Who are Spear It Animal? Net Worth and Possible Earnings

Spending several months per year sailing out on the high seas just for fun, is an adventure which not many can even contemplate, let alone accomplish, at least not for extended periods. Luckily, that’s not the case for Sascha and Raff, the stars of the YouTube channel Spear It Animal, as they’ve successfully made their dream of roaming the seas a reality for the last couple of years.

While the popularity of Spear It Animal speaks volumes about the quality of Sascha and Raff’s content, there’s a lot more to be known about the couple beyond their channel.

So what’s Raff and Sascha’s love story? What are their goals in life and where does their dream of exploring the world in a boat come from? What about their earnings as YouTube stars? Stay here to find out everything about Spear It Animal!

What Is Spear It Animal?

The YouTube channel Spear It Animal features the sailing adventures of Sascha Meyers and Rafael Echemendia, who had dreamed of traveling the world on a boat. The channel was started in August 2020 by Raff and his friend Ben, but they took a break from making videos in mid-2022 when Ben sold the boat.

Later in October 2022, the YouTube channel of Spear It Animal was revived and this time it was Raff and Sascha who roamed the seas together, though they had to fix and upgrade their sailboat at the same time they immersed themselves in the adventure of their lives. Since then on, the couple has shared the highlights of their adventures in the Caribbean, though they also have the goal of exploring far beyond.

Raff and Sascha have experienced countless extreme adventures on the high seas, including spearfishing and treasure hunting, on top of salvaging their boat from sinking by fixing it themselves. These days, Spear It Animal has over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube, while their Instagram account and Facebook have over 12,000 followers combined.

Who Is Sascha?

A native of Dearborn, Michigan, Sascha Meyers was always surrounded by nature, and ,developed an early interest in the sea. Her parents owned a campground where she and her siblings spent countless hours during their childhood, allowing Sascha to become familiar with the wonders that nature had to offer, including ‘playing’ with snakes and climbing trees.

As a child, Sascha swam competitively, and had her earliest sailing experiences on Lake Erie, which preceded her ocean-roaming adventures alongside her family on board their pilot house on the coasts of Florida. It didn’t take long before a deep love for the sea was awakened in her.

Years later, Sascha studied Animal Sciences, but her dreams of sailing on the high seas weren’t erased by her goal of becoming a veterinarian. Following her graduation from the University of Illinois in 2018, her father and sister Nathalie fixed the family’s old boat to revive their childhood high seas adventures.

The goal back then was for Nathalie and Sascha to go sailing for extended periods, for which they opened a YouTube channel named Sailing The Far Side in early 2020. However, luck wasn’t on their side when the world was hit by the COVID-19 health emergency shortly after their first adventure together in the Caribbean started, so their videos during that first year were limited, leading to them stopping their sailing from mid-2020 to early 2021.

Who is Raff?

Rafael Echemendia was born in Florida, and was always interested in fishing, to the point he would drive his bicycle to fish for bass in the early morning before heading off to school. His fishing escapades remained limited to the Floridian shores, until he restored his father’s long-forgotten boat when 12 years old, and saw himself getting closer to sailing the seas.

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Time passed and Rafael became a football player, taking the quarterback position through high school to his years at Jacksonville University, thanks to a sports scholarship. He later enrolled at the University of Central Florida, from which he graduated with a Business degree.

Despite his career choice, Raff’s interest in finances wasn’t as strong as his desire to go out on the seas, so took on a wide variety of jobs before finally becoming a house renovation contractor, which allowed him to save enough money to purchase a boat. The dream finally became a reality in 2020, when Raff and his friend Ben started roaming the seas for the first time, learning the highs and lows of the craft in the process.

How Did They Meet?

Raff and Sascha met in 2021, when both were in the middle of their respective adventures in the Caribbean, heading to the Bahamas. At the time, Sascha and her sister Nathalie were stationed in George Town, on Great Exuma island in the Bahamas.

Sascha and Raff already knew about each other because of each other’s YouTube channels and the similarity of their content. It was Raff who first caught sight of Sascha when she was playing volleyball with some friends on the beach, later finding each other at the island’s bar.

Though it took Sascha a while to recognize Raff from the Instagram pics she’d seen of him, the pair hit it off after spending several days together partying and having fun. The pair and their respective sea companions traveled the following months through the Caribbean, spending enough time in each location to make some good friends.

In late 2021, Ben sold the boat to return to civilization, but Raff and Sascha didn’t lose their connection. He used the money from the sale to buy a Beneteau Cyclades 50 sailboat, and soon teamed up with Sascha again to roam the seas together.

How Rich Are They?

The finances behind YouTube channels often bring out lots of questions in the audience, especially when it comes to traveling and adventure channels such as Spear It Animal.

According to online reports, Raff and Sascha have a net worth of $270,000, and make around $12,500 monthly thanks to their YouTube channel, social media content, and sponsorships. It’s also worth noting that Raff bought his Beneteau sailboat for $120,000, though in a YouTube video from early 2022, he admitted that the sailboat was only worth $80,000, due to its several malfunctions.

These days, Spear It Animal earns money from the YouTube channel views and their Patreon subscribers. On the latter platform, they offer their fans three plans to access their exclusive content from $3 monthly. Raff and Sascha also sell official merchandise on their website, on top of collaborating with maritime-related brands.

All in all, Spear It Animal has a considerable net worth, their fortune likely to keep growing as the channel becomes more popular.

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