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Miia Harris

The talented young actress Miia Anneli Harris was born on 8th March 2003, in Los Angeles, California USA. Miia’s early years and education are a total mystery, as she has yet to give an in-depth interview about her personal life; as such, we have no idea what she was doing until 2021, when she made her acting debut in an episode of “Just Beyond”. We can, however, confirm that she is 5ft 5in (165cm) tall and weighs approximately 120lbs (50kgs).

In 2022, Miia landed her breakout role as she portrayed Clawdeen Wolf in “Monster High: The Movie”, which was a huge success amongst young audiences. In the same year, she guest-starred as Ilana Winter in an episode of the kids’ show “That Girl Lay Lay”. Her last acting job to date was in “Monster High 2”, the TV movie in which she reprised her role of Clawdeen.

Personal Life

Although Miia has given the occasional promotional interview for “Monster High”, she doesn’t discuss her personal life in the media. However, her fans have pieced together some information thanks to her Instagram profile.

Miia has been in a steady relationship with boyfriend Michael Zapesotsky since at least late 2022, which is when they began posting each other on their profiles. With just 4,000 followers, Michael is clearly uninterested in stealing Miia’s limelight; most of his photos are snapshots of days out with friends and loved ones, along with the occasional vacation pic.

However, Michael is also linked to the entertainment industry and has been acting for over a decade. In August 2023, he finished shooting for the short film “Gever”, writing: ‘It seems like this project pushed us in every way possible. Producing something on this scale taught me enough o keep me busy thinking for the next couple months.’

Michael was also quick to point out that, although “Gever” was shot during the Screen Actors Guild strike, filming took place outside the US, and under a local union. As such, the strike had no impact on the making of the short film.

Although most of Michael’s recent Instagram posts have been about “Gever”, a quick scroll down his profile shows him behind the scenes on indie films such as old “Valentines” and “Boulevard Misfits”. The actor has also been on TV, with recurring roles in “Infinity”, “Yellow Peppers”, and “Dismissed”; he previously posted photos of himself wearing religious Jewish clothing such as a kippah, therefore showing his pride for his culture.

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Charity Work

Back to Miia, the actress is no stranger to philanthropical deeds and is an ambassador for the Matías Rosado Foundation, which focuses on suicide prevention through support, education, and advocacy. The non-profit organization was established in July 2021 following the heartbreaking death of Matías Rosado.

When associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics declared the state of child and adolescent mental health a national emergency, Matías’s story was shared to a wider audience. Described as a ‘gentle giant’ by his father Rafael, Matías appeared to have it all: a loving family, a great support system, and a promising potential career as a hockey player, but in his junior year of high school, he began attending therapy for social anxiety – and when he was sent home during his first term of university due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his mental health deteriorated even more.

Matías’s depression was characterized by panic attacks and self-isolation, and when the adolescent began harming herself, Rafael and his wife Rachel started panicking. Shortly afterwards, Matías was prescribed medication, which was followed by his first suicide attempt six months later.

In November 2020, Matías was diagnosed with clinical depression. As time passed, Rachel and Rafael believed that Matías was almost back to his old self, as he had a girlfriend and was interested in re-enrolling in university. In the end, though, Matías’s depression won, as he killed himself at the age of 19.

Since then, the Rosados have been tirelessly pushing for change to ensure that adolescents get the necessary help. So far, Rafael and Rachel have organized a golf tournament, country club gala, and other fundraising events in order to make this happen. Miia is one of the foundation’s most famous supporters and is proud to use her platform to shine light on such a pressing issue.


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Miia’s “Monster High” co-stars are Ceci Balagot and Nayah Damasen, who play Frankie Stein and Draculaura. Ceci, who was born a female in March 2021, began acting, singing and dancing as a toddler, and graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts in 2019, where he studied Musical Theatre Conservatory. In March 2021, he came out as trans and nonbinary.

Ceci’s first credited acting role was guest-starring in a 2008 episode of “ER”. Shortly afterwards, he had a small recurring role as Grace Sanchez in “Desperate Housewives”. After taking a four-year hiatus to focus on his studies, Ceci returned to screens in 2014 with roles in “Girl Meets World”, “A History of Radness”, and “Growing Up and Down”.

Prior to “Monster High”, Ceci’s best-known role was on the AMC show “Dispatches From Elsewhere”, co-starring opposite Sally Field and Jason Segel. However, his starring role as Frankie Stein have taken his career to a whole new level.

Meanwhile, Nayah is another rising star who recently cracked 100,000 followers on Instagram. Born in November 2004 in California, the Filipina actress currently resides in Los Angeles, and shares a close friendship with Miia, who features prominently on her social media profile.

Nayah first broke out on the scene as a national anthem singer during the 2015 NBA finals. A year later, she had a cameo role in an episode of “Henry Danger”. Eventually, the brunette had more and more screentime with appearances in “Modern Family”, “Bizaardvark”, and “Deadcon”, as well as a recurring role in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Apart from acting, Nayah is a talented singer who recently wowed fans with “Creep”, her latest single.

Although she has yet to share what’s next after the “Monster High” movie sequel, we’re sure that it’ll be worth the wait.

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