Who is Charles Krauthammer’s son Daniel Krauthammer? His wiki, bio, age, adopted, wife, family, married

• Daniel Krauthammer was born in December 1986 in New York City, USA and is 32 years old
• He is an author, commentator and the son of Pulitzer Prize winning political columnist Charles Krauthammer
• His net worth is estimated at $2 million
• Daniel is active on social media, particularly Twitter, and works as a commentator, following in his father's footsteps
• Following Charles Krauthammer's death in June 2018, Daniel continues to stand for causes that were important to his father.

Who is Charles Krauthammer’s son Daniel Krauthammer? His Wiki, Bio and Age

Daniel Krauthammer was born in December 1986 – exact date unknown, as therefore is his zodiac sign – in New York City, USA, which means that he is 32 years old. Daniel’s nationality is American, and he is best known as an author, commentator, and the son of Charles Krauthammer, a renowned political columnist and winner of a Pulitzer Prize.


In 2008, Daniel began working as an economic policy analyst, and in the upcoming period he also wrote several movie screenplays, as well as working as a producer. Subsequently Daniel became a commentator, following his father’s footsteps, and was featured in “Ricochet”, in which he discussed patriotism and nationalism. As of 2017, Krauthammer wrote the article entitled “What Makes America Great” for an issue of “The Weekly Standard”.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Daniel Krauthammer as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, this author has a net worth of $2 million, with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned field. Furthermore, he hasn’t revealed any information regarding his assets, such as houses and cars. His father, a Pulitzer award winning author, had a net worth of $8 million, which certainly helped with the family’s finances.

Daniel Krauthammer

Ethnicity and Background. Is he Married?

When it comes to Daniel’s Ethnicity, he is Caucasian and has dark hair and eyes. Judging from the photos available on the internet, he has a fit figure and looks elegant and put-together at events he attends, and every time he’s on TV. His mother, Robyn worked as a lawyer, but ended up becoming an artist, whereas his father, Charles was a renowned columnist and author. Speaking about his relationship status, Daniel isn’t married and doesn’t have children, which has led to most people believing that he’s single, which he hasn’t confirmed either way.

Social Media

Daniel is active on social media, such as Twitter, where he’s followed by 21,000 people. Some of his latest posts include discussions on his late father’s book,  one with the caption reading “A wonderful and insightful review in @NRO today of #ThePointOfItAll: “Charles Krauthammer… makes a compelling conservative argument for liberal democracy… a reminder of the unique treasure that is liberal democracy, and a call to arms to defend it.”. He also often retweets posts from an account dedicated to his father, Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018).

Father Charles Krauthammer’s Bio

Charles Krauthammer was born on 13 March 1950 in New York, to Shulim and Thea, into a family of Orthodox Jews and of Ukrainian and Belgian ancestry. However, when Charles was five years old his family relocated to Montreal. When it comes to his education, Charles Krauthammer was a student of Herzliah High School, and then enrolled into McGill University, located in Montreal, graduating in 1970 with honors in political science and economics. As he stated, his education at McGill made him aware of the dangers of political extremism, and cleansed him of any romanticism. Having graduated, Krauthammer went on to attend Balliol College, Oxford UK, as a Commonwealth Student. After that, he returned to the US where he studied medicine at Harvard, finally graduating in 1975. He was also interested in psychiatry, and was a resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, in the position of chief resident, subsequently writing “Archives of General Psychiatry”. In 1978, he moved to Washington, DC where he conducted psychiatric research.

Columnist and Political Commentator Career

As of 1979, Charles became a member of The New Republic, serving as a writer and editor, and in 1983 began writing for Time magazine, providing them with many essays which helped him rise to fame, and gain critical acclaim. Shortly afterwards, Charles began writing editorials for The Washington Post on a regular basis, becoming a nationally syndicated columnist. Another of his acclaimed essays is “The Unipolar Moment”, published in 1989. As of 1990, he began working as a panelist for Inside Washington, a PBS political roundtable, remaining in the show until 2013. Besides that, he was a contributor to Fox News Channel, and appeared in numerous series such as “The O’Reilly Factor” and “The Kelly File”, beginning his work on the latter in 2013 and finishing in 2017. Since then he has worked on multiple projects, such as “The First 100 Days”, “The Story with Martha MacCallum” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. Overall, he has made 24 TV appearances over the course of 13 years, and as the result of his hard work, collected numerous awards in journalism.


In 1987, his weekly column for The Washington Post earned him a prestigious Pulitzer Prize for commentary. In mid-1993, Charles was rewarded with an Honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from McGill University, and in 2006 the Financial Times named him the most influential commentator in America. As of 2009, this journalist and political commentator was given the Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Opinion Journalism.


In late 2017, Charles had surgery in which a cancerous tumor was removed from his abdomen. His doctors believed that the surgery was successful, but unfortunately Krauthammer’s cancer returned in the following year, and on 21 June he died from cancer of the small intestine, aged 68. Speaking about this, Daniel said that saying that Charles was his father, in the past tense, is still a shock to him, adding that it evokes great sadness. Reportedly, the two of them were very close, and Daniel still misses his father every day. However, he turned his sadness into something far more important, as he stands up for causes that were important to his dad.

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