What movies has Tait Blum played in? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Who is Tait Blum?

Tait is a young actor known for his roles in both television series and films, best recognized for his work in movies such as “Home Team” and “Wish Upon a Unicorn”, as well as his roles in TV series “Shooter” and “Team Kaylie”.

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Early Life and Education

Tait was born on 31 March 2006, in Los Angeles, California, holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. Although the names of his parents are not publicly disclosed, it’s known that his father is a businessman and his mother is a housewife. He has a brother named Teddy Blum, who is also a performer. Regarding his education, the specifics are not publicly available, but it’s known that Tait is attending a local private school in Los Angeles. Prior to embarking on his acting career, Tait briefly worked as a child model, appearing in various commercials.

Roles in TV Series

Tait made his TV series debut in 2018, when he appeared in four episodes of the action drama “Shooter”, in which he played the young version of the main character, Bob Lee Swagger (played by Ryan Phillippe). Bobby Lee is a highly-decorated veteran who gets coerced back into action to prevent a plot to kill the President​. The series itself is based on the best-selling novel entitled “Point of Impact” written by Stephen Hunter, as well as the 2007 feature film starring Mark Wahlberg.

In the same year, he made episodic appearances in two other popular series, “Medal of Honor” and “Titans”. Tait also played the recurring role of Jackson in the short-lived children’s sitcom “Cousins for Life” (2019), which starred Ron G., Jolie Hoang-Rappaport and Emma Shannon in lead roles of cousins who began living together due to a complicated family situation.

Another notable role for Tait was in the sci-fi drama series “For All Mankind” (2019), that unfolds in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon in 1969, sparking a prolonged space race between the two superpowers. The storyline explores how this altered history impacts the lives of astronauts, engineers, and their families, while also delving into the broader geopolitical and societal consequences.

In this series, Tait portrayed Shane Baldwin, the son of characters Ed and Karen Baldwin, during the second half of Season 1; interestingly, Tait’s younger brother, Teddy Blum, played the same character in the first half of Season 1 – the change in casting occurs following a time-jump of 3 years in the show’s timeline after episode five, marking a transition from a younger to an older Shane Baldwin within the narrative.

Tait’s most recent TV series role was in the Netflix sitcom “Team Kaylie”, created by Tracy Bitterolf, developed by Pamela Eells O’Connell, and directed by Bob Koherr, and starring Bryana Salaz and Alison Fernandez. The show revolves around Kaylie Konrad, a wealthy, self-centered teenager who is assigned to lead a middle school wilderness club as part of her court-ordered community service. Netflix initially ordered 20 episodes of “Team Kaylie”, releasing five episodes in September 2019, and another six episodes in December 2019.

Roles in Movies

Tait’s first movie role came in 2020, when he appeared in the adventure fantasy film “Wish Upon a Unicorn”, directed by Steve Bencich. The film’s storyline revolves around an eight-year-old girl named Mia, who after losing her mother, moves to her grandmother’s ranch in Montana with her family. In the woods, Mia discovers a unicorn believed through its magic powers to bring luck to anyone who believes in it.

In 2022, Tait starred in his most high-profile project to date, Netflix’s biographical sports comedy “Home Team”, directed by Charles and Daniel Kinnane. The movie is inspired by actual events, when Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints head coach, played by Kevin James during his year suspension from the National Football League (NFL) coaches the football team of his 12-year-old son. The movie delves into Payton’s efforts to reconnect with his son amid challenging circumstances, blending elements of sports, comedy, and family dynamics. Tait plays the role of Connor Payton, the son of Sean Payton and Beth (Sean’s ex-wife). His character is central to the storyline as the narrative explores the father-son relationship, accentuating the familial and emotional aspects amidst the backdrop of football coaching and competition.

In 2024, Tait is set to star alongside Sophia Hammons in the short sci-fi movie “Extra Ordinary”, written and directed by Brendan Bellomo.

Hobbies and Interesting Facts

Tait, apart from his acting career, has shown a keen interest in football, with experience playing as a quarterback. He further honed his football skills while preparing for a role by hiring a receiver coach to perfect his catching and route running techniques.

He also likes to watch football games in his spare time, especially when his favorite team, Los Angeles Rams are on the field.

In terms of personal relationships, Tait is said to be too young for romantic engagements. However, he’s forged close friendships with fellow actors like Summer Fontana and Sophia Hammons, with whom he enjoys spending time on and off the set.

Net Worth

As of November 2023, Tait’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, reflecting his success and the opportunities he’s had in the acting profession at a young age.

His primary source of income comes from his acting career, and he’s said to reside in a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles with his family.

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