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In Hollywood, where established names often steal the spotlight, Gabrielle Echols is a young American rising star worthy of close attention. With just a few movies under her belt, she has already captured the hearts of those who’ve seen her portray intriguing roles since her silver screen debut. Her raw talent and relentless pursuit of excellence make it clear that it won’t be long before she reaches her full potential, and becomes a household name.

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Early Life and Family

Gabrielle Echols was born on 18 March 2005, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents, Timothy Echols, a Physician Assistant at Tanner Health System, and Macki Echols, a housewife, provided a nurturing and supportive environment. Growing up in Atlanta in a close-knit, middle-class family with a younger brother, Gabrielle experienced a stable and trouble-free upbringing in both her school and community. Her parents were always dedicated to encouraging and facilitating her pursuits.


During her childhood, Gabrielle Echols underwent intensive training at a ballet school, with dreams of becoming a professional ballerina, aspiring to grace stages across the globe. There is limited public information about her formal education, as she hasn’t disclosed it on her social media pages or in any of her interviews.


Gabrielle had achieved pre-professional status as a ballet dancer before her introduction to the movie industry. However, fate had different plans for her.

First steps

In the ever-evolving landscape of Hollywood, where stars are born and dreams take flight, at the age of 12, a fresh and promising talent quietly but confidently embarked on auditions for several upcoming movie projects. It was Gabrielle’s mother, Mackie, who encouraged her to explore acting, through a program that connected her with individuals from various Hollywood talent agencies. Given her lifelong experience performing on stage, acting was never too far from her mind, and her interest in the movie industry had always been present. Despite her passion, Gabrielle had not seriously considered pursuing acting, believing it to be an unattainable dream at the time. She noted that not everyone aspiring to be an actor could easily find someone to open the right doors for them.

However, Gabrielle eventually met the right people, and secured representation and management through Paradigm Talent Agency, PLAY Management Inc., and The X Division.

Her first movie

After assembling a team to support her acting aspirations, Gabrielle underwent several auditions, and her determination paid off when she received a call-back for a role in the sci-fi thriller “Reminiscence.” This film, written and directed by Lisa Joy in her directing debut, featured an ensemble that included Thandie Newton, Rebecca Ferguson, and Hugh Jackman; Her debut was marked by the presence of these Hollywood heavyweights, with Gabrielle playing a relatively minor character named ‘Titch’ in the movie. Nevertheless, the young actor embraced the philosophy that “There are no small parts, only small actors,” and approached her role with enthusiasm.

“Reminiscence” hit the big screen in August 2021, but struggled at the box office, earning only around $17 million against a budget of approximately $70 million. Regardless of its commercial performance, it marked a noteworthy debut for Gabrielle, given that the movie was produced by Warner Bros—an impressive credit to have on a newcomer’s resume.

While filming this movie, Gabrielle discovered her true passion for acting, realizing that it was the career she wanted to pursue for the rest of her life. Although she maintained her love for ballet, a newfound fire within her led to a shift in focus, and the emergence of new career goals.

Bigger role in her second movie

In 2021, while Gabrielle was exploring various possibilities, she seized an opportunity that thrilled fans of the horror genre. At the age of 16, she embarked on a journey to New Zealand to film “Evil Dead Rise,” the latest installment in the successful “Evil Dead” movie franchise. In the movie, she portrayed the character Bridget, the daughter of Ellie, played by Alyssa Sutherland, one of the main leads. Bridget’s character undergoes a harrowing transformation, initially hunted and attacked by her demon-possessed mother, only to become one of the undead parasitic demonic creatures known as “Deadites.”

In a subsequent podcast appearance, Gabrielle shared that while she thoroughly enjoyed her role, the filming process posed its own set of challenges. Transforming into a “Deadite” required spending around four hours on prosthetics and intense make-up. The experience was sweaty, and her body had difficulty breathing properly due to the silicone covering her. Only her nostrils and eyeballs remained uncovered. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t change a thing, feeling fortunate to have landed the role.

“Evil Dead Rise” was released in April 2023, and achieved substantial success, grossing close to $150 million in revenue against a modest $20 million budget. Gabrielle’s compelling portrayal of the dual role garnered recognition from horror movie enthusiasts, a well-deserved acknowledgment of her talent.

Interesting Facts about Gabrielle

As Gabrielle continues to make her mark in the industry, here are some intriguing details about this young rising talent:

Her routine before filming

Gabrielle shared an unusual change in her daily routine while on set, and though she couldn’t pinpoint the reason, it seemed to work wonders for her. Each day, a driver would pick her up and transport her to the set, where she followed a consistent breakfast ritual. Her morning meal was a combination of avocado toast and poached eggs, a seemingly unconventional choice that became her daily fuel. To set the mood and get into character, she tuned in to upbeat and energetic music, often favoring fast-paced songs by Lady Gaga. While she found this daily routine somewhat peculiar, it undoubtedly helped her prepare for her roles.

