What is OT Megan Famous for? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Emerging as a standout influencer in the vast landscape of TikTok, OT Megan has etched her name into the digital hall of fame. Her content, a captivating blend of intrigue and her magnetic personality, has forged a deep connection with a huge following. Nevertheless, a recent breach of her privacy resulted in the temporary removal of her presence across all social media platforms. Undeterred, she swiftly rebounded, resuming her pursuit of goals while inspiring women who, like her, have faced digital challenges, demonstrating that life continues after such unfortunate incidents.

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Early Years and Family

Born Megan Eugenio on 17 October 1999, in Peabody, Massachusetts, to parents Michelle L. Joyal Eugenio and Mark Eugenio, OT was raised in a tight-knit neighborhood in a middle-class household along with her older siblings, Joshua, Amanda and Marky. Her family experienced a tragic event when her older brother, Marky died at the tender age of 14 due to a serious heart condition.

Despite the advent of social media, Megan initially maintained an air of mystery around her family, keeping all her information private. Hints from Facebook, however, painted a portrait of her father’s affiliation with the Iron Order, a motorcycle organization comprised mainly of individuals from diverse law enforcement agencies. The shroud of privacy was gradually lifted as she stepped into the public spotlight, sharing facets of her life in a podcast interview.

Apparently, it was her older sister, Amanda, who was once in the public eye through the now-defunct reality TV show “America’s Prom Queen” in 2008, securing a place among the runners-up. Megan herself briefly basked in the local limelight as well, after participating in the 2016 Miss Massachusetts Teen USA competition, earning a notable position in the top 15. Yet, amidst that background, she was never part of the “in” crowd at school, and was bullied, which led her to escape to the sanctuary of the library during lunch hours. It was a shocking revelation to fans since she was also part of the school’s cheerleading team, which was often perceived by many as an entry ticket to the popular crowd.

As her peers delved into the rituals of proms, boyfriends, and cars, Megan harbored a longing to escape Peabody, driven by a vision that transcended the confines of her hometown. It wasn’t disdain for her roots, but an unyielding desire to explore the vast landscapes of major cities that set her apart from most of the teenagers in her community, rendering her somewhat of an outcast.


Despite the challenges, Megan’s resilience carried her through high school, matriculating from Bishop Fenwick High School, a private Catholic institution. The pursuit of higher education led her from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut to Pace University in New York, culminating in a bachelor’s degree in communication in May 2023.


Megan’s foray into the world of sports media began during her college years, when she secured an internship with a sports company. Despite lacking professional experience, her determination and willingness to learn propelled her forward. Over the years, Megan not only excelled within the organization, but also made connections across sports, entertainment, and social media.

Career Beginnings

Two months into the first semester of her freshmen year in college, Megan’s path took an unexpected turn. Through Instagram, she connected with someone from a sports media company called Overtime, which had gained popularity among sports fans since its establishment in 2016. Despite being 18 and lacking any professional experience, Megan courageously inquired if Overtime would hire her. Surprisingly, within two weeks, she found herself with a call for an interview.

Acknowledging her lack of knowledge, Megan told the manager she was ready to learn, even offering to start by running errands and making coffee, however, the manager assured her that wasn’t necessary. Recognizing their need for assistance in the office, Megan embarked on her career journey by accepting an internship with the company, and soon became known as OT ‘Overtime’ Megan.

Rising Through Overtime

Within the sports media company, Megan not only thrived but also formed connections with influential figures in sports, entertainment and social media. This affiliation opened doors to various activities, from attending live NBA basketball games, to conducting interviews with athletes. Over the years, her growing following transformed her role from an interviewer to a participant in podcasts hosted by fellow social media personalities.

Passion Fuels Progress

When questioned about her choice of working in a sports organization, Megan candidly shared her story. Her desire to play basketball since the fifth grade was met with a setback when she was cut from the team, but this only fueled her determination, ultimately propelling her to where she stands today. While she isn’t playing for any professional basketball team, she has been a correspondent for the sport through Overtime, and has a courtside view of most of the games. She even has the opportunity to be up close and personal with her favorite ‘ballers. During the last NBA season, OT Megan was given exclusive access to the NBA Draft selection, a clear testament to the power of passion and resilience.

