Where is Brett Ambler (Kazoo Kid) today? Wiki Bio, age, meme, dating

• Brett Ambler is an actor and musician known for his role as the Kazoo Kid in a 1989 commercial.
• He has a net worth of $500,000.
• He was born in Redding, Connecticut and is married with three siblings.
• His popularity returned in 2016 with the resurfacing of the commercial as a meme.
• He is active on social media and has done voice acting work and theatrical productions.

Who is Brett Ambler?

Brett Ambler was born on 8 December 1984, in Redding, Connecticut USA, and is an actor as well as a musician, perhaps still best known for being the Kazoo Kid, appearing as a child actor in a commercial featuring the Kazoo in 1989. The video later resurfaced in 2016 as a meme, and it pushed him back to popularity.

The Net Worth of Brett Ambler

How rich is Brett Ambler? As of early-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is at $500,000, earned through success in his various endeavors, which include voice acting work and appearing in stage productions during his career. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Acting Beginnings

Brett grew up in Redding, but very little information is known about his family. It is also not known if he intended to pursue an acting career in the beginning. However, during one occasion in elementary school, his teacher informed the class about auditions for a toy company’s first ever toy product to which he went, and the producers were impressed by how comfortable he was in front of the camera.

The toy in question would be the kazoo, a musical instrument which modifies the player’s voice through a vibrating membrane, giving a buzzing timbral quality to someone’s voice. He did 30 minutes of filming for the commercial, in which he is seen with some friends starting to play the kazoo. According to him, the way the audio of the commercial was recorded was weird, as all male voices were dubbed while female voices were dubbed by just one person. This opportunity would open up more doors for him.

Brett Ambler

Fading from the Spotlight and Meme Resurgence

Ambler continued his projects with voice acting work, including an animated version of the Dr. Seuss book “If I Ran the Zoo” three years after his kazoo commercial. The book tells the story of a child who visits the zoo, and imagines what it would be like if he ran the zoo. In 1994, he lent his voice for the animation short entitled “Best Silly Stories and Songs Video Ever!” After that appearance, he faded away from the spotlight, as he started focusing on his education.

In 2011, the Kazoo Kid started appearing online, as a segment of the commercial was uploaded on YouTube by Jim VanBlarium. Three years later, a better refurbished version of the commercial was uploaded to the channel of Dead VCR, which found a bit of popularity, attracting over half a million views.  In 2015, a Redditor Mikesicle posted the video, and it gained a lot of upvotes, which led to numerous techno remixes posted on SoundCloud. Video versions of the audio remix were posted on YouTube too, and the following year, the video reached over two million views thanks to the Facebook page of Hood Vines.

Finding the Kazoo Kid

With his popularity returning thanks to the meme version of the kazoo commercial, many started looking for information about the Kazoo Kid and where he is right now. Eventually, another Redditor named grahamthefalcon uncovered Brett’s identity later in the year, and he confirmed through a tweet that he was indeed the Kazoo Kid, after which he was barraged with questions from various netizens, and gave more information about his experience from the auditions up to the creation of the commercial.

He also admitted that he can still play the kazoo well, and the upsurge of the video created a short trend called kazoomania with people starting to buy the toy, instrument. Other kids who appeared in the commercial also started reconnecting with one another, thanks to this unusual event. Brett admitted that he is still involved in acting and music, mainly doing stage productions at this point in his career. Last time he was asked, he mentioned that he was participating in a children’s play production about Junie B. Jones. He also mentioned publicly that he would be willing to have a kazoo jam session with anyone who is also willing.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Ambler is married, but has not revealed any details about his wife. While his popularity has increased in the last few years, not many have asked about his personal life, but mainly asked about his current work and his work from the commercial. It is also likely that he doesn’t want to be too public about his private life. It is known that he has three siblings, and while originally from Redding, Connecticut, he later settled in Boulder, Colorado.

Similar to numerous actors, he is highly active online through various social media websites. He has an account on Twitter on which he promoted a Kazoo Kid tour, which he took advantage of thanks to the resurgence of the Kazoo, touring with former cast mates from the commercial. He also promotes some of the theatrical productions he’s been involved in. He has an Instagram account, but it is set to private, only showcasing photos to friends and family. He also tried his hand at a YouTube channel, posting a few videos in 2017, and then a few more in 2018 before the channel went inactive.

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