What Happened to rapper Edp445? What was EDP445 known for?

EDP445 is a 33-year-old American freestyle rapper and Internet personality who had an audience of over a million subscribers on his controversial YouTube channel, Eatdatpussy445, created in June 2010; he renamed it to EDP445 after a two-week suspension in July 2017. EDP445 posted content about the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team games, cooking, unboxing fan mail, and his worldviews.

He regularly uploaded until April 2021, when Alex Rosen, the person behind the YouTube channel Predator Poachers, and YouTuber CC UNIT caught him trying to meet a minor after he exchanged sexual messages with their decoy account for a period. EDP445 deleted all his videos shortly afterwards, and YouTube terminated his accounts. He faced no legal repercussions but has struggled to bounce back because people eventually recognized him wherever he went, preventing him from landing a stable job. However, EDP445 never admitted guilt, and allegedly continued trying to groom underage girls.

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Early life and education

Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland was born on 15 December 1990, in Los Angeles, California USA; he changed his name to Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason in February 2022. EDP445 had a derogatory nickname in high school, Big Cheese Nips, and watched YouTubers such as AlphaOmegaSin, Classic Game Room, and TheArchfiend before and during his YouTube career.


EDP445 started his online career on 13 June 2010, when he created his first YouTube channel at 19, Eatdatpussy445, according to his Wikitubia Fandom page. A day later, he uploaded his first video, in which he freestyled. EDP445 also has a page on SoundCloud, an open platform for undiscovered and up-and-coming artists, on which he’s uploaded amateur tracks and remixes.

That didn’t attract much attention, and he uploaded his second video in mid-November, in which he commented on the NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the (then) Washington Redskins, now Commanders. After he noticed the positive response to his love for the Philadelphia Eagles, EDP44 focused on recapitulating games or reacting to events in real time. Furthermore, he commented on the team events during the off-season. EDP44 also respected various sporting teams such as the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago White Sox, Pittsburg Penguins, and Toronto Maple Leafs.

His channel went viral in 2015 when he uploaded a ranting video entitled ‘EAGLES TRADE MCCOY!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’, and became a topic of Internet memes and commentary channels, and was featured in the media. The “Ridiculousness” TV series on MTV showed his video in the program, and he appeared in the “Tosh.0” series on Comedy Central and “All the Way Live with Eatdatpussy445” on Tyler, The Creator’s broadcasting app Golf Media. Moreover, it brought attention to old comedic videos such as ‘I flooded the toilet in Chipotle’ and ‘Nearly Shitted On Myself At School.’

EDP445 continued to upload less popular videos about cooking, his life, Internet challenges, and food and drink reviews. He also reacted to content that his fans suggested, and unboxed packages that his fans sent.

Spin-off YouTube channels

EDP445 wanted to capitalize on everything that his fans positively reacted to, so he created several channels dedicated to his passions. The first was CHAOTICKITCHEN445, his cooking channel, made in 2012. His second channel, EDPGAMING1, was dedicated to his love for video games and was based on Let’s Play-type videos. He posted from 2013 to 2014, and promised in 2015 that he’d continue recording videos for the channel, but never did.

EDP445 created his wrestling YouTube channel, Stall Seat, on 14 December 2011. It was technically his first off-brand channel, but remained the least-viewed, as it only attracted 1,450 subscribers with 125 public video uploads.


On 11 July 2017, EDP445 announced that YouTube had suspended his primary channel for two weeks. He or YouTube removed all videos the following day, and news surfaced that the reason was repeated reports from users who disliked his content. EDP445 created a backup YouTube channel, tastethis2inchd*ck445 Julio, to use while he waited. When YouTube restored access, he altered the name from Eatdatpussy445 to EDP445 to avoid another termination.

That didn’t last long; on 17 October 2018, YouTube suspended his channel again; this time, his followers somewhat knew the culprit.  EDP445 had a falling out with Logan Austin “SuperMarioLogan” Thirtyacre, a fellow YouTube creator, puppeteer, and voice actor. In February 2018, the two started discussing a business deal for EDP445 to appear in the “SuperMarioLogan” puppet show – Logan promised to pay $5,000 monthly and sponsor EDP445’s trip to the Super Bowl. While he did so, EDP445 accused Logan of ignoring his messages in a video uploaded on 14 October 2018, saying that the two were supposed to spend the last two weeks together in Los Angeles, California, but instead Logan went to Las Vegas, Nevada, without him.

Logan’s friend Lovell, defended him, saying that Logan’s plans changed, and that he’d barely spent half a day in Los Angeles. Additionally, he slammed EDP445 for being ungrateful, as Logan paid for his trip, and pointing out that EDP445 couldn’t afford Super Bowl tickets. While the drama unfolded, EDP445 created another backup channel, EDP445 2.0, and then used both after the first was reinstated until YouTube terminated all his channels in April 2021.

