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Kimani White – better known as YouTuber FlightReacts – was born on 7th August 1995, in Washington, D.C., USA, then moved with the family to West Palm Beach, Florida, a year later. The basketball enthusiast is known for his sports content, commentary videos, and collaborations with fellow social media personalities, such as RiceGum and Jesser. He also has a second channel onto which he uploads gaming content.

He originally planned to become a barber. After creating his YouTube channel in 2013, it took Flight a while to become popular, but  since then he’s amassed millions of followers – over four million on YouTube alone – and gone viral dozens of times, mostly for his “Dumbest Moments” series, a collection of hilarious compilation videos in which he deliberately acts unintelligent.

Apart from sports videos, Flight dabbles in music, and has released a variety of singles since 2020, such as “Broken Boi Boi”, “That’s My Typa”, and “Eater Options”. Although Flight’s music has yet to reach mainstream level, his hit single, “Disingenuous” has been viewed millions of times. In any case, the YouTuber releases music because he enjoys it, and has no career aspirations in that field.

Some of Flight’s hobbies include collecting sports jerseys, and watching the New England Patriots American Football team and the Golden State Warriors basketball team play.

Exes: Ti Taylor

In 2017 and 2018, Flight was in a relationship with YouTuber and musician Ti Taylor, who at the time had a small teenage fanbase as one-half of the Taylor Girlz duo. Flight and Ti broke up for unspecified reasons, and when Ti began dating again, the Washington native accused her and her new boyfriend of sneak dissing him in a song.

Flight has made numerous videos about Ti even after their split, such as “How I Feel About My Ex Ti Taylor & Her BF Breaking Up AGAIN”, which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Due to the public nature of their careers, a lot of Flight and Ti’s relationship played out on the internet, and there are still videos of them arguing on Instagram Live. Ti’s father also inserted himself into the situation by insulting Flight, and many YouTubers such as CashNasty and Solluminati posted reaction videos to their acrimonious split.

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Since then, Ti – who was born in August 1998 in Alabama – has launched her own skincare line and has new and exciting projects coming up. In September 2023, the musician and influencer took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes photos of her first acting project. Over the years, Ti has also gone viral many times for her creative photoshoots, and outlandish fashion choices.

Although some fans are puzzled as to how she affords her lavish lifestyle – complete with luxury cars and trips to Africa and other exotic locations – despite only having one album and a handful of singles out since 2013, the singer makes it look effortless. In 2022, Ti was rumored to be dating record producer ATL Jacob.

Exes: Dreyahh

Back to Flight: he began dating Andrea ‘Dreyahh’ Gonzalez sometime in 2020, and they would often upload or stream together. At the time of their split in March 2021, Dreyahh had accumulated thousands of online followers thanks to her association with the social media personality, but fans of Flight’s felt apprehensive about the toxic dynamic between the two and the real motives behind the relationship.

Things turned sour between Flight and Dreyahh when the sports YouTuber was streaming a reaction video, and Dreyahh asked to speak to him. When Flight asked her to wait until he was done with work, Dreyahh became visibly irate, told him to stop embarrassing her, and abruptly switched the stream off. The incident occurred when the couple were on one of their many breaks, and it soon became obvious that it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

After fans expressed their concern online, Dreyahh waited until the next day to Tweet: ‘I told y’all we’d end up together. This always happens lol.’ Netizens took this to mean that Dreyahh and Flight had reunited, however, Flight later claimed that his ex-girlfriend had held him hostage in his own house, and refused to leave for over five hours. ‘I’m still single,’ he wrote, adding that he would be uploading a video to explain what had happened.

As promised, Flight soon uploaded “Single.. The CRAZIEST Women [sic] I EVER Met STORY!”. In the video, the YouTuber explained that this wasn’t the first time Dreyahh had displayed controlling or intimidating behavior towards him, and described her as ‘crazy’ and ‘psycho’. He did, however, say that she had a ‘good heart’ and hadn’t cheated on him.

Flight summed-up the situation by saying: ‘The reason for breaking up is she is too psycho, too manipulative, too controlling.’ Ever since, Dreyahh has mentioned her ex-boyfriend in many of her YouTube videos, and with good reason: in October 2023, the influencer shared that they had welcomed a son named Karmello to the world.


It appears that Dreyahh accidentally posted the news via Snapchat before quickly deleting the photo. In a ‘life update’ video which she later uploaded on YouTube, the brunette shared what the past few months had looked like for her and Flight, with footage of them celebrating a gender reveal and going through the labor and delivery process together. However, she clarified that they were not together, and hadn’t been for a while. ‘We’re co-parenting, and are very much in love with our child,’ she said.

The exact date of Karmello’s birth remains unknown, as Flight and Dreyahh both kept the pregnancy and birth as quiet as possible.

It’s important to note that Karmello is the basketball fan’s second child and first son; in March 2021, mere weeks before breaking up with Dreyahh, Flight welcomed a daughter named Jai June, whose mother, Janet, was in an on-off relationship with Flight until he left her for Dreyahh, but it’s more than possible that the timelines overlapped. Janet and Flight also ended things on less than ideal terms, as he went on to criticize her online, and share many of their negative interactions.

In any case, the YouTuber has more than enough money to raise his children comfortably: with a reported $4 million net worth that grows by the day, he is one of the richest young content creators in his lane right now.

Flight is 6ft 3ins (190cm) tall and weighs about 180lbs (82kgs).

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