Where is Georgia Kreischer Now? Her Age, Height, Parents

Who is Georgia Kreischer?

Georgia is a celebrity child, and for now is known as the daughter of a celebrity father.

Georgia Kreischer Life and Career

Georgia Kreischer, the daughter of comedian Bert Kreischer and actress LeeAnn Kreischer, nee Kemp, was born on 8 June 2004, in Los Angeles, California USA; she has a younger sister named Ila. Georgia attended Louisville High School and matriculated in June 2022, then enrolled at the University of Oregon, but the specific area of her studies is unknown.

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During her high school years, Georgia was involved in extracurricular activities, including softball, and was a standout player for her school team. However, she decided to give up softball during the COVID-19 pandemic to find employment, a decision that her father didn’t fully support.

Georgia also had the opportunity to tour with her father, and view his work as a stand-up comedian and entertainer. She described it as a unique experience, through which she learned about the effort required to put on a show, and the challenges of life on the road.

In terms of her personal life, Georgia is known to lead a relatively private existence despite her family’s fame.

She’s made appearances in her father’s podcasts, such as “Something’s Burning”, “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer”, and “Bertcast”. Additionally, she’s appeared in her mother’s podcasts and YouTube videos, including “Wife of the Party”, and, “The LeeAnn Kreischer Show.”

Georgia Kreischer’s Father, Bert Kreischer Short Bio

Albert Charles Kreischer Jr was born on 3 November 1972, in St. Petersburg, Florida USA. His mother had a job that delved into early childhood development, while his father worked as a real estate attorney. Albert pursued his education at a private Jesuit high school, and later attended Florida State University (FSU), majoring in English and becoming a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

In 1997, during his sixth year at FSU, the university gained notoriety as the number one “party school” in the United States according to The Princeton Review. This distinction catapulted Bert Kreischer into the spotlight when Rolling Stone magazine named him “the top partyer at the Number One Party School in the country” in a six-page article entitled “Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate.” The article chronicled his wild party adventures, which included heavy drinking and public nudity.

This newfound fame took an unexpected turn when director Oliver Stone optioned the film rights to Kreischer’s life, based on the Rolling Stone article. However, the development deal with Oliver Stone fell through, leading to a unique twist – the scripts submitted for the project returned to their writers, and one of them modified Kreischer’s character and sold the script to National Lampoon, which became the foundation for the 2002 film “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder”, starring Ryan Reynolds.

Bert Kreischer, often referred to affectionately as “The Machine,” has had a multi-faceted career in entertainment, spanning from stand-up comedy to hosting television shows and producing podcasts.

Bert made his acting debut in the early 2000s,  in the CBS pilot “Life With David J”. Starring alongside Elliott Gould and Peter Jacobson, this was just the beginning of his diverse career. Not long afterwards, he found himself hosting “The X Show” from 2001 to 2002.

Kreischer’s television journey continued with a minor role in an episode of “The Shield” in 2004. His role as Alfred in the police TV drama “Cracking Ice” was yet another significant accomplishment.

But it was his love for daring stunts and risky endeavors that led to the creation of “Hurt Bert” in 2004. This FX series was based on a segment he’d done for “The X Show”, and featured him performing a variety of dangerous stunts.

In the early 2010s and later in 2016, Bert embarked on a journey as “Bert the Conqueror”. This Travel Channel reality show saw him taking on thrilling challenges and experiencing thrilling rides and activities across the US. Kreischer’s humor and charm made the series a hit, and the show was brought back for a third season in 2016, which cemented his reputation as an adventurous and entertaining host.

Another Travel Channel gem was the “Trip Flip” show, which started airing in 2012 with Kreischer as the host. In this show, he surprised random people with the offer of an immediate 5-day vacation that he chose. The spontaneous and exciting nature of “Trip Flip” resonated with viewers, and the show continued for three seasons.

Kreischer’s presence expanded into the world of animation, when in 2017 he lent his voice to an episode of “The Loud House”, voicing the character Rip Hardcore.

In 2020, “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” brought a unique twist to reality television. Bert was sent to the woods to detox, but he didn’t go alone – he brought friends.

2023 is a significant year for Bert Kreischer, as it brings “The Machine“, a comedy film based on his special of the same name. Inspired by his popular storytelling style, this film promises to be a wild ride for fans with his unique brand of comedy.

In addition to his television career, Bert has made a substantial impact in the world of comedy with his stand-up specials. His first comedy special, “Comfortably Dumb“, was aired on Comedy Central in 2009, showcasing his hilarious storytelling style, and setting the stage for a successful comedy career.

In 2016, “Showtime” became the platform for his special “The Machine”, in which he continued to captivate audiences with his humorous anecdotes and daring tales, marking another successful venture.

Netflix embraced Bert Kreischer’s comedic prowess with the release of “Secret Time” in August 2018. This special was another opportunity for fans to experience his unique comedic style, only now on a global platform.

The Netflix journey continued with “Hey Big Boy” in March 2020, further cementing Kreischer’s status as a household name in the world of comedy. His latest special, “Razzle Dazzle”, came out in March 2023.

Bert Kreischer’s net worth is estimated at $14 million, as of late 2023.

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