What is Marielle Hadid Famous for? Her Age, Parents, Siblings

The surname Hadid sounds especially familiar to everyone who knows what’s up in the entertainment and fashion industry. With Gigi and Bella Hadid becoming some of the most prominent and successful models of our time, it’s only normal for people to grow curious about the rest of the family, and what they do for a living.

On her part, the oldest Hadid sister, Marielle has made a name for herself not only for her beauty and knack of looking amazing in photographs, but also for her career as an interior designer and wellness influencer. While Marielle’s life is not as publicly open as her model sisters’, we have gotten to know many interesting details about her career, personal life, and her relationship with her family.

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Early Life

Marielle Hadid was born on 7 September 1980, in the USA. She’s the first daughter resulting from Mohamed Hadid and his first wife Mary Butler. Marielle has a sister Alana, and three step-siblings from her father’s second marriage, named Gigi, Bella and Anwar.

According to her father Mohamed, the family are descendants of the 18th-century Arab ruler Zahir al-Umar, who ruled northern Palestine back in the day. There are not many details about Marielle’s childhood and early education, except for the fact that she and her siblings had a privileged upbringing, thanks to their millionaire father.

Marielle attended the San Francisco-based Academy of Art University, but details about her degree and year of graduation haven’t been revealed.


Marielle Hadid has built a career as a creative, and is also involved with fashion and real estate. According to her website, Marielle has been in the design industry for around two decades, first working for big fashion brands, and then as an interior designer.

Her business Living Well With Marielle is based in California, Texas and Arizona, and centers on refurbishing and giving new life to people’s houses, describing her job as an ‘art which turns spaces into ideal environments.’ Some of her company’s services include interior designing, staff training, and party planning, all with a focus on luxury and glamor.

According to Marielle on Radaris.com, she’s the owner of the real estate company Hadid Development. Marielle also co-owns Hadid Eyewear, alongside her younger sister Alana, with whom she also shares creative credits of the brand. Reportedly, Mohamed Hadid also has shares in the company, which donates part of its earnings to charity organizations.

Who Are Her Parents?

It seems that the entire Hadid family is outstanding in their fields of work, including the patriarch Mohamed, who is a businessman of Palestinian origin. He and his family became refugees in Syria in the 1940s, and eventually moved to the US in the 1960s.

Living in Arlington, Virginia, Mohamed attended Washington-Lee High School, and later moved to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From an early age, Mohamed developed skills for businesses, first starting a classic car dealership before establishing an exportation company.

Mohamed eventually moved to Greece, where he started a night club which subsequently afforded him to start a developing business back in the US. His ventures included buying several Ritz-Carlton hotels and developing resorts. though he was left on the verge of bankruptcy in the 1980s. The following decades saw Mohamed building a profitable real estate business, by building and selling mansions and resorts.

For her part, not much is known about Marielle’s mother Mary Butler’s origins, only that she’s an interior designer, visual artist, and an advocate for social causes. Mohamed and Mary married sometime in the late 1970s, and divorced in 1992.

Who Are Marielle’s Siblings?

All of the Hadid siblings are involved with the fashion industry in some way or another, rightfully earning the nickname ‘the first family of Fashion’. Marielle’s younger sister Alana is an established fashion designer, who not only co-founded Hadid Eyewear but also the fashion brand La Detresse, both in 2017. In late 2023, Alana debuted as a model at the Copenhagen Fashion Week, and later took to the New York Fashion Week’s catwalk.

Marielle’s step-siblings were born from Mohamed’s second marriage to Yolanda, a Dutch model. The pair was married from 1994 to 2000, and welcomed three children, Gigi, Bella and Anwar, all of whom were born and raised in California.

The oldest one Gigi, whose full name is Jelena Noura, was born in 1995. She was studying criminal psychology before being signed to IMG Models. Starting from 2013, Gigi has been conquering the fashion world by modeling for a wide variety of international brands, appearing on the cover of Vogue several times, and receiving numerous awards. Her younger sister Bella, born in 1996, has just as successful a career in modeling, with numerous appearances at international fashion weeks and on Vogue covers, on top of being named one of the most influential people in the world by Time.

The youngest Hadid sibling Anwar was born in 1999, and was influenced by his older sisters to join the fashion world, appearing on the catwalk for Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss, among many others.

Personal Life

Marielle Hadid is married to Jack Halloran, a model and businessman established in California. She has two children named Coco and Colton, the latter whom Marielle welcomed with her former boyfriend Sammy Aflalo.

Marielle and her sister Alana have close relationships with their half-sisters and brother. As Alana affirmed in 2019, all the Hadid siblings meet as often as they can, despite their busy schedules, on top of supporting each other in their personal and professional endeavors. Also in 2019, Gigi revealed that she and her siblings had thought about having a family compound house, where they all could spend time together, including Marielle’s children.

Appearance & Net Worth

Marielle Hadid is a gorgeous woman of Arabic descent. She has natural blonde hair and green olive eyes. She’s 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, but her weight is unknown.

As of late 2023, Marielle has an estimated net worth of $1 million, resulting from her career as an interior designer. Though it’s fair to consider that each Hadid child has a share in their father Mohamed’s $5 million fortune, the family patriarch has affirmed that he hasn’t helped his children in building their fortunes – they are all self-made.

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