Who is Enjajaja aka Enya Umanzor? Bio: Age, Mom Death, Height, Dating, Net Worth, Nationality

• Enya Umanzor is a YouTube and social media personality
• She has earned over $300,000 through her successful career on YouTube
• Started with Vine and moved to YouTube in 2014
• Enya is dating singer Roy Blair and enjoys travelling and shopping in her free time
• She posts regularly on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram

Who is Enya Umanzor?

Enya Umanzor was born on 22 January 1999, in Miami, Florida USA, and is a YouTube as well as a social media personality, initially finding her popularity on the app Vine on which she earned 500,000 followers under the name enjajaja before it shut down. She’s since moved to YouTube on which she is best known, having gained nearly a million subscribers on her channel.

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The Net Worth of Enya Umanzor

How rich is Enya Umanzor? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $300,000, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube. Her exposure has resulted in numerous other opportunities, including collaborative work with other popular online personalities. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Vine

There is very little information about Enya’s life before her rise in fame, though she did start earning popularity at a young age. She initially started with the app Vine after its launch in 2013, discovering a potential to be able to express herself through short form videos which gained attention. The app allowed users to share six second looping video clips, and was later acquired by Twitter, making the app easily integrated with other social media websites. Users could browse through videos posted by others, searching by theme, trending and the most popular Vines.

During the peak of its popularity, Vine had 200 million active users, however, things turned for the worse in 2016 when all uploads were disabled, leading to the eventual shut down of the app; the videos still exist in a large Vine archive launched in 2017. Enya saw that Vine would eventually be unsustainable, and looked for other means to help her earn income as well as expand her reach. A year after creating her Vine account, she started her own YouTube channel – by the time that Vine had shut down she had managed to amass around 500,000 users, making her one of the more popular users of the app.

Transition to YouTube

Umanzor launched her YouTube channel in 2014, and started differentiating her content from Vine due to more freedom allowed by videos on the website. She started creating vlogs on which followers could see her go about her daily endeavors. She also talked about various topics such as school and family. Her YouTube channel didn’t really catch a lot of attention until two years later, when she posted her first make-up video, which proved extremely popular, so she started to make them alongside her vlog content.

Her popularity would increase significantly over the next few years, and she has earned over 54 million views and more than 900,000 subscribers on YouTube. A few of her most popular videos include a vlog of her first day of senior high school, which featured her friends. Another is a music video that she made alongside some of her batch mates. She is considered a beauty and so a make-up guru on YouTube, and continues to post on a regular basis with at least 200,000 views for each of her videos.

Personal Life

For her personal life, it is known that she has a sister and a brother. She doesn’t like to put a lot of attention on her family, but has mentioned that she has close ties with them.

Enya has been dating singer Roy Blair since 2017. Her boyfriend is also a social media personality, who has been promoting his music through his accounts along with music videos on YouTube, and releases singles on the music sharing app Spotify. The two have collaborated in many of her videos too. She mentioned on her videos that she enjoys having an international reach with YouTube, and would like to continue pursuing her interests in beauty.

During her free time, she says that she enjoys travelling and shopping, but also spends a lot of time with her loved ones. She created controversy some time ago when she posted a picture on Instagram stating that her mother had died, but she is still looking for likes and attention on her social media accounts. While it isn’t known if it was a joke or not, the post was taken in generally bad taste.

Current Endeavors

A lot of people have been following her since the start of her career, mainly those who are at the same age and have similar interests. Enya continues to manage her social media accounts, and has been venturing into business projects to help increase her income. She is also continuing her education and is at college, though details about her school have not been shared, to help her maintain some form of privacy. Aside from YouTube, she has accounts on other sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter account mainly posts some of her daily thoughts and promotes some of her upcoming content. She also posts photos alongside her friends and her current YouTube content.

Her YouTube account posts on a semi regular basis, at times somewhere from one to four videos in a month. Her Instagram is also very active, and posts some of her recent photos along with a few older photos. She mentions that one of her goals is to post on YouTube on a weekly basis but has also said that having a regular upload schedule has been difficult due to schooling.

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