Who is Don Cheto? Real Name, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Biography

• Juan Carlos Razo was born in Mexico on 23 June 1980
• He created the character Don Cheto, which is heard on radio and seen on TV
• Don Cheto has a successful singing career with 5 albums released
• Juan is married to Enriqueta Tiejo Ruzo and has two children
• He has an estimated net worth of over $6 million

Don Cheto Wiki Bio

Juan Carlos Razo was born on 23 June 1980, in Mexico – his zodiac sign is Gemini, and he holds Mexican nationality.

He’s known best for the character Don Cheto which he’s created, and which (or who) can be heard talking in various radio shows, and seen appearing in many TV shows; Juan is also hosting the one-hour Spanish variety show “El Show de Don Cheto”. The character has his own birthdate and birthplace: he was born in Zamora de Hidalgo, Michocana, Mexico, in 1942.

Early life and education

Juan was raised in Mexico by his parents about whom little is known, because he respects their privacy; it’s said that his father was the owner of a strawberry jam business, and that his mother was a housewife.

Even though Juan hasn’t spoken of having any siblings, most of his fans believe that he has several brothers and sisters.

The family moved to California, USA when Juan was around 11 years old, where he attended El Monte High School. It was during his four years there that he became interested in comedy, and was apparently the class clown; Juan was also a member of the school’s drama club, and played both lead and supporting characters in many of the plays performed at the school.

Juan matriculated in 1998, and because he hasn’t spoken of his further education, most people believe that he hasn’t attended college; he then moved back to Mexico.

Juan’s career

Juan worked at a factory upon matriculating, his job apparently including folding children’s pajamas.

Juan based his character Don Cheto on a man whom he met at La Sauceda, Cortes de la Frontera, Spain. It was around the time that Juan started working at the Mexican radio station La Que Buena, and eventually introduced Don Cheto; this was initially meant to be a one or two times impersonation, however, radio fans loved the new character, and Juan began impersonating him regularly.

Between 2005 and 2015, he voiced Don Cheto in all of the 130 episodes of the comedy talk-show “El Show de Don Cheto”, in which he starred alongside Cristian Garcia and Sheila Marie, and which features Don Cheto and his numerous celebrity guests as they’re playing games, listening to music, and answering their fans’ frequently asked questions.

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Don Cheto is also a successful singer who has released five albums, including “Piporreando”, “El Hombre Del Vozarron/El Chancho Frijolero” and “El Gran Show De Don Cheto y Sus Amigos”.

It might be interesting for fans of the video game “Grand Theft Auto V” to know that Don Cheto can be heard while driving cars in-game, on the radio station East Los FM.

YouTube channel

Juan launched the YouTube channel “Don Cheto Al Aire” on 18 October 2016, and it’s today subscribed to by close to 150,000 people, and numbers over 25 million views of his videos combined, all of whichs feature Don Cheto making guest appearances in talk-shows, telling jokes and singing songs.

There are also other videos starring Don Cheto, which have been uploaded onto the video sharing network by other users. We’re going to mention three of his most popular videos on YouTube, which have helped Juan attract many subscribers.

His #1 video “Ganga Style – Don Cheto (Video Oficial)” was uploaded on 8 November 2012 by EstrellaTV, has been watched close to 70 million times, and is a parody of the popular song “Gangnam Style” by Psy.

The second most popular video starring Don Cheto – “Don Cheto – La Crisis (HD) Video Oficial / Official Video” – was uploaded by LibermanBroadcasting on 29 March 2010, and has been watched more than six million times; this is Don Cheto’s original song.

Number Three on the list of most popular videos featuring Don Cheto – “Amandititita – EL Muy Muy ((Adaptacion Del Tema “La Muy Muy”) ft. Don Cheto” – was uploaded on 3 October 2009 by Amandititita Official, and has been watched more than five million times.

Presence on social media networks

Juan has launched Don Cheto accounts on various social media networks, and he’s today followed by close to a million people on Instagram, while he’s uploaded nearly 1,500 pictures, most of which have been taken during Don Cheto’s everyday life; these feature him spending time with his pet donkey and his best friends, as well as guest starring in talk-shows.

Don Cheto’s Twitter account was launched in July 2009, and is today followed by close to 200,000 people, while he’s tweeted more than 30,000 times, mostly sharing comedy content.

Don Cheto’s a Facebook star too, as his page is today followed by close to four million people, and which he tends to update at least once a day.

Don Cheto has a TikTok account as well, and it’s followed by nearly 100,000 people, and numbers more than 500,000 likes of all his videos combined.

Love life and wife

Juan prefers to keep the details of his love life away from media, but has still allowed his fans to have a glimpse into it. Juan has been married to Enriqueta Tiejo Ruzo for over a decade now, but hasn’t shared the exact date of their wedding; it’s believed that they exchanged vows sometime in the second half of the 2000s; Enriqueta holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. In 2007, Enriqueta gave birth to their son Diego Razo, and their daughter Sanjuana Razo followed after him, but her birthdate hasn’t been disclosed.

The character Don Cheto doesn’t have a wife, but women find him irresistible and often ask him to date them, however, Don Cheto usually rejects them.

As of February 2022, Juan’s married to Enriqueta Tiejo Ruzo, and they have two children together.

Hobbies and other interests

Juan loves to travel, and thanks to the success of his character Don Cheto, has been able to tour around Mexico and the USA, while he’s apparently also been to a couple of European countries; his dream travel destination is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Juan isn’t physically active; he enjoys eating various cuisines, with his favorite being Mexican food.

Juan is a huge fan of Hollywood, and his favorite actor and actress are Jim Carrey and Natalie Portman, while a couple of his favorite movies include “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – When Nature Calls”, “Bruce Almighty”, and “Leon: The Professional”.

Juan is into reading books in his spare time – his favorite author is Jonas Jonasson, while his favorite book is “The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden”.

Age, height and net worth

Juan’s age is 41, while Don Cheto’s is 79.

Juan has short brown hair and brown eyes, his height is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) and he weighs around 220lbs (100kgs).

As of February 2022, his net worth has been estimated at more than $6 million.

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