV series, “Dance Moms”. As a dancer, mother, and an integral part of the show’s success, Kelly has captivated audiences with her charisma, dedication to her family, and her unwavering support for her talented daughters.

In this article, we will delve into the life of Kelly Hyland and her beautiful family.

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Age and Early Life

Born Kelly Kuhn under the zodiac sign of Taurus on 16 May 1971, she’s currently aged 52 (as of October 2023). Her age has only added to her charm, as her vivacious spirit and youthful energy continue to inspire her fans. Kelly is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, holds American nationality and her ethnicity is White.

From a young age, Kelly’s love for dance was evident. She displayed a natural talent for movement and expression, which laid the foundation for her future in the dance world. She was just two years old when she began dancing. When she quit dancing at age 14, Kelly pursued cheerleading.

When it comes to her educational background, she attended a local high school, and upon matriculating in 1989,didn’t go to college, as she said, one of her biggest regrets.

Husband and Marriage

Kelly’s love story is one that warms the hearts of many. Since 1996, she’s been married to Randy Hyland, her high school sweetheart, with whom she’s shared a lifelong journey of love and support. Their enduring relationship was a testament to their commitment to each other and their family. Randy is also a significant figure in the lives of their children, fostering a sense of unity and strength in the family.

However, Kelly recently, stated that they are currently separated. She said that they didn’t file for divorce, just made a joint decision to separate.

Family and Motherhood

Kelly and Randy Hyland have been blessed with three children – Brooke, Paige and Josh. As loving parents, they’ve instilled values of hard work, determination and perseverance in their kids. Kelly’s role as a mother is central to her identity. She’s consistently put her children’s happiness and dreams first, supporting them in their pursuits and helping them navigate the challenges of the dance world.

Brooke, born on 30 January 1998, is the oldest of Kelly’s children, and made a name for herself as a talented dancer during her time on “Dance Moms”, as her grace and skill on the dance floor captivated viewers. After leaving the show, she continued to pursue her passion for dance and music. Brooke’s dedication to her art and her family’s support have been instrumental in her artistic journey.

Paige, born on 1 November 2000, is Kelly’s second daughter, who also gained recognition for her dancing abilities on “Dance Moms”. She was known for her acrobatic skills and youthful exuberance. Like her sister, Paige’s passion for dance remained strong even after leaving the show; she’s continued to evolve as a dancer and has explored other interests as well.

Josh, born on 27 April 1999, is the middle child and only son of Kelly Hyland. He grew up in a family of dancers, and has been a supportive presence in the lives of his two talented sisters. While he may not have been the focus of “Dance Moms”, Josh tried dancing, but then instead focused on hockey.

Dance Moms Journey

Kelly’s fame skyrocketed when she and her daughters became part of the reality TV show “Dance Moms”. The series, which aired from 2011 to 2019, followed the lives of young dancers, their mothers, and their dance instructors. Kelly’s strong-willed and no-nonsense personality made her a prominent figure in the show. Her interactions with other cast members, especially with the notorious dance coach, Abby Lee Miller, were some of the most memorable moments in the series.

The show captured the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the competitive world of dance. Kelly’s fierce loyalty to her daughters, Brooke and Paige, was evident in her constant battle to ensure they received fair treatment and opportunities. Her on-screen presence endeared her to fans, who admired her strength, love, and the unbreakable bond she shared with her children.

What Was the Real Reason Why Kelly and Her Daughters Left “Dance Moms”? What Happened?

Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller, both prominent figures in “Dance Moms”, had a tumultuous relationship during the show’s run, resulting in legal disputes and personal conflicts.

The most notable incident between Kelly and Abby Lee occurred during the show’s third season in 2014. In one episode, a heated argument escalated to a physical altercation between the two. Kelly slapped Abby, leading to a legal case against her for assault, which attracted media attention, and highlighted the intense emotions and conflicts that often played out in the show.

Following the incident, Kelly and her daughters, Brooke and Paige left “Dance Moms”. The legal case, coupled with the strained relationship with Abby, contributed to their decision to exit the show, their departure marking the end of her and her daughters’ involvement in the series.

Life After “Dance Moms”

Following the conclusion of “Dance Moms”, Kelly has continued to focus on her family and her daughters’ well-being. Her Instagram account is a testament to her dedication to her children’s achievements and milestones. She continues to support them in their artistic pursuits, providing them with the love and guidance they need to flourish.

In 2022, Kelly launched her podcast serie, “Back to the Barre”, which she hosts with Christi Lukasiak, who was also one of the cast members of “Dance Moms”. Kelly currently lives in Naples, Florida.

Appearance, Height, Net Worth

Standing at an elegant height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), Kelly possesses a commanding presence, with her tall, lean frame complementing her grace and dancing prowess. According to her admirers, her long, flowing hair and radiant smile complete the picture of a woman who exudes confidence and beauty.

When it comes to Kelly’s net worth, according to sources as of October 2023, it’s been estimated at over $850,000.

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