Gold Button denial

EDP445 attracted attention in March 2020, when he uploaded a video entitled No YouTube gold plaque/Play Button. He said that his channel reached a million subscribers on 12 February, but that YouTube informed him that he wouldn’t receive a Golden Play Button because he didn’t meet the eligibility criteria. He pointed out that he received Silver Play Buttons for two of his channels, and never broke any community guidelines or had a copyright strike. Many creators came to his defense, and his fans created an online petition, but without results.

Predatory behavior

EDP445 didn’t help his case when in July 2020, rumors circulated that he was texting minors as young as 15 in a sexual or disrespectful manner. Some examples include him asking for ‘help with jerking off’ from a 16-year-old girl, and asking a 15-year-old girl for a picture of her breasts as payment for what he did for her. Several days later, EDP445 posted a video that dismissed allegations, as him joking around. His fanbase supported him, accusing the girls of trying to ruin his career.

Several months later, in October, YouTuber ColdRaven provided proof of EDP445’s conversations with minors during the now-deleted eighth episode of his series, “SLAUGHTERHOUSE,” and even baited EDP445 with a decoy account to add authenticity.

EDP445 briefly responded in November with a threat; he cocked his 1911 Mil-Spec .45 Stainless Steel Handgun after he taunted the YouTuber in one of his casual videos, and the segment quickly became an Internet meme. Keemstar, who operates the DramaAlert YouTube channel, invited the two YouTubers for a debate later that day, but only ColdRaven responded. EDP445 posted two video responses afterwards, and made things worse when he mentioned in one that ‘he doesn’t care about the law, that it [alluding to dating and sex] was okay if the girl was 15 to 17 and wearing skimpy clothing.’ Several controversies followed, and his critics concluded that he’d texted eight minors, or decoys posing as minors before the year ended.

Dak Prescott controversy

On top of his concerning behavior, EDP445 invited hate when he posted a video entitled Fuck dak prescott on 11 October 2020. He was commenting on the Week 5 NFL game, during which Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a gruesome injury to his right ankle while trying to score against the New York Giants. His ankle was dislocated, and an X-ray found that it had a compound fracture, which required a long recovery. EDP445 commented that this injury was karma, because the team’s fans laughed at the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz when he tore his ACL during the Week 14 game against the Los Angeles Rams. Several YouTube creators, such as ColdRaven and JAMARI, criticized his cruelty. Considering the rumors above, many people think of October 2020 as the start of EDP445’s public downfall.

EDP445 meeting a minor

On 20 April 2021, two YouTube channels – Predator Poachers (now known as Chet Goldstein) and CC UNIT (also known as Ghost), both specializing in catching creeps and sexual predators – uploaded a now-deleted 49-minute-long video of them confronting EDP445. They created a decoy account of a 13-year-old girl to whom EDP445 sent various explicit messages involving sexual acts, and even forwarded a picture of his penis.

EDP445 denied the allegations, even when confronted with the evidence, and uttered a nervous excuse that went viral, ‘Oh, I was actually coming out here to pick up a cupcake and then go back home!’ Consequently, the ordeal was also known as the ‘EDP445 Cupcake Incident.’ He also attempted to fist-bump CC UNIT to break the tension. Alex Rosen, who led the Predator Poachers channel, called the authorities on the spot, but EDP445 didn’t face legal action. Instead, he made nearly all his videos on two main channels private on 23 and 24 April, but YouTube terminated both on 27 April. Three of his channels, CHAOTICKITCHEN445, EDPGAMING1, and Stall Seat, weren’t deleted but remained inactive.

Immediate aftermath

On 2 May 2021, EDP445 uploaded a video to his Facebook page to announce that all his videos would soon become available on his new website. Then three days later, he attacked ColdRaven, CC UNIT, and Predator Poachers in another Facebook video. Still, many saw this as an amateur attempt to highlight their minor wrongdoings, to minimize allegations against him. YouTube deleted the Predator Poachers channel shortly after the incident, due to bullying and harassment, according to the channel’s Reddit subreddit. Moreover, an online movement, known as ‘Free EDP,’ began circulating on YouTube and TikTok, despite him never being arrested or charged, but ceased in May.

According to the local police, an investigation into the claims began, but was ruined because the YouTubers should have contacted the police before they organized the sting.

EDP445 tried to pretend that nothing had happened, so created an account on Vimeo’s video-sharing platform and a YouTube channel for his weapon collection, TheNotoriousEDP, which YouTube deleted in a few hours. EDP445 was spotted by live-streamers in real life, and had attempted to restore his reputation by creating an account on the blockchain-based free speech platform, 3Speak, which was also quickly disabled. Tired of relentless pursuit, around August, EDP445 moved from Bakersfield, California, to Henderson, Nevada,.

