Who is “Booze Traveler” star Jack Maxwell? Wiki: Wife, Age, Married, Single, Personal Life, Cancer, Net Worth

• Jack Maxwell is an actor and TV personality who travels around the world to find the best alcoholic beverages
• He was born in 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts and shined shoes in pubs and gin mills as a teenager
• His most popular projects include “The Pharaoh Project”, “Booze Traveler”, and “Beyond the Break”
• He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in December 2017
• His current net worth is estimated at around $5 million

Jack Maxwell Biography

Traveling around the world, having fun with the locals, and tasting all sorts of alcoholic drinks probably looks like a dream job, and Jack Maxwell is even paid to do exactly that. This actor and TV personality frequently goes to visit countries across the globe, and mingles with the locals to try and find their best alcoholic beverages.

Jack was born on 25th December 1963, in Boston, Massachusetts USA, and with his sister spent his childhood and teenage years living in this city. However, there are numerous other things you need to know about Jack, so stick with us and continue reading about his personal life, career, net worth, and so on.

Growing up in Boston

Information about Jack’s childhood is hard to find, but it seems that he went to school in Boston. After matriculating, he immediately started earning money. Believe it or not – during his teenage years, Jack was shining shoes in pubs and gin mills in South Boston, a job which allowed him to listen to stories and jokes while becoming familiar with the environmemnt, an experience which had a significant impact on his career later on.

Acting career

Even though his job in bars was exciting, to say the least, Jack wanted more and that is why he aspired towards becoming an actor. In 1995 his dreams slowly started coming true, as in that year he made an appearance in the TV series “Charmed” playing the role of Barry, very popular during the 1990s and early 2000s, and this allowed Jack to present himself to wider audiences.

After that, offers started coming in slowly, and in 2001 Jack was a member of the cast of  “The Pharaoh Project”, also proving highly popular. A year later, Jack appeared in “The Watcher”, and over the years made a guest-starring appearance in TV series such as “24”, “Lost”, “Ugly Betty”, “Beverly Hills 90210”, and so on. He also appeared in movies, including “Cattle Call”, “Irene in Time”, “Reconciliation”, etc.

What are his most popular projects?

Besides “The Pharaoh Project”, Jack is best-known for his work on “Booze Traveler”, a series produced by Travel Channel. Jack is the host and the main star of the documentary-style show, and his task is to go around the planet, talk to locals, and discuss the process of making alcoholic drinks. “Booze Traveler” started airing in 2014, and up to this moment – four seasons of the show have been shared with the public, during which time Jack has visited numerous exotic countries, such as Nepal, Mongolia, Guatemala, Tahiti, etc.

From 2006 until 2009, Jack appeared in five episodes of the TV series “Beyond the Break”, portraying Mr. Godfrey. Also, he hosted as many as 28 episodes of “National Enquirer TV”. For his efforts and hard work, Jack was rewarded with the Emerald Star award as well as the Golden Halo award.

Blood cancer

Unfortunately, Jack’s career was put on hold after he was diagnosed with blood cancer. In December 2017, he decided to share the bad news with the fan base, and posted on social media an announcement which stated that he is undergoing treatment in Arizona. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and started receiving chemo right away. Of course Jack remains optimistic and positive, and commented that he is “not in the danger zone”. His only symptom was exhaustion, which he ignored for a long time, believing that he was just working and traveling a bit too much.

Is Jack married?

Jack has been married to Susan Shaughnessy for 32 years now, and his wife is a big support during his battle with cancer. Apparently the couple leads a peaceful life in Los Angeles, California, and they have two kids. They have always kept a low profile, and there are no rumors of trouble or infidelity in their long-lasting marriage.

What is Jacks current net worth?

As mentioned, Jack has been involved in all sorts of projects. When he is not being a host, he was enjoying acting, and his hard-working attitude allows him to complete all of his duties and responsibilities. According to credible sources, his current net worth is estimated at around $5 million, although the treatment for cancer seems likely to take a huge bite out Jack’s fortune, but we all know that health does not have a price.

Social media

Just like many other modern-day celebrities, Jack is active on social media and he often posts information from his private life, and of course also uses these means of communication to announce his upcoming projects and acting gigs. Jack’s Twitter account is followed by 26,000 fans while around 43,000 are following him on Instagram.

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