What is Benjamin Wadsworth famous for? His Age, Wife, Child

In the vibrant landscape of Hollywood, where talent is a prerequisite and charisma holds considerable value, Benjamin Wadsworth stands out as a rising star with a bright future. His acclaim soared after he portrayed Marcus Lopez Arguello, a disenchanted homeless teenager, in the Syfy series “Deadly Class.” His magnetic presence and skillful ability to bring characters to life captivated audiences, solidifying his status as someone to watch out for in the industry.

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Early Life and Family

Born on 8 November 1999, in Houston, Texas, Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth is of Mexican descent from his father’s side; there’s limited information about his parents and his upbringing, and little is known about his brother, Sully Wadsworth, except for the occasional photos that Benjamin shares of them together, accompanied by captions such as ‘Nothin like a brother’ and ‘Modern-day warrior, todays Tom Sawyer.’

As for his sister, Angel Wadsworth-Garcia, he tagged her in a dedicated Instagram post featuring his siblings, sharing photos of them when they were little kids. Although her Instagram posts are infrequent, they offer glimpses into her life – happily married, recently welcomed a baby boy, adding a new joy to the Wadsworth family. In a poignant celebration of Pride month in 2022, Angel shared a personal milestone—embracing her identity as a bisexual individual. In her Instagram post, she candidly expressed the mixture of fear and relief that accompanied her decision to come out to friends and loved ones. Fortunately, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive, leaving Angel feeling a deep sense of peace within herself. For Angel, Pride month marked not only a celebration of love and acceptance, but also a profound liberation from identity struggles and the potential burden of shame.


Benjamin was home-schooled during his senior school years, to accommodate his busy schedule as an actor.


Benjamin’s passion for acting took root early in his life. His foray into acting began at the age of 14, marked by his debut role in the short film “This is Houston”, in which he adeptly portrayed the character of Ben.

Lent his talent to a series of diverse short films

In “Preydators” (2014), he embodied the character Joel Jr., who faces kidnapping, propelling his father on a quest for revenge and justice. “Blank Check” (2015) cast Benjamin as Theo, a character bestowed with a blank check from his ailing grandfather, setting the stage for an intriguing storyline. “Hunter” (2017) saw Benjamin in the titular role, navigating a doomed boar hunting trip with his mother in the vast expanse of the West Texas Outback. “The Sleeping Dog” (2018) unfolded a gripping tale featuring Benjamin as a teenage boy triggering panic in a small town. As girls from his high school met a grim fate, the FBI was left with an insurmountable challenge, initiating an impossible manhunt.

Ventured into TV series

Benjamin has been involved in TV projects that have contributed to his growing reputation in the entertainment industry. This includes “Dad vs. Lad,” a comedic web series about the relationship between a father and his stepsons in which Benjamin portrayed the role of Iggy for 26 episodes. It was followed by guest appearances in single episodes of Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” (2016), Let the Right One In (2017), and MTV’s “Teen Wolf” (2017).

“Deadly Class”

Syfy’s “Deadly Class” is a TV series adapted from the comic book series of the same title, created by writer Rick Remender with illustrations by artist Wesley Craig.

The series is set in the late 1980s, and follows a homeless teenager named Marcus Lopez Arguello, portrayed by Benjamin Wadsworth, who is recruited into the elite private school Kings Dominion, with Benedict Wong in the role of the headmaster. However, this is not an ordinary school – it’s a secret academy that trains the next generation of assassins. The students come from various criminal families, and are taught a deadly curriculum in subjects such as assassination, hand-to-hand combat, and espionage.

For the audition, Benjamin initially submitted a self-tape for the role of Billy, a punk rocker with a mohawk and the son of a corrupt cop. Interestingly, it seemed that, recognizing his Hispanic background, the casting director considered him more fitting for the lead role of Marcus. After submitting another self-tape for Marcus, Benjamin underwent a screen test and successfully secured the role – the character of Billy eventually went to Liam James.

He expressed that this role is his most significant to date, acknowledging that the initial pressure of being the star was a bit overwhelming, but undeniably thrilling.  Leading his first big series brought him many opportunities and greatly boosted his career. Benjamin keeps close friends and family around to stay grounded amidst his growing success. Despite the potentially dark nature of the series, he highlighted the enjoyable atmosphere on set.

After the action-adventure series aired a special preview in late 2018, it officially premiered in January 2019. While it had a dedicated fan base, the series faced challenges in terms of viewership and wasn’t renewed for a second season. Despite its short run, “Deadly Class” gained recognition for its cast and distinctive style.

