Where is Ava Capri now? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend, Career

Ava Capri, a distinguished American actress and model, has gracefully ascended the ranks of stardom, securing her rightful place in the limelight. Her meteoric rise to prominence was etched in the annals of entertainment history through her exceptional depiction of the character Lucy in the critically acclaimed series “Love, Victor.”

As a rising star, Ava is showing the world that she’s here to be taken seriously, and dedicated to making a mark on the entertainment industry. So, who is this young woman and what is she up to these days? Join us as we take a closer look at Ava and her career.

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Early Personal Life

Born Ava Capri Palazzolo on 10 November 1995, in the bustling heart of Los Angeles, California, this budding starlet was raised amidst the warm embrace of her loving and encouraging family.

Her devoted parents, Laura Patterson and Michael Palazzolo doted on their only child, fostering an environment of unwavering support and affection. Ava’s unwavering determination and tireless efforts have undoubtedly made her parents exceedingly proud.

Despite her remarkable journey to stardom, the finer details of Ava’s formative years remain veiled in mystery, leaving her early life shrouded in intrigue.


There’s no information available about the kind of educational journey Ava had. All that’s known is that she attended an all-girls Catholic school.


Ava’s road to stardom is a testament to her unwavering dedication and versatility. Following her high school graduation, she briefly explored the world of performing arts, but took an hiatus before rekindling her passion during her high school years. These formative times saw Ava working multiple jobs to make ends meet, a testament to her resilience.

Her foray into the world of modelling marked a significant turning point in her career. The young woman’s unmistakable talent caught the eye of various modelling agencies, with the CESD Talent Agency playing a pivotal role in catapulting her into the spotlight.

She graced the iconic brand GAP with her presence, and lent her charm to several print commercials. Additionally, Ava’s association with premier skincare and beauty products has transformed her into an influencer, with her endorsements on platforms such as Instagram.

Ava’s entry into the world of television commenced with a minor role in “Parks and Recreation,” on Amazon Prime., in the role of Evangeline Popular. This brief stint laid the foundation for her burgeoning career.

In 2016, she made her mark in the short film “I’m an Actor.” Subsequently, she patiently waited for two years before securing her role as Maxine in “Write When You Get Work.”

A pivotal moment in Ava’s career arrived when she landed a lead role in the short film “Mary and Margaret,” portraying the character Mary.

However, it was 2019 that proved to be the turning point, with Ava’s role in the movie “The Experience” propelling her career to new heights.

The subsequent years bore witness to a string of significant roles, with appearances in “Embattled,” “Blast Beat” on Disney Plus, and “For Your Consideration.”

It was her breakthrough year in 2021 when she graced the screens in Hulu’s queer love story series, “Love, Victor.” In this wildly popular series, she played the role of Lucy, gaining lots of new fans.

Ava’s career continued to gain momentum, with an impressive line-up of projects in 2022. Notable among these are the coming-of-age drama “When Time Got Louder”, and the very popular black comedy “Do Revenge,” released in the same year. The short film “December” was also released that year, in which she played the role of Moe, a young girl on the road to self-discovery.

Reply,” another short film released in 2022, saw Ava taking on the role of Hayden Riley. Yet another project of Ava’s that was released in 2022 is “Little Rituals,” a supernatural film in which she plays the role of Alice.

Ava also works with well-known brands like Calvin Klein, Macy’s, and Zadig & Voltaire.

Interesting Facts

In her leisure time, you’ll often find Ava engrossed in the enchanting realms of literature, nurturing her love for books. She also possesses a creative flair, channeling her thoughts and emotions through the written word, as well as capturing moments with her camera in the world of photography.

Her artistic inclinations extend to the realms of music and dance, in which she showcases her talents through the enchanting melodies of singing, the rhythmic poetry of dance, and the vivid strokes of a painter’s canvas.

Additionally, Ava’s musical prowess shines as she skilfully strums the strings of her guitar, further enriching her creative palette.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Ava is an avid advocate for animals, evident in her loving companionship with her cherished pet dog. Her love for animals mirrors her compassionate nature and her commitment to their well-being.

Ava’s palate is equally as diverse and rich as her range of talents. She’s a true connoisseur of international cuisine, savoring the flavors of Spanish, Italian, German and Mexican dishes. Her appreciation for these culinary traditions showcases her penchant for experiencing the world’s diverse cultures through their flavors.

Later Personal Life

Ava appears to have chosen to keep her romantic life closely guarded, refraining from divulging any concrete details about her love life. Nevertheless, the rumour mill has been abuzz with speculation suggesting a potential connection between Ava and fellow celebrity, Alexis G. Zall.

This speculation is largely fueled by the glimpses into their relationship provided through shared photos on their respective social media platforms, in which they appear remarkably close, often exchanging affectionate gestures such as kisses and hugs.

However, it’s worth noting that neither Ava nor Alexis has explicitly confirmed the nature of their relationship, leaving fans and admirers intrigued and curious about the true nature of their connection. As the mystery persists, the world eagerly awaits further insights into Ava’s romantic endeavors.

Alexis is no stranger to fame. Her impressive repertoire includes a stellar performance alongside Iris Apatow in the short film “Vodka,” a notable entry that graced the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in June, solidifying her presence on the big stage.

Beyond her acting prowess, Alexis’s talents extend to the realm of filmmaking, having penned and directed her own short film, “the beginning & the middle.” This remarkable creation made waves in 2023, earning acclaim at renowned festivals such as BFI Flare and OutFest.

In a testament to her burgeoning talent, OutFest recognized Alexis as one of three visionary filmmakers deserving of the inaugural Colin Higgins Youth Filmmaker Grant for her outstanding work.

Her captivating presence on screen transcends into the short film realm, as she took a leading role in “The Ladies,” sharing the spotlight with the esteemed Lisa Ann Walter. This production also made its mark with a premiere at OutFest.

Alexis’s television journey boasts an array of standout moments, including a memorable guest appearance in the first season of “Ramy,” and an impactful recurring role inn “The Goldbergs.”

She was also in seasons one and two of the series “Guilty Party,” as well as “Embeds.” In the realm of feature films, Alexis graced the screen in Netflix’s “Coin Heist” and left an undeniable mark in the 2020 romantic comedy “Hooking Up.”

In recognition of her exceptional talent, Alexis earned an Emmy nomination in 2018 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Daytime Digital Series, a testament to her skillful portrayal in “Zac & Mia.”

The extensive list of her credits further includes notable appearances in YouTube Red’s anthology series “12 Deadly Days,” the beloved series “Modern Family,” and feature films helmed by the acclaimed director Mike Flanagan, including “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and “Like.Share.Follow.”

Physical Characteristics

Ava stands at about 5ft 6 ins (167 cm) tall, and she weighs about 114 lbs (52 kg). She has lovely blue eyes and medium-length brown hair.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Ava has an estimated net worth of well over $1 million. Given the movies and shows she starred in, as well as the brands she often works with, this is a conservative estimate.

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