Her taste in music

When asked about her music preferences, Gabrielle revealed that her taste in music is rather eclectic. She frequently indulges in the soothing melodies of instrumental music, finding solace in its calming tones. However, her musical palette also includes a love for rock and alternative music, with some of her favorite artists spanning genre, her favorites including Agnes Obel, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana.

In addition to her established preferences, Gabrielle enjoys discovering new tunes as well as revisiting classics from various eras and genres. A close friend with an extensive music library provides her with song recommendations, further enriching her musical journey.

Acting helped her let loose

As a budding actor, Gabrielle had a tendency to be relentlessly goal-driven, often so focused on achieving her objectives that she forgot the importance of having fun, a vital component of her youth. When she committed to a particular pursuit, she pursued it with unwavering dedication, sometimes to the point of consuming herself and triggering anxiety. While she still experienced nervousness before each take, the act of portraying a character provided her with the freedom to let go and relish the process while on set. Rather than allowing her mind to exert total control in an effort to avoid any missteps, she embraced spontaneity and enjoyed the experience.

As a result, not only did she have fun while working, but her performances also took on an organic, natural quality. This newfound approach to acting, in which she could be in the moment and embrace the unexpected, was one of the key reasons why she developed a deep love for the craft.

She wasn’t born yet when the “Evil Dead” franchise started

Even before securing the role of Bridget in “Evil Dead Rise,” Gabrielle was already a devoted fan of the horror genre. Her excitement was on the extreme upon learning that she’d been cast, exclaiming, ‘Oh my God, I know what this is like! I’ve seen this; I know what this is.’ However, she openly admitted that she didn’t possess an intimate knowledge of all the movies within the expansive “Evil Dead” franchise – she’d only seen two of them. This lack of familiarity wasn’t surprising, as she hadn’t been born when the first few movies in the series were released.

Being part of a cult classic and doing another horror character

Gabrielle was overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of a cult classic. She was well aware of the immense significance of the movie franchise in the horror genre, which made it challenging for her to process that she’d joined the main cast. She initially felt nervous about tackling her role, knowing that many fans of the beloved franchise would scrutinize her performance.

However, her anxiety was eased by the fact that several of her co-stars and those working behind the scenes were veterans of the original production. They provided invaluable guidance and support, helping her immerse herself thoroughly in her character. Gabrielle also relished the chance to hear behind-the-scenes stories about the making of iconic scenes in the “Evil Dead” movies.

Her remarkable experience with the fifth movie has left her open to the idea of taking on additional horror roles. Still, she’s determined not to confine herself to a single genre, aspiring to explore diverse roles and find her ideal niche in the acting industry.

A memorable encounter with her co-star

Fans found Gabrielle’s unexpected encounter with one of her “Evil Dead Rise” co-stars quite amusing. As she was preparing to fly to New Zealand for the film’s shooting, a peculiar interaction unfolded. While stowing her luggage in the overhead bin on the airplane, a stranger approached her and cheerfully declared, ‘Hi! I’m your new Mom.’ Initially, Gabrielle was left bewildered, unable to fathom the context of this remark.

It was only after a moment that she realized the woman was, in fact, Alyssa Sutherland, the actor cast to play her on-screen mother in the movie. Gabrielle did recognize Alyssa but, owing to a combination of nervousness and not being informed about the roles at that particular moment, she didn’t connect the dots quickly.

Nonetheless, their collaboration on set was a fantastic experience, and Gabrielle often found herself playfully teased about their unforgettable first meeting.

‘I’m My Own Worst Critic’

Similar to many new actors in Hollywood, Gabrielle found herself repeatedly watching her own movie. She attended the premiere with the rest of the cast, as well as separately with her loved ones. However, she couldn’t resist scrutinizing every detail of her performance in every scene, readily admitting to being her own harshest critic.

Despite the fact that the movie had been completed two years prior to its release, she attempted to give herself the benefit of the doubt, explaining that her approach to her role in “Evil Dead Rise” reflected how her 16-year-old self had interpreted the character. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but experience moments of regret, questioning her choices and wishing she’d handled certain scenes differently.

Over time, Gabrielle came to embrace her self-criticism with radical acceptance. She recognized that some aspects of the process were beyond her control, and she viewed her experiences as valuable opportunities for learning and growth.


Gabrielle possesses a fair complexion, has deep brown eyes and dark brown hair, which she often styled in a short haircut. She stands at 5ft 4ins (163cms) in height, with a weight of about 110lbs (50kgs), and vital statistics of 30-24-32.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Gabrielle has an estimated net worth of $200,000, as of November 2023.

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