Most Recent Projects

“Tell Me Lies”

Hulu’s “Tell Me Lies,” created by Meaghan Oppenheimer and based on Carola Lovering’s 2018 book of the same name, features actress Emma Roberts as an executive producer. The series delves into the complexities of a toxic relationship spanning eight years. Beginning as a typical campus romance, the narrative unfolds to impact not only the lives of the central characters, Lucy Albright (played by Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (portrayed by Jackson White) but also those around them. In the ensemble cast, Benjamin secured the role of Drew, one of Stephen’s friends. The series premiered in September 2022 and received a positive response, leading to its renewal for a second season by November of the same year.


Directed and co-written by Marcus Dunstan, “Unhuman” is a blend of horror, thriller and comedy produced by Blumhouse Television. This Epix original film was digitally released by Paramount Home Entertainment in 2022. The movie boasts an ensemble featuring Brianne Tju in the role of Ever, Uriah Shelton as Danny, Ali Gallo portraying Tamra, and Benjamin Wadsworth taking on the character of Randall.

The storyline unfolds around a group of high school students on a seemingly ordinary field trip, abruptly disrupted when their bus crashes. Stranded in a forest, they become the prey of a mysterious attacker, which appears to be a ‘mutated zombie,’ igniting a terrifying struggle for survival. Beyond the horror elements, the film delves into themes of self-esteem, friendship, and the repercussions of bullying. As the students confront the imminent threat, they’re compelled to unite, exploring the intricacies of their relationships in the face of danger.

The director mentioned how most of the characters were supposed to be genre cliches. As for Benjamin, he didn’t attribute his inspiration to any particular source; instead, he drew from his personal high school experiences. As a homeschooled student, he grappled with a sense of isolation and a limited social circle. Spending time near bridges and immersing himself in moody music, occasional moments of introspection led to pondering deeper, darker questions. Consequently, he surmised that this unique blend of solitude and contemplation influenced his creativity in approaching his role. With most of the cast sharing scenes, their time in between shots became an opportunity to hang out together and have fun.

Personal Life

Benjamin Wadsworth is currently in a relationship with actress Stella Maeve Johnston; they  first crossed paths at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2018. While waiting to go on the “Deadly Class” panel, his manager was talking to Stella and asked him to come over for an introduction, and it went from there.

Clearly smitten with each other, the relationship progressed, and by December, Benjamin shared a few photos of her on his Instagram page, captioning them with her name and tagging her in the process. This gesture seemingly served as his way of expressing that she holds a special place in his life. In that same month, Stella shared a photo of Benjamin at the Houston International Airport, simply tagging him with a little black heart as the caption.

Benjamin’s two attempts to propose

The connection that sparked between them led to their engagement announcement in 2019. The proposal, however, had its share of humorous twists. During Benjamin’s initial attempt to propose on the 8th of May, things didn’t go as planned. Stella was running late for a meeting, prompting Benjamin to humorously tweet, ‘Attempt 1: FAIL.’ When questioned by Stella about this, he provided a lighthearted explanation.

Undeterred, Benjamin mustered the courage for a second attempt a couple of days later. Finding Stella relaxing on a couch with coffee, he took a traditional approach, getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. Stella’s response was a joyful, ‘Of course, I’ll marry you.’ The scene unfolded with hugs, kisses, and exchanged ‘I love yous,’ accompanied by tears of joy from Stella. Benjamin, despite a bit of nervousness, received reassurance from Stella, who playfully told him there was no need to be anxious. Amusingly updating fans on Twitter, Benjamin wrote, ‘2nd attempt; success!’ Stella shared a photo of them together on her social media, showcasing her engagement ring.

In the days leading up to his proposal, he posted a photo of them together on his Instagram with a heartfelt caption: ‘I love her so much. She’s so beautiful and full of energy. I’ll never get tired of you, @stellamaeve. I’m crazy about you.’

Stella shared her thoughts on marriage

Stella mentioned that there are currently no immediate plans to officially marry — perhaps not at all. She candidly expressed uncertainty about the concept of marriage, questioning the need for an official document from the government to validate her relationship with Benjamin. Despite this hesitation, Stella revealed her desire to commemorate their love with a celebration. She clarified that while they might not be legally married, in their world, the bond they share is akin to a marital commitment.

Benjamin and Stella’s bundle of joy

In August 2019, Stella shared the exciting news of her pregnancy on Instagram, accompanied by a photo of her baby bump at 12 weeks gestation. Her happiness and excitement with the upcoming addition to their family were evident. In her caption, she reflected on the belief that one can truly have it all.

