Which movies has Kea Peahu been in? Her Age, Height, Parents, Career

Born Kealulani Oakohoaka Kapuakukahi Peahu-Kupihea (meaning the moon of the night she was born, whose name is Hoaka) under the sign of Libra, on 12 October 2007, in Kapolei, Hawaii USA, Kea Peahu, also known as ‘Kea PK,’ is a 16-year-old professional dancer and actress of Polynesian descent. She is best known around the planet thanks to playing the lead female role of Pili in Netflix’s “Finding ‘Ohana,” though she’s also been involved in a few other projects thus far. She’s enjoyed a moderate amount of success over the course of her career in entertainment since 2016.

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Early life & education: Who are her parents?

Kea was raised apparently an only child, initially in her birthplace, by her father Jesse Jones and mother Sanoi Peahu, both of whose professions have remained unknown. It was evident even during Kea’s earliest years that she wanted to perform in one way or another, dancing and doing skits in front of her parents whenever she felt like it, which by all accounts was often. They decided to provide her with an outlet for that creative energy, and Kea was enrolled in various children’s workshops, especially those focusing on the performing arts. She began attending ballet as early as four years old, but then asked her parents to switch her over to modern dance classes after seeing a performance on television, and decided she wanted to do that instead.

She initially went to school in her birthplace, but moved along with her parents to Ontario, California when she was eight years old, where she’s attending a local high school as of late 2023, set to matriculate in 2025. While most fans believe that she’ll take the usual road of a young actor and immediately abandon education after its compulsory stage, some are of the mind that Kea’s budding career will allow her the best possible education in acting, which she would ideally go through so as to secure the most optimal future in the industry. This decision remains to be discussed and announced by the actress’ family or herself.

Career: Old dancer, brand-new actress

Kea began dancing professionally under the name Kea PK (short for Kea Peahu-Kupihea) as part of the dance team known as The Lab, before she was eight years old. Her performance, even as part of a group, was so impressive that it caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres in 2016,  who invited her to her eponymous show. It goes without saying that an appearance publicized to this extent will do wonders for anyone trying to succeed in whichever industry, but especially an aspiring dancer. The child appeared with her dance coach Matt Steffanina, and provided an outstanding performance for the onlookers, in the meantime also divulging what her dreams for the future were, saying she’d like to ‘dance for dogs’. She subsequently appeared as both a dancer and a celebrity in a number of TV programmers including “Lip Sync Battle Shorties” and “The Inspiring Vanessa Show”,

The following few years of her life were filled with small-time public performances during dance competitions, as well as thousands of hours of grueling practice that would later mold her into a superstar, allowing her to become a source of inspiration for many Hawaiians back home. Her dance team entered NBC’s “World of Dance” in its second season in 2018, but also for the second time, having been eliminated in 2017. They wound up sweeping away the competition all until the finals, which they also won thanks to an unbeatably innovative and well-coordinated dance routine. It was then that singer Jennifer Lopez took note of Kea’s remarkable talent, ultimately inviting her to tour the world with her a year later, for the superstar’s 50th birthday.

The tour entitled “It’s My Party” had Kea follow JLo for the whole summer of 2019, across 31 US cities and six other countries, including Russia and Israel. It’s beyond question that performing alongside such a high profile entertainment icon is every young dancer’s dream, and Kea’s popularity expectedly exploded after that. Owing to both her NBC win and JLo tour, Peahu rose to international fame over the course of a full year, and yet the greatest boost to her career was right around the corner.

The long-awaited breakthrough

All of that paled in comparison to what she achieved in 2021, having secured the lead female role of Pili in “Finding ‘Ohana.” This captivating film by Netflix weaves family dynamics into an exhilarating treasure hunt, serving as a sort-of contemporary adventure tale, drawing inspiration from classics such as the “Indiana Jones” film series.

