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Erika Titus

The social media star Erika Titus was born on 2nd September 2002,, in Hawaii, USA, and raised in a middle-class family alongside her older siblings Jake and Kirsten. An accomplished actress and influencer who boasts over 700,000 followers on Instagram alone, Erika’s carefully cultivated following is the result of years of hard work, and she reportedly earns four to five figures per sponsored post.

Not much is known about Erika’s mother apart from her job as a kindergarten teacher, but her father, Russell, has been working at the Japan International Karate Center since 1986. Russell graduated from St. John’s College with a Bachelor of Philosophy degree in 1983 and is referred to as Sensei Rusty Titus in the karate circuit.

As for Erika’s siblings, Jake occasionally appears in his younger sister’s social media content but otherwise prefers to avoid the public eye – the polar opposite of Kirsten, who also has millions of followers and works with the likes of Victoria’s Secret.

Erika is of Caucasian, Filipino, Korean, and Japanese ethnicity. According to online sources, her mother was born and raised in Hawaii, whereas her father is a native of Michigan.


Erika’s first taste of fame came in 2011, when she played Little Hoku in “Knots”. However, she ultimately decided against an acting career, preferring to focus on her studies. Years later, Erika began making a name for herself as a social media influencer with her viral TikTok content, which encompasses just about everything popular – fashion, make-up, dance, and of course mental health awareness.

Months after celebrating her senior prom in March 2020, Erika pursued a college degree while posting short videos on TikTok and becoming more active on Instagram. Even prior to fame, the brunette was extremely image-conscious, as her earliest snaps on the photo-sharing platform (which date back to 2016) offered netizens a surface-level glimpse into her life, with plenty of beachside photos and artistic filters without divulging any personal information.

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However, by the time Erika had finished her freshman year of college, her photos were hitting 10,000 likes on a regular basis, and she found herself opening up to her new fans and sharing more about herself. Summer 2021 was a momentous time for Erika as far as social media goes, as her relatability and entertaining TikTok content saw her follower count reach six and seven figures.

With time, brands began reaching out to the Hawaiian for partnerships and sponsored posts. Erika’s impact on the beauty and fashion scene is undeniable, as many fellow content creators rush to recreate her innovative looks. However, the influencer has also collaborated with companies such as Sony and Canon due to her love for photography and technology in general.

Ending 2022 on a strong note after announcing herself as a Forever 21 ambassador, and returning to acting with the TV series “Crown Lake”, Erika has worked tirelessly this year – not only providing her fans with a steady stream of content, but also teaming up with new companies such as Spotify, Too Faced, and Eye Buy Direct.

However, Erika’s status as an online celebrity has also brought negative attention. Recent posts of the influencer’s have been bombarded by comments asking her to speak out on the Israel-Gaza conflict or berating her for her silence on the topic. ‘It’s astonishing how atrocities are happening in the world and people are dying and suffering and you won’t post about it,’ one Palestine netizen said. ‘But when the Maui incident happened, you did post. Only when it affects you; you’ll post it.’

The Maui incident in question is a series of wildfires that ravaged Hawaii in August 2023, with most of the damage occurring on the island of Maui. Erika raised public awareness about the wildfires by asking her followers and netizens in general to support charity efforts and cancel any upcoming trips to Hawaii; however, she isn’t otherwise known for speaking out about political or social issues.


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Personal Life

Although Erika previously partnered with dating app Hinge for a sponsored post, she has yet to reveal her relationship status to fans. One TikTok post entitled ‘Using Hinge to overcome my fears of men and dating’ implies that the brunette prefers to be single, so we can assume that Erika isn’t looking for love right now.

In January 2022, the influencer came under fire from the K-pop community after jokingly discussing a K-pop star and saying she wouldn’t look at his picture until he turned 18. Despite quickly deleting the joke, the K-pop community on Twitter was furious and even accused her of being predatory.

Erika doesn’t use Twitter much compared to other social media platforms, and it’s not hard to see why, as most of the rumors or controversy surrounding her originate on this app. In 2022, she was accused of attending a festival and leaving a set early, with dozens of users claiming that Erika was a fake fan of the musician in question.

Although most of the online ‘hate’ aimed at Erika is petty and not serious – such as the time she was slammed for wearing jeans to Coachella – the Hawaiian finds it hard to cope with the negativity at times, and is no stranger to taking short social media breaks to get herself back on track.

As mentioned, Erika’s older sister Kirsten also became an influencer around 2020 and has never looked back. Kirsten was born on 26th October 1997, and rose to fame on TikTok thanks to her comedy skits and relatable content; since then, her online career has opened doors that she never would’ve imagined otherwise, such as a lucrative Neutrogena partnership and a coveted invite to an exclusive Kylie Cosmetics event, where she met several members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan in person.

Music festivals and the outdoors are two of Kirsten’s favorite places to be, and she’s enjoying having the free time to focus on her hobbies and career after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in December 2021. ‘Bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a double minor in Psychology and Non-profit Management,’ the social media icon shared, jokingly adding: ‘What do I plan on doing with this degree? Absolutely nothing.’

Although reports of the Titus sisters’ net worths vary from source to source, both girls grew up in an affluent household and have continued to add to their bank accounts with their influential careers. As such, Erika and Kirsten are both worth approximately $500,000. As for Erika’s physical stats, she’s 5ft 6in (168cm) tall, and weighs approximately 120lbs (55kgs).

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