What is Danny Mullen Doing Today? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Born Daniel James Brian Mullen under the sign of Scorpio on 20 November 1989, in Orangevale, California USA, Danny Mullen is a 34-year-old Caucasian YouTuber, author and social media celebrity. He’s most easily recognized thanks to owning the eponymous YouTube channel, which boasts just over 750,000 subscribers near the end of 2023. He also derives some popularity from his Instagram page at more than 135,000 followers, and is somewhat recognized by his more famous colleagues. He’s enjoyed relative success over the course of his sometimes lucrative content creation career since 2017.

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Early life & education: Kept under wraps

Danny was raised in his birthplace alongside his older brother Rodney, by his father Judge Gary S. Mullen, and his mother of an unknown name, but who works in the healthcare industry as either a doctor or a caretaker. His childhood is believed to have been generally unremarkable, with affluent parents leaving the brothers wanting for nothing. Danny’s childhood interests are mostly a mystery due to his reluctance to reveal bits and pieces about his past, but his audience is certain that the YouTuber has always had a penchant for comedic performances, and a desire to make people laugh.

Mullen attended a local high school in his birthplace, from where he matriculated in 2007. He chose to pursue a degree in something most of his fans wouldn’t assume as his interest, enrolling in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to study the past, having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in history in 2021. Everything else after college he learned through trial and error, writing comedic skits throughout his late teens and adolescence.

Career: Pursuing a dream

The future star initially found employment as a waiter in high-profile US cities where any would-be comedian has the best chance of breaking through, namely San Francisco and Las Vegas. Danny spent all his time off work writing comedic sketches, and trying to either pitch them to a producer or perform them himself at local comedy shows. This hobby eventually turned into a full-on profession, though that would come years later. Mullen exchanged odd jobs and improving his sense of humor as time went by, eventually developing a YouTube presence and trying his luck at internet fame instead of comedy night success.

By the time he’d created the channel, on 12 April 2017, Danny had published three comedy books with mediocre success. His debut as a writer came on 19 September 2015, in the form of “The Happy Endings Playbook,” a 45-page comedy book featuring several apparently hilarious stories. All of them are within the storyline of Danny himself trying to find the perfect erotic massage parlor, funded by a new neighbor who insisted on paying for this unconventional research spree. His next work relied much more on shock value, with the title “When Your Girlfriend Bangs a Black Dude,” featuring a comedic 24-page essay relaying an insecure Caucasian man’s thoughts on the tragedy of having his significant other commit adultery with an African-American.

Finally, his third and most recent publication came only months later, on 11 September 2016; entitled “Home,” the work detailed Danny’s post-graduate life following his time at UCLA, at which point he went back to his parents’ house in Orangevale, to convalesce after all the hard work. However, this time was apparently spent as an extension of out-of-class college life – drinking, partying, ingesting all kinds of opiates, engaging in unconventional intercourse, and even vandalizing the neighborhood. The characters who help Danny along this journey are all quite comical in nature as well, involving a lost and confused hippie neighbor and a pornographic chef.

Danny’s internet rise

Even though he could’ve continued writing comedy books to eventually find fame and success, as evidenced by the various positive comments received on Kindle, Mullen transferred his creative efforts to a YouTube channel, and apparently stopped writing, having published no further literary work since 2016. He initially uploaded various comedic skits with made-up characters and exaggerated storylines, but, seeing little success with this method, he transitioned to full-on street interviews with ridiculous questions. The videos would be made out of the few individuals who chose to participate, resulting in veritable comedic gold.

By far one of his most popular videos, as well as a signature of the channel, is the “How Big Is Your Penis?” upload, featuring various men in the streets of Las Vegas explaining in various ways the length and girth of their genitals. Mullen is seen interviewing them in a penis costume, posing ridiculous questions with absolute seriousness, which resulted in hilarious footage feeding his channel attention and subscribers even in late 2023. The video was posted on the platform on 5 December 2017, and has since garnered over two million views.

Having taken approximately eight months to find his signature style, Danny proceeded to carve out a niche of his own within YouTube comedy, creating various immortal videos along the way, such as “I Ruined My High School Reunion” and “Extreme Sign-holding in Las Vegas.” He also stands out among the street interview YouTubers for the sheer audacity required to approach people with the questions some of the videos feature, such as “Girls Deepthroat Bananas,” and even “Do Girls Like Their Ass Licked.” There’s no doubt among the netizens that Mullen’s talent for asking unthinkable questions completely unabashedly and with absolute seriousness is one-of-a-kind, which is a significant drive of his evident success.

