What shows does Zoran Korach play in? His Age, Height, Net worth

Zoran Korach is, an American actor of Serbian decent, mostly known for portraying the role of Goomer in Nickelodeon’s series “Sam and Cat”. His other notable projects include “Weird City”, “Southland” and “LA’s Finest” while he also appears in numerous other shows such as “Graceland” and “True Blood”.

Early life, family and first acting projects

Zoran Korach was born on 21 April 1986, in Minnesota, USA. He moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, and appearances in two episodes of the show “Days of Our Lives” was his acting debut in 2003.

The actor grew up in a supportive and caring household. He developed an interest for acting at an early age – growing-up his favorite show was Nickelodeon’s live action comedy “Double Dare”, as he said in an interview during Lollipop Theater’s premiere of Rio 2. Besides that there isn’t much known about his family, personal life or relationships at all, as it seems that he’s a private person, not posting much on his social media. However, a couple of years ago he posted some of his pictures from when he was a child and a young adult onto his Instagram account.

In a Twitter (X) response he confirmed that he spoke both English and Serbian growing up, but had to learn Russian lines for some of his roles.


Since his acting debut in 2003 up until 2013, he usually played smaller parts in many television shows, including “The Unit”, “First Edition”, “Chuck”, “Perception” and “Justified: among others. Most of his roles were one or two episodes long, until he caught attention with the portrayal of Goomer in both “Sam and Cat” and “Henry Danger”, which is one of his biggest roles so far.

His most recent bigger project was in the show “LA’s Finest”. The actor is also known for his role of Seymon in the series “NCIS: Los Angeles” from 2011 to 2016. He is also the voice of The Camp Prisoner in the video game Wolfestein: The New Order.

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“Sam and Cat” is a spin-off series starring Cat Valentine (played by Ariana Grande) from Victorious and Sam Puckett (played by Jennette McCurdy) from iCarly. Teen sitcom created by Dan Schneider aired on Nickelodeon from 8 June 2013 to 17 July 2014. The plotline follows two girls who meet on a peculiar adventure, become roommates and begin a babysitting business. Other people who are part of their adventures are Cat’s grandmother Nona, and their first neighbor Dice who manages Goomer, a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Goomer is 27 years old but has the mental ability of someone much younger, his childish nature and dim wit don’t stop him from being a good fighter, which leads to Dice deciding to manage him. Zoran’s recurring role of Goomer appeared in 19 out of 35 episodes of the show.

The series was cancelled despite there being a couple of more episodes to be filmed. A lot of controversy surrounded the show’s producers, as well as the tension between main cast members McCurdy and Grande. Years after the show was cancelled, McCurdy wrote a memoir about her childhood trauma and personal struggles while working for the mentioned production, briefly telling the truth behind the series’ cancellation. The controversy and troubles may have forever ended the story of “Sam and Cat”, but Goomer’s charming and funny character continued to live on in another production, by the same creator. A four episodes long appearance in “Henry Danger” allowed Zoran to continue to play his most iconic role, and yet again prove his outstanding acting ability. He then again appears as Goomer in spin-offs “Danger Force” and “Danger Goes Digital” from 2021which is his latest acting experience.

“LA’s Finest”, the spin-off series of the Bad Boys franchise is an American action crime drama, premiered on 21 September 2020. Zoran appeared as Anatoly Petrov in the three episodes of the first season. The character of the Anatoly Petrov is a Russian sniper, with long beard and buzz cut, and is one of the recurring villains through episode 6 to episode 8 of the first season. The show starring Jessica Alba was cancelled after two seasons.

Weird City is futuristic sci-fi comedy streaming on YouTube Premium since February 2019. It’s satirical portrayal of life in the near future when people are divided and segregated both physically and economically into Haves who live Above the Line and Have Nots who live Below the Line. Every episode has a separated story line happening in this fictional setting. Zoran’s role in this show is Geemo, who briefly appears in episodes 2 and 3. In the episode 2 by the name “A Family” he appears in a scene alongside Michael Cera ( Tawny ) in which they have a bizarre and comedic fight that results in Tawny earning respect from his fellow gym members.

Awards, Salary and Net worth

Despite the fact that his roles are mostly small, Korach managed to get recognition for his efforts from the acting profession. In 2019 he won Merit Award for the show “Donna On the Go”, and the same year he received Monthly Award, Gold Award and Best Comedic Web Episode. Then in 2020 he won an Award of Recognition.

Korach’s main source of income is believed to be acting. Nothing much is known about his salary or income, but during his career he’s accumulated a net worth of approximately $700 000.

Appearance and height

Zoran Korach is 6ft 4ins (193cms) tall and weighs around 176lbs (80kgs). He’s a fairly athletic looking man, ideal for the type of roles he usually plays. He has hazel brown eyes and short trimmed dark hair.


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Hobbies and interest

Besides acting, Korach is a sports enthusiast – according to an interview, he mentioned when asked about preparing for the role of a boxer, how he’d try and participate in a sport rather than watch it. Other than this, not much is known about his other interests.

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