Trying to bounce back

People spotted EDP445 at a McDonald’s in Oklahoma, dug up information about the apartment complex that he lived in, and discovered that he had $3,300 in his bank account. Moreover, he landed a job in a fast food restaurant, and worked for a trucking company but was fired or quit; he then tried to get a job at ride-sharing company Lyft, and Chuck E. Cheese, a group event party place.

In early 2022, EDP445 tried to fight the accusations and restore his status, and began streaming again on the new app, BIGO Live. Moreover, he changed his name to Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason in February, created the website wwww.edp445.com in mid-April, and reactivated an old YouTube account, EDP_445, in May, which was deleted by YouTube the following month.

He became active on his TikTok account, edp445theog, his Instagram, _edp_445_, and created another YouTube channel, EDP445 All-Access, although he’d disabled comments and tried to avoid any sensitive questions. However, he agreed to an interview with YouTuber Dasgasdom3 on 24 October 2022, which helped his image until rumors surfaced that he’d groomed another girl of high-school age in early December. EDP445 tried to garner sympathy by claiming that he had Stage 5 kidney failure, which was never confirmed.

Setup allegations

EDP445 attempted to turn over a new leaf in 2023, as he continued to post content to his TikTok account, resembling his old one, which had over 330,000 followers at the time. However, TikTok banned his account indefinitely on 8 February, prompting him to upload videos and live streams to the website he launched almost a year ago, returning to discussing the Philadelphia Eagles and collaborating with friends. Unfortunately, EDP445 again attracted controversy for reacting wildly to Internet trolls, who saw how upset he was by the 35-38 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas Chiefs.

Furthermore, he was targeted by a troll the following month, when a video surfaced of EDP445 claiming that Predator Poachers and CC UNIT set him up. However, it was quickly debunked as a clever video edit of previous words and sentences with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice as the interviewer. EDP445 saw an opportunity to gauge public opinion through a poll, but only 13 out of 4,200 people who responded thought that he was innocent.

Despite that, EDP445 filmed an official apology video, and uploaded it to his website on 7 July. He again framed the allegations as an attempt to ruin his credibility, and even used fake screenshots and e-mail exchanges to accuse the two YouTubers of trying to set him up. He received backlash, and several YouTubers pointed out that he never apologized for his behavior, concluding that he was doing what he could to mend his reputation without accepting accountability.

Recent events

Things worsened when YouTuber Kayla Hoskins uploaded a video entitled I’M EDP445s VICTIM!!!!!! on 28 August. She discussed her experience, and said that there was no physical contact, so many people assumed that she wanted to use the situation to gain subscribers. However, her 54-minute-long interview with YouTuber Master At Work a few days later proved the authenticity of her claims. Moreover, she reported his explicit messages and threats to the police, and EDP445 could serve a decade in prison if found guilty.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, YouTuber JiDion posted a video in which he and a fellow YouTuber, Skeeter Jean, confronted EDP445 about trying to meet another minor at the DaVita HealthCare Center, where he allegedly had dialysis appointment. While this means that he might have been honest about his kidney disease, it also suggests that his predatory behavior hasn’t changed.


EDP445’s only spoken about two public relationships, one with Jessica in 2020. On 11 December 2020, EDP44 uploaded a picture of himself and a female fan at an NFL stadium, and stated that they were dating. However, Internet sleuths quickly debunked his claim, as the COVID-19 pandemic prevented in-person events. EDP445 then claimed that he was dating another girl, Jessica, but wouldn’t show her to the fans.

Physical characteristics

EDP445 has black hair, which he shaves or keeps short, and dark brown eyes; he claims to be 6ft  (1.83m) tall, and weighs about 265lbs (120kgs.) He’s obese, and has joked in his YouTube livestream that ‘he is bigger than an elephant.’

Net worth

EDP445 has a net worth of less than $100,000. Some YouTube users claimed that he worked as armed security around March 2023, but could barely afford to pay rent with his salary. YouTuber Master at Work suggested that he would become homeless soon. EDP445 began selling most of his possessions, including weapons, memorabilia, and his YouTube Silver Buttons on his website, edp445.com. Moreover, he’s asking for monthly support ranging from $2 to $10 from his fans, and is selling services such as booking a call with him and having the supporter’s name and likeness in his videos. Master at Work accused EDP445 of guilt-tripping his followers with a GoFundMe campaign in January 2023. EDP445 used his alleged kidney illness to ask his fans to raise $16,000 for his Super Bowl tickets. As of Noivember 2023, the saga continues…..

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