On 29 January 2020, the couple joyfully welcomed a baby girl named Jo Jezebel Wadsworth, weighing 7lbs 6oz. Stella couldn’t help but gush over how beautiful she found their newborn. Benjamin shared the news on Twitter, stating, ‘I’m back. Had a little baby. Life’s good.’ Interestingly, Stella revealed that they were taken aback when they learned about their baby’s gender. Initially expecting a boy and having a name already chosen, the surprise arrival of a girl brought a delightful twist to their plans.


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Grooming controversy

The couple’s relationship is going well; however, it hasn’t escaped the scrutiny of certain individuals who disapprove of the 10-year age gap, especially since Benjamin was around 18 or 19 when they started dating. Stella, being significantly older than Benjamin, faced accusations of grooming him. Being more active on social media, she frequently shares photos of Benjamin and them together. Many well-wishers have expressed support for the couple. Nonetheless, criticism escalated when Stella announced her pregnancy. Some individuals take issue with Benjamin becoming a father at the young age of 20, and it seems they are placing the blame on Stella for this, leaving mean comments on her social media.

While she didn’t address this issue directly, it seemed her answer to all the negativity and hate she was receiving was to post a sincere message to Benjamin days after giving birth to their daughter. She wrote, ‘Through the good, the bad, the ugly, we’ll make it through any storm…I didn’t think it was possible to be so in love with a human, and for that love to continue to grow.’ Feeling fortunate to fall asleep next to him every night and wake up beside him every morning, she confessed to falling in love with him anew each day. Describing him as her best friend, soulmate, and one true love, she celebrated their bond in the face of challenges.

As for Benjamin, back when some people talked negatively about him rushing into things and proposing at 19, he defended his decision via social media by stating that critics lacked insight into his situation. Additionally, he emphasized that he is leading a wonderful life and is thrilled to share it eternally with his beautiful fiancée.

Background on Stella Maeve

Stella Maeve Johnston, born on 14 November 1989, in Nyack, New York State, is an accomplished American actress celebrated for her contributions to both television and film. She embarked on her acting journey in 2005, making her debut in the short film “Liminality” and the comedy-drama “Transamerica.”

Her filmography boasts diverse roles, with distinctive performances in significant movies. In the biographical drama “The Runaways” (2010), Stella portrayed the character of Sandy West, a drummer. She delved into the independent drama “Starlet” (2012), embodying the role of Melissa, an adult film star. Stella’s repertoire also includes the supernatural horror “Dark Summer” (2015) in which she took on the character of Abby Fuller, and the psychological thriller “Flipped” (2015), portraying Nicole, a fashion model trapped inside an upside-down car after a crash. Through these varied roles, Stella Maeve has showcased her skill as an actress.

In the realm of television, Stella Maeve has made notable appearances in various series, again showcasing her versatility. Her television journey began with roles in the police procedural “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (2005), the teen drama “Gossip Girl” (2008-2009), and the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” (2012).

Following guest appearances in several TV series, Stella secured main roles, firmly establishing her presence on the small screen. Notably, she portrayed Agnes Clark in 13 episodes of the crime drama “Golden Boy” (2013). Additionally, she had a recurring role as Nadia Decotis in the police procedural “Chicago P.D.” (2014-2015), appearing in 18 episodes. These roles underscore Stella Maeve’s capability to take on diverse characters in both short-term and more extended television projects.

“The Magicians”

One of Stella Maeve’s prominent roles is as Julia Wicker in the Syfy fantasy series “The Magicians,” a television adaptation of Lev Grossman’s novel of the same name published in 2009. It premiered in 2015 and ran for five seasons. It unfolds the tale of Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), a high school senior who stumbles upon the realization that the magical land from his childhood books is in fact real. Opting to further explore this newfound reality, he enrolls at Brakebills University to undergo training as a magician.

In parallel, Quentin’s childhood friend Julia Wicker faces a different fate. Despite not gaining admission to Brakebills, she forges her own magical path. Recruited by hedge witches, who are essentially self-taught magicians piecing together spells, Julia’s journey adds another layer to the intricate magical narrative.


Benjamin Wadsworth stands at a height of 5ft 9ins (180cms) and weighs 149lbs (68kgs). He has black hair and striking brown eyes.

Net Worth

With a career spanning over a decade in the entertainment industry, Benjamin Wadsworth is estimated to have a net worth of over $1 million, as of December 2023, according to authoritative sources.

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