Social Media Presence

OT Megan’s rise to social media stardom is reflected in her impressive metrics. She goes with the account names: @overtimemegan and @freshdailymeggs

TikTok Triumph

This popular platform became the canvas in which OT Megan truly thrived, showcasing her skill in crafting captivating short videos. Since creating her TikTok account, Megan has amassed nearly three million followers. The strategic focus on this platform turned out to be a game-changer, propelling her into the spotlight as one of the prominent stars in the realm of social media influencers. With a prolific output of hundreds of videos on her page, she not only attracted a massive following, but also garnered an impressive tally of over 110 million likes.

Instagram Impact

While Megan has undeniably carved her influencer niche on TikTok, her Instagram influence extends to a still noteworthy 600,000 followers. Despite the numerical difference, this platform has proven instrumental in unlocking lucrative opportunities, from brand collaborations to ventures into fashion modeling.

Her Instagram page serves as an optimal stage to exhibit her brand, offering a cleaner and more visually appealing content display. Followers can seamlessly witness the clothes she dons and the products she endorses, thanks to Instagram’s clutter-free interface in comparison to other social media platforms. Megan’s genuine interactions with her fanbase suggest that joining the million-follower club on Instagram is only a matter of time.

YouTube Exploration

Megan broadened her digital footprint by launching her YouTube channel, using the same account name, “Overtime Megan,” in December 2021. She primarily uses this platform to upload her podcast entitled “Fresh Daily Meggs” with about 20 episodes. However, unlike her flourishing presence on other platforms, her YouTube journey, though promising, didn’t gather the same massive following, with only over 8,000 subscribers since its inception. A noteworthy aspect of Megan’s YouTube content lies in the realm of “YouTube Shorts,” constituting around 130 videos of shorter clips. Despite having a modest number of subscribers, Megan’s content struck a chord with viewers, accumulating an impressive total of over 500,000 views.

Her work with Overtime prevented her from fully exploring the possibilities of YouTube and it was only the encouragement from fans that led Megan to diversify her content strategy, with calls for more full-length videos to enhance her YouTube following.

Her Temporary Disappearance in Social Media

In the digital age, achieving prominence often comes with the unwelcome risk of privacy invasion, a sad reality faced by many social media stars through the prevalence of hacking. Megan found herself in the midst of this unfortunate norm when her private photos and videos were unlawfully released. The severity of the situation led her to take immediate action, opting to temporarily delete or privatize her accounts in April 2023.

Returning home from work one day, OT Megan was met with an unexpected and unsettling revelation — she had become the central topic of numerous trending Reddit threads. Discussions on these threads brought attention to explicit content circulating across various social media platforms, featuring photos and videos of her in compromising situations with her ex-boyfriend. The shock of seeing herself exposed in such a manner prompted Megan to hide from the public, but it also gave her time to reflect on the incident, a moment that could easily have marred her social media presence.

However, Megan, resilient and forward-focused, decided to transcend this disconcerting episode and pursue greater things. Choosing not to be defined by the breach, she generously shared her experience during a podcast appearance on “One Night with Steiny”, alongside host Aaron Steinberg in July 2023.

The hacking incident unfolded in August 2022, infiltrating Megan’s privacy through the popular social media platform, Snapchat. The initial clue to the breach was the reappearance of a former boyfriend’s account on her Snapchat following list. Upon closer inspection, she realized that not only was her digital storage scrutinized, but her private conversations with her current boyfriend were also accessed. Although Megan found this odd, she initially didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation, as no immediate consequences followed the discovery.

Around April 2023, a few months after the breach, everything fell apart as OT Megan’s intimate videos and photos with former partners emerged online. The details of how and why it happened remained blurred, but her team entertained a few theories. It was speculated that her private content might have been lost, sold, or shared to boast about it to others.

OT Megan returned to the spotlight

Megan found a rock-solid support system from her loved ones, especially her family, and the colleagues at work. They reassured her that, unfortunately, such incidents have become more common in recent times. Undeterred by the challenges, Megan embarked on a personal journey of self-reflection, determined not to let those who aimed to undermine her succeed. Empowered by other women who had faced similar challenges fueled her determination; Megan refused to give up.

She said in an interview, that her life saw minimal change, except for the livelier comment sections on her social media accounts. A few months after the breach, she triumphantly reentered the social media scene, resuming her online activities as if nothing had happened, her unwavering resolve a testament to her commitment to moving forward.