Mullen’s contemporary style

In spite of having found his fame through edgy, but still neutral humor, Danny seems to have drifted towards something more of a documentary style of video creation, with some of his recent titles being “Exploring the Poorest Region in America: Appalachia,” and “Raiding the Worst Town in America: Barstow.” Although the channel is still mainly a hub for comedy, the YouTuber seems to have found enjoyment in educating his viewers as well, exploring places whose stories aren’t frequently told in mass media, or even by other documentary-type content creators.

His signature style now seems to be shifting towards a mix of both comedy and informative footage, such as his upload from 12 November 2023, entitled “Exposing Brainwashed Liberal Students at Evergreen College.” In it, Danny and his friend approach the rather serious situation of leftist ideologues taking over an entire college campus, and protesting against the presence of Caucasian individuals there, but they do so by staging pro-leftist protests while dressed up in Middle Eastern clothing and claiming to be Palestinians. While the star is bound to receive ample criticism for making light of extremely serious situations, such as the currently raging war between Israel and Gaza, his fans’ respect continues to grow with every authentic upload that doesn’t cater to the sensitive post-modernist mindset.

Most such videos are unfortunately demonetized and age-restricted, as YouTube finds them inappropriate for both children and advertisers, which can seriously endanger the presenceof any creator on the platform. The threat of having such sanctions imposed on their work sometimes discourages YouTubers from creating such interesting and engaging content, which would be Danny’s case as well, but he also relies on Patreon for his income. Dedicated fans can opt for a package costing from $12, allowing access to weekly bonus videos, uncensored content, weekly livestreams, and Patreon-only vlogs. With well over 2000 individuals paying each month, Mullen is free to let loose on YouTube and deliver what he deems truly worth watching.

Who are his brother and father?

Danny’s brother apparently used to be a famous skater in the early ‘80s, having performed televised tricks on the skateboard in Japanese parks. Seeing as even the most famous skateboarders are nearly obscure compared to other regular celebrities, it’s no wonder that very few have heard of the name Mullen before Danny’s YouTube breakthrough. It’s unknown whether Rodney still skates in 2023, or makes any living off of the sport, though he is sure to be remembered by the more dedicated fans of the discipline.

Their father Gary seems to have allegedly committed wrongdoings throughout his appointment as a judge, with multiple individuals trying to pursue legal action against him. There’s even a petition to re-trial various convicts whom he put behind bars, allegedly ignoring due legal processes, causing an outrage in the community. A certain Tiffany Chaffin claims that her brother Andre Scott Sr. was incarcerated due to the false testimony of Judge Mullen, who even went as far as to forge a signature on a warrant. The petition was started in 2018, but has since gathered only 102 signatures. Whether any foul play was actually at hand remains to be proven by the relevant bodies, until which time Danny’s father will remain an innocent man and a practicing superior court judge.

Love life: Does he have a girlfriend?

The only romantic involvement Danny is known to have had was with Instagram model Mia Gibbs, which began sometime prior to 2020, apparently going strongly regardless of the negative rep coming Mullen’s way for all the outrageous videos he continued creating, but even that journey eventually came to an end. Mullen announced on 9 March 2023 that he and Mia had broken up, due to differences that he didn’t want to bother sharing in public.

Fans have since been left to speculate what could’ve gone awry between the two, as Mia didn’t seem bothered by her boyfriend’s notoriety. What’s more, she was able to use Danny’s popularity for the purpose of growing her own social media audience, and eventually obtaining the career she dreamed of. Mullen hasn’t been seen in the company of another female since then.

What is his net worth?

Some of the most reputable media sources estimate that Danny’s total accumulated wealth is over $5 million as of late 2023, garnered thanks to significant exposure on social media, YouTube and Patreon, He also generates earnings from his book sales, all of which let him live in relative comfort.

Body measurements: What is his height?

Mullen is 6ft 3ins (190cms) tall, with medium-length dark brown hair, light blue eyes, somewhat pale complexion, and a build generally described as slender.

Social media presence: Where is he most popular?

Danny’s greatest social media reach comes from his YouTube channel, boasting more than 750,000 subscribers in late 2023, with 247 uploads and over 100 million total video views. His Instagram comes right after, raking in 135,000 followers over 523 posts. His Twitter has less than 8,000 followers, and his Patreon is nearing 2,200 members.

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