Where is Lucie Donlan Now? Her Age, Height, Husband, Career

On the surface, Lucie Donlan appears to be your typical 17-year-old girl hailing from Cornwall. With a love for family ski trips, leisurely Instagram scrolling, and beach outings with friends, she embodies the interests of many teenagers. However, Lucie’s life takes a dreamy turn that sets her apart.

Since the age of 13, surfing has been the driving force in Lucie’s life. Introduced to the sport by her dad, she has since dedicated herself to realising her dream of becoming a sponsored surfer.

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But that is not all she’s known for. Beyond her prowess in surfing, Lucie garnered attention and admiration from fans of “Love Island” for both her striking beauty and captivating personality.

So where is Lucie today and how is she doing? Let’s find out!

Early Personal Life

Lucie Donlan was born on 22 February 1998 in Cornwall, England. While she hails from Cornish roots, details about her parents remain undisclosed.

However, it’s known that she has a younger sister named Emily Grace Airton, and an older brother, though there isn’t any information available about him.

Despite her prominence as a 23-year-old surfer, Lucie has chosen to keep her family life private, maintaining a certain level of mystery surrounding the identities of her family members.


Lucie pursued her education at Wadebridge School from 2009 until 2014. Following which, she continued her academic journey at Treviglas Surf Academy, where she dedicated almost two years to furthering her knowledge.


Lucie is an accomplished professional surfer, reality star, model, and ISA Surf Coach. She embarked on her surfing journey at the age of 13, participating in competitive surfing during her formative years. Her father, being a passionate surfer, inspired her and her sister to explore the sport. During her teenage years, she began taking lessons at a local surf school, eagerly participating in numerous all-female surf events.

Observing some boys at her school engaging in competitions and securing sponsorships, Lucie harboured a dream of one day reaching a level of skill that would enable her to enter surfing competitions, and attract the attention of potential sponsors.

Presently, Lucie holds the esteemed position of being the UK’s youngest ISA Surf Judge, contributing to the surfing community through her expertise with Surfing England.

Her talents extend beyond the waves, as she’s ventured into the world of modelling. Having signed with Gingersnap Models, Established Models, and Mustard Models, Lucie has graced high-profile campaigns and publications, showcasing her versatility.

Lucie gained broader recognition as a participant in the fifth season of the reality show “Love Island.”

She was a participant in Season 5 of the revitalised series, making her entrance into the villa on Day 1 and departing from the island on Day 36.

Beyond her reality TV stint, she wears multiple hats as a social media influencer, blogger, and vlogger, delighting in sharing glimpses of her active lifestyle with her audience.

Additionally, she made her mark in the film industry with an appearance in the movie “Night Rose,” where she portrayed the role of young Rose at the London Surf Film Festival.

Lucie secured sponsorship from Protest, a brand whose clothing she has cherished since her childhood. Drawn to the brand’s distinctive designs, she resonates with their philosophy that surfing is fundamentally about having fun.

She also creates content on social media and has an impressive 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Interesting Facts

Lucie made a personal decision to discontinue competing in the British Nationals as a surfer. She described herself as being a bit too ‘soft’ to go head-to-head with the other talented ladies, emphasizing her admiration for them. For her, surfing is all about fun, and she found herself enjoying the camaraderie of her fellow competitors too much to compete against them.

Her deep love for surfing is rooted in the sense of escapism it offers. When she’s on her board, Lucie has the opportunity to switch off from the outside world and immerse herself in the joy of surfing. The sport has not only become a source of solace but has also facilitated the forging of meaningful friendships.

She cherishes the moments of camaraderie during beach BBQs with friends, relishing the good weather whenever it graces the shores of the UK.

Lucie didn’t share particularly close ties with the other female Islanders during her stay in the villa of “Love Island.” Tensions resurfaced when she accused Yewande Biala of “bullying” her.

Upon being informed that Yewande had referred to her as a “horrible person” in a YouTube video, Lucie responded the Operations Specialist always bullied her, but she wasn’t bothered by the woman’s opinion of her.

Yewande swiftly responded, asserting that Lucie declined to address her by her name, finding it ‘too hard to pronounce.’ Lucie opted for calling her ‘Y’ instead, causing tension among the other ladies in the villa.

In the aftermath of the dispute, Lucie disclosed receiving death threats and clarified that there were no bad intentions behind her request to abbreviate Yewande’s name.

Lucie has a fondness for Tom Cruise as he is her favourite actor and admires Emily Blunt as her preferred actress. Moscow holds a special place as her favourite destination.

Blue captures Lucie’s preference, and when it comes to culinary delights, pizza tops her list as a favourite food.

Engaging in various activities, Lucie enjoys surfing (obviously), travelling, expressing herself through blog writing, and indulging in a bit of shopping.

Later Personal Life

Lucie initially coupled up with Joe Garratt in the “Love Island” villa, but he was subsequently dumped from the show on day 16. Lucie remained in the villa until day 36, and shortly after leaving, rekindled her connection with Joe in the outside world.

Their relationship lasted another four months before they parted ways. The challenges of their busy work schedules made it difficult for them to spend time together, leading to a natural drift in their relationship.

Despite the breakup, there seem to be no hard feelings between Lucie and Joe. In fact, he expressed his approval of her new relationship, saying they had their good times and that it was unfortunate things didn’t work out for them, adding that he was happy that she’d found someone who made her happy.

Lucie entered into a relationship with Luke Mabbott in July 2020, just weeks after his split from Demi Jones. Confirming their status after fans noticed flirty Instagram comments, they shared matching snapshots from a romantic coastal getaway.

Since going public, Lucie and Luke have strengthened their relationship, even adopting an adorable rescue dog together. Lucie revealed on her Instagram that she and Luke have been engaged for two years, showcasing the enduring strength of their romance.

Physical Characteristics

Lucie is of average height at 5ft 5 ins (165cms) and weighs about 123lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 33-26-34. She has beautiful brown eyes and long, blonde hair.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Lucie’s estimated net worth stands at $220, 000. She earns her money from her modelling work and by creating content on social media.

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