Dating history: facts and rumors

OT Megan’s romantic escapades have long been a captivating spectacle for her followers, who meticulously dissect the social media snippets she shares. In the realm of speculations and curious whispers, fans are advised to approach these romantic ponderings with a sprinkle of skepticism, acknowledging the fine line between tangible reality and the ethereal digital world.

Cole Schwindt – The Hockey Heartthrob

Back in October 2022, rumors swirled around a potential romance between Megan and Canadian professional hockey player Cole Schwindt. Some even speculated his involvement in her leaked media, adding an extra layer of mystery to the unfolding narrative.

Josh Giddey – The NBA Twist

Come April 2023, the spotlight shifted to a fresh chapter in Megan’s dating chronicles, with fans buzzing about a possible connection with Oklahoma Thunder NBA player Josh Giddey. A photo of them sitting together on a couch with big smiles plastered on their faces and one of his arms around her was uploaded and shared on social media. However, the hacking incident during this period added an unexpected twist, casting shadows on the evolving story.

Antonio Brown – The Platonic Puzzle

In another intriguing episode, whispers circulated about Megan’s association with NFL player Antonio Brown, though some vehemently asserted their connection was purely platonic. The blurred intersection of social media and reality often leaves fans grappling with the enigma of distinguishing genuine connections from the meticulously crafted digital façade.

The Mystery Man – Unveiling Love’s Puzzle

Fast forward to September 2023, during a podcast guest appearance on the Cavinder Twins’ YouTube channel, Megan spilled the beans about her romantic escapades. Confirming her single status for the longest time, Megan hinted at a recent romantic encounter. However, she remained tight-lipped about the mystery man’s identity or industry affiliation. While her relationship status seemed to teeter between exclusive encounters and official dating, Megan’s excitement about the potential seriousness of the connection was palpable.

The love maze continues, keeping fans on the edge of their seats, awaiting the next chapter in OT Megan’s romantic journey.

Top 3 Fascinating Facts about OT Megan

Beyond the spotlight, Megan’s quirky personality shines through intriguing facts. Here are some of them:

Megan’s Commitment to a Tidy Lifestyle

The social media star demonstrates a strong inclination towards cleanliness, driven by her case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Her dedication to hygiene is evident in the consistent use of Lysol spray and wipes to disinfect her gadgets, water bottles, and frequently touched items. This meticulous routine extends to her hotel stays, where she takes it upon herself to thoroughly disinfect surfaces, bedding, and any object that may come into contact with her belongings.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic heightened Megan’s attention to cleanliness, prompting her to adopt even more stringent practices. Every Tuesday, her apartment undergoes an extensive deep-cleaning session, involving tasks such as washing bath mats, scrubbing shower areas, vacuuming floors, and sanitizing the refrigerator.

Her commitment to cleanliness doesn’t stop at home—she goes to great lengths to ensure that she also applies her sanitary routine whenever she uses public transportation.

High School Robocop

Megan’s high school journey took an unexpected twist, when her enthusiastic pursuit of perfecting backhand springs led to a challenging mishap—a back injury that required a constant companion, a hard back brace, which adorned with the iconic New York skyline, became a part of her daily life, only coming off for showers.

Due to her continued use of the brace, she earned the affectionate nickname “Robocop” among her schoolmates. Reflecting on the nickname, Megan initially found it amusing, even though the reason behind it eluded her at first – it took a Google search to unravel the connection. As she delved into the backstory, she couldn’t help but ponder her choice of the New York skyline design. It dawned on her that this decision might have been subconsciously influenced by her sister’s residence in New York, a city she frequently visited with her family.

Privacy in Relationships: Passcodes and Locations

In the ever-evolving world of mobile technology, the act of sharing passcodes and current locations has become a topic of controversy within relationships. Megan, as a person, firmly believes in the practice of sharing passcodes and locations with her boyfriend. To her, a refusal to share these details might create an impression of secrecy, potentially leading to concerns about trust and openness in the relationship.


OT Megan, with a height of 5ft 2ins (157cms), emanates confidence and charm. Her slender physique, weighing approximately 116lbs (53kgs), showcases a slim waist and gracefully curvy hips, complemented by rumored vital statistics of 34-26-34, underscoring her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and dedication to fitness. One of her most notable features is her cascade of curly black hair, often adorned with brown-blonde highlights, or dyed blonde and styled in a variety of creative ways, ranging from ponytails and braids to elegant buns and sleek, straight strands.

Net Worth

While her precise net worth remains undisclosed, estimates place it at close to $2 million, as of November 2023.

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