What? How? Tragic Loss Of Deckhand Mahlon Reyes From “Deadliest Catch”

Hello and welcome back to [Channel Name]. Today, we delve into sombre news surrounding the untimely passing of Mahlon Reyes, a familiar face from the high-stakes world of crab fishing on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” The reality TV star, aged 38, met an unexpected fate, leaving fans in shock as well as loved ones.

Just one day after being rushed to North Valley Montana Hospital in his hometown of Whitefish, Montana, Mahlon succumbed to a heart attack on 27 July 2020. As the news reverberated through the tight-knit community of “Deadliest Catch” enthusiasts, friends and family gathered on a memorial Facebook page to pay tribute to the beloved deckhand.

In today’s exploration, we aim to unravel the circumstances surrounding Mahlon’s tragic departure and uncover the details of his untimely demise. Join us as we navigate through the events leading to this heartbreaking loss and discuss the impact it has left on those who knew him.

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As fans grapple with the devastating news of Mahlon Reyes’s untimely demise, we find ourselves immersed in the saddening details surrounding the tragic loss of the “Deadliest Catch” deckhand at the tender age of 38.

Mahlon’s wife revealed that the heartbreaking incident unfolded in his hometown of Whitefish, Montana. A heart attack struck Mahlon, and despite surviving the initial cardiac event, he never regained consciousness, prompting the difficult decision to remove him from life support the following day.

Adding to the profound sorrow is the revelation that Mahlon had no known pre-existing health conditions. The father of four’s departure leaves a heartrending void, leaving family, friends, and fans in mourning.

In accordance with Mahlon’s wishes, he was cremated, and a difficult final chapter awaited as his ashes were scattered in the Bering Sea by some of his fellow “Deadliest Catch” crew members.

Mahlon, a dedicated deckhand, left an undeniable mark through his work on the Seabrooke and Cape Caution, two prominent crabbing vessels navigating the perilous waters of the Bering Sea.

However, it has since come to light that there was more to the heart attack than initially suspected.

Mahlon’s passing was actually attributed to acute cocaine intoxication, according to Brian Heino, the sheriff and coroner at the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. The official ruling determined his death as accidental.

His journey with “Deadliest Catch” began in 2012, and over the course of his involvement, Mahlon contributed to 14 episodes, showcasing his unwavering commitment and expertise in the challenging realm of crab fishing.

The “Deadliest Catch” series, known for its gripping portrayal of the perils of commercial crab fishing, has unfortunately witnessed the departure of several cast members over the years. In a heart-wrenching echo of grief, we recall the loss of deck boss Nick McGlashan in December, who, like Mahlon, left an indelible void in the close-knit community of crabbing enthusiasts.


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