What Is Luke Eisner doing Now? His Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Luke Eisner

An actor, musician and model, Luke Eisner was born on 1st August 1996, in Greendale, Wisconsin, USA. His early years remain a mystery, and there aren’t many public details about his parents, Bill and Denise Eisner,.

However, it appears that Luke was always destined to do great things: by the time he matriculated from Greendale High School, Luke had already won the 2013 Wisconsin Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, which was presented by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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Luke’s impressive modelling career has seen him work for international brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and American Eagle. As half of the pop-rock duo VOILA, the Wisconsin native and his bandmate Gus Ross have opened for The Fray, Kesha, and other musicians on their North American tours, while also featuring in prominent online publications such as Billboard and Live Nation’s “Ones to Watch” series.

However, Luke’s selling point is his acting skills. In 2019, he had his first credited role in an episode of the family sitcom “The Goldbergs”. In the same year, he garnered widespread media attention thanks to his portrayal of male lead Stig Mohlin in the Netflix movie “Tall Girl”; Although the series received mixed reviews, it was enormously popular amongst its target demographic, and is generally considered Luke’s breakout role.

High expectations were set after “Tall Girl”, and Luke delivered with his first recurring role in the teen series “Timeline”, in which he played Taylor. He then guest-starred in “Family Reunion”, made his movie debut in the 2020 film “Tiger Within”, and reprised his most beloved role in the highly-anticipated “Tall Girl 2”.

His most recent role as of late 2023 has been a minor appearance in an episode of “Grown-ish”, but Luke recently announced that he has new projects coming out, which are both in pre-production stages: “Growing up Gorman” and “DragonMan: The Adventures of Luke Starr”.

Luke is also a talented songwriter, whose original works have featured in “A Big Fat Family Christmas”, “America’s Got Talent”, and “The J Team”. He also wrote and performed his own songs in both “Tall Girl” movies. In 2021, Luke was part of the music department of “Siwas Dance Pop Revolution” as a consulting music producer.

Personal Life

Luke has been in a relationship with influencer and actress Kirby Johnson for the last few years, although the exact timeline differs from one source to source. According to TG Time, the attractive couple began dating in October 2018 and have been inseparable ever since.

Born in the small island town of Key Lago in Florida, Kirby was welcomed to the world in February 1996 by parents Gordon and Re. Kirby began acting in 2016, with a role in the horror movie “5150”, but which was a commercial and critical failure. The redhead then appeared in two shorts, “Farmhouse” and “GAIA”, before playing the lead character in “The Possession of Hannah Grace”.

In 2019, Kirby portrayed a young Paulina in “VHYes”, since when, she’s appeared in one short and two horror movies, “Mine”, “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin” and “Daisy Jones & The Six”. Apart from being an actress and online personality, the redhead is also a skilled dancer and contortionist; however, despite her many achievements, netizens and followers of the couple – who have their own YouTube channel – dislike how Kirby has made her relationship with Luke her whole personality.

‘If you look at her YouTube channel, basically all her videos are about her boyfriend and how lucky she is to date him,’ one Reddit user scathingly said. ‘She feels that her only success is dating a hot guy who landed a minor role in a teenage romcom.’

Even if this seems particularly harsh, Kirby previously shared that Luke had ‘friendzoned’ her for four years until he finally agreed to start dating her. This has led to many netizens believing that the actor ‘settled’ for Kirby and took advantage of her low self-esteem, as during those four years, Kirby allegedly refused to date other guys, and preferred to wait for the “Tall Girl” star to begin noticing her.

In any case, Luke and Kirby have over 70,000 subscribers on their joint YouTube channel, so they’re clearly doing something right. Their first video, ‘BACKSTAGE WITH JOJO SIWA!?!?’, was uploaded in 2020 and has almost 30,000 views. A great number of the videos are centered around promoting Luke’s projects, with “LUKE EISNER MODELS IN NEW YORK FASHION WEEK !!” and “We go to a Ralph Lauren event for Luke!!” being two examples. However, the duo also share travel videos, day-to-day vlogs, and home tours.


Kirby has maintained a relatively scandal-free image during her time in the public eye, but in February 2023, she was criticized for uploading a YouTube video in which she mentioned that she cared more about homeless cats than homeless people.

In a follow-up video, Kirby defended herself by saying that many homeless people were drug addicts; obviously, people didn’t take kindly to her tone-deaf comments, so she disabled the comments and uploaded yet another video trying to justify her stance. Many Reddit users also claimed that the actress had blocked them on YouTube, for commenting negatively on the videos.

‘She posted and then quickly deleted a video, in which her and her mom are laughing about making a scene in their buildings [sic] hallway sniffing everyones [sic] doors because someone was cooking “smelly” food. ‘She’s not right in the head,’ one netizen added.

Although Luke is better at playing the media game, and has yet to offend netizens with his personal opinions, “Tall Girl” was accused of being problematic due to its female lead, Jodi, being portrayed as a victim of indiscrimination despite being a white, affluent young woman. Other publications also criticized the anti-feminist message of the movie, as Jodi (played by Ava Michelle) shifted her entire focus to winning over Stig (Luke’s character), neglecting her friendships and schoolwork while doing so.

This was clearly a non-issue, as the movie was popular enough for a sequel to be released a couple of years later. As for Luke’s net worth, he has a reported $1 million fortune thanks to his movie roles and other creative ventures.

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