What shows is Owen Holt in? His Age, Height, Siblings, Net Worth

There’s no shortage of influencers and social media geniuses these days. Still, very few of these personalities cross the limits of internet fame to become highly successful in other fields of the entertainment industry. In the case of Owen Holt, he’s tasted the wonders of internet fame as much as he’s experienced what it’s like to be TV famous, finding success overnight thanks to his incredible knack for entertaining and making his audience happy.

So far, Owen has appeared in “Next Influencer”, both as a participant and as a host, on top of being in the “Vibe Room” and Nickelodeon’s series such as “Nick Shorts Showcase” and “Nick News Break”.

Do you want to learn more about Owen Holt and his young but promising career in the entertainment world? Then keep reading!

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Who Is Owen Holt?

Owen Holt was born on 15 May 2002, in Orlando, Florida USA. He has a sister named Avery, but the names of his parents are unknown. Owen is not the only famous one in his family, as his cousin Olivia Holt is a singer and actress who’s starred in series such as “Kickin’ It” and “Cruel Summer”.

Owen finished his senior year at the Florida-based Lake Howell High School in 2020, describing his time at school as ‘the best four years of my life’. That same year, Owen enrolled in the University of Central Florida, where he’s set to graduate in 2024 with a degree in Communications; his studies have been done remotely since 2021.

Before rising to fame as a social media star, Owen was an avid gamer.


Owen Holt’s rise to fame occurred in a very unexpected way. As he recalled during an interview with Pop Entertainment Archives in 2021, he didn’t have any intention of creating videos in the first place, but his sister had just created a TikTok account, and was very insistent.

Though Owen didn’t accept his sister’s offer right away, and preferred to play Minecraft instead, he eventually accepted and filmed a video lip-syncing “Love Me” by Justin Bieber in the bathroom. That first video was uploaded in late May 2019, without any of the Holt siblings expecting it to become viral overnight. The next thing Owen knew was that his video had gained him 10 million views and almost 100,000 followers, encouraging him to share similar videos which achieved similar results.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t long until his sister had to move away from college, leaving him in charge of the videos. That’s when Owen started studying TikTok’s algorithm to understand when and what to post, mastering his skills to grow his account even more, as he told Voyagela.

It didn’t take Owen long to attract the attention of people on the internet, and a couple of producers from Paramount, who thought he was perfect to compete in a new show entitled “Next Influencer” in the summer of 2021.

Career on TV

Owen Holt was chosen as one of the nine contestants of “Next Influencer”, spending the next couple of weeks living with other young people who also wanted to become big TikTok stars. Though “Next Influencer” was an online show, it allowed Owen to experience what it was like to be in front of cameras, and have his life exposed for everyone to see.

Following his victory in the show, Owen was invited to star in a show, but talked his way out of that deal to try other projects, affirming in an interview with Voyagela, his life wasn’t dramatic enough to make a show out of it, so he preferred to become the host of the second season of “Next Influencer”, and “Vibe Room”.

At that point, Owen had just moved to Los Angeles to work on both projects, but he still had in mind to return to Orlando to continue studying. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Paramount to offer him a spot as a media consultant, which had him creating videos and coming up with ideas for the network’s social media accounts, leaving him no option but to stay in Los Angeles while signing up for online college classes. That proved to be the best decision, as “Vibe Room” was renewed soon afterwards.

His Career Now

With his experiences in shows, and involving himself with the behind-the-scenes of a big network, Owen found himself convinced that he’d found his lifetime passion. Just as he confessed in an interview with Pop Entertainment Archives in 2022, he wanted to keep building a career as a host, as it felt ‘right’ for him, and ‘like (he) was in the right place’.


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Besides his projects alongside AwesomenessTV, Owen has also been involved with Nickelodeon. These days, he’s hosting “Nick Shorts Showcase” and “Nick News Break”. The latter is a project that Owen is very proud of, as it allows him to not only focus on serious issues, but to reach the ‘hearts of kids’, as he explained in a LinkedIn article. In his words, being a correspondent for a news show for kids allows him to touch on complex themes, while ‘breaking it down’ for people his age and younger.

Other projects Owen has been involved with include being a reporter at the Kids Choice Awards, making it evident that he’s doing what he enjoys the most. Nonetheless, in an interview with Voyagela in 2023, Owen confessed that the thing he’s most proud of has been making great friends in Los Angeles.

Personal Life & Social Media Reach

Despite being involved with the entertainment industry, Owen keeps most details about his personal life in secrecy. Due to that, not much is known about his current and past relationships. On top of which, Owen also keeps most details about his family very low key.

Although Owen is so careful about his private life, that hasn’t stopped his fans from loving him for many other reasons. That’s why nowadays Owen’s social media presence is massive, counting a following of over 600,000 on Instagram, and 4.1 million on TikTok. Owen’s biggest platform is YouTube though, as he’s close to hitting the 10 million subscribers on his channel. His views across all social media go over two billion, according to his LinkedIn, leaving no doubts about his impact and popularity.

Physical Appearance & Net Worth

Owen Holt is a man of Caucasian descent, with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. He’s 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall, but his weight is unknown.

Owen has an estimated net worth of $1 million, resulting from his career as a host, his job as a media content consultant, and earnings from his social media views.

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