The narrative centers around Pili and Ioane, whose lives take a turn from Brooklyn to Oahu, Hawaii, where their mother, Leilani, moves them to her childhood home. The protagonists find themselves on a mission to locate a hidden treasure tucked away in a cave on the island; the film delves into more profound themes, for instance, Leilani’s return to her roots after her husband’s passing is explored, shedding light on grief, and the struggle to maintain a connection to one’s heritage, somewhat absent from society nowadays. That said, it falters in articulating this idea clearly at times, leading it to have the less-than-stellar rating of just 6.1 on IMDB. The performances of the two lead grownups, Kelly Hu and Branscombe Richmond, shine, their acting adds depth to the work’s exploration of family dynamics and heritage.

audience for any and all future projects. As of late 2023, this is still the only film Kea has starred in, and there’s no upcoming title with her name in the credits yet, so fans are anxious to find out what kind of trouble she gets into next.

Jennifer Lopez as a part-time mother

According to Kea’s exclusive interview with Page Six, Lopez emerged as a standout host while off-stage, earning Peahu’s warm recommendation. The renowned artist allowed the young dancers under her wing to indulge in various kinds of home-cooked meals at her residence, permitting them to savor whatever their hearts desired. Peahu also went on to reveal the behind-the-scenes culinary prowess of Lopez, disclosing that the global icon had separate dishes meticulously prepared during the tour, presumably to uphold her enviable physique. Despite her stratospheric success, the singer was described by Peahu as ‘super sweet,’ relaying both her work ethic and down-to-earth nature to the public

According to Kea, JLo prioritized the well-being of everyone around her ensuring that they felt cared for. She expressed a profound sense of honor at having the opportunity to share the stage with the acclaimed artist, describing the experience as nothing short of exceptional.

The interview also had Peahu acknowledge the historical misrepresentation of Hawaiian culture on-screen and assured skeptics that the director and cast of “Finding Ohana” meticulously crafted the narrative to present Hawaii authentically. She made sure to point out that the movie was a sincere attempt to showcase the rich heritage of Hawaii in a respectful and accurate manner, adding that it felt incredible to be back home, even for just for the duration of a project.

Despite relocating to California to pursue her career so early, Peahu remains deeply connected to her roots through both her parents and childhood friends, as well as a sense of belonging. She endeavors to return home whenever possible, reveling in the admiration that people shower upon her birthplace, especially following the release of her big film.

Does she dance for dogs now?

Even though Kea did factually state that her dream was to perform for canines at some point, that wasn’t what she really meant. News outlet Just Jared Jr. got an exclusive opportunity to speak to Peahu on this matter and a few others, revealing to the public what they probably never knew about the young star. She revealed that her statement on Ellen’s show was a gaffe, and that she actually meant to say that she wants to be a dancer and take care of dogs when she grows up, but public speaker nerves got the better of her, and both her intentions came out at the same time.

She expressed a deep fascination with The Vampire Diaries, acknowledging it as her favorite TV obsession. When it comes to the morning ritual of breakfast, Kea casually mentioned her unconventional approach – pouring the milk before the cereal, a consistent choice of açai bowls adorned simply with hidden valley granola and a drizzle of honey, which apparently works wonders for her physical performance.

As for spending time with friends, the star revealed that she derives a great deal of joy from late-night drives with music blaring in the vehicle. On the topic of cars, she shared the Maserati MC 20 as the epitome of automotive desire. She answered one of the more pressing questions regarding where her career would go, stating that she has a goal of starring in a horror film.

As for what she hated most, Kea admitted to a strong aversion to being unprepared, disclosing her meticulous routine of running through things with her mother and aunt before stepping out, ensuring no detail is overlooked. She also didn’t forget to mention that touring the world with JLo was the most exhilarating experience in her entire life. Finally, concluding on a lighthearted note, she shared the irony of being afraid of fish while simultaneously finding great enjoyment in fishing.

What is her net worth?

Some of the most credible sources have placed Kea Peahu’s net worth near the end of 2023 at over $1 million, garnered thanks to being incredibly dedicated to improving her dancing skills, which landed her multiple lucrative deals throughout the years. Most importantly, however, her acting debut has most likely made the greatest contribution to her wealth so far.

What is Kea Peahu’s height?

The child star is 5ft 4ins (163cms) tall, and weighs approximately 100lbs (45kgs).

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