Who is Gabby Epstein? Her Age, Body Measurements, Dating

Gabby Epstein, an Australian Instagram model, blogger, and social media influencer, is recognised for her alluring and captivating photos that highlight her admirable physique. Boasting a substantial following of more than 3.4 million on Instagram, Gabby has successfully established her presence in the fiercely competitive realm of social media modelling.

But just who is this beauty when she’s not sharing stunning photos on social media? Join us as we find out!

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Early Personal Life

Gabby Epstein, born on 19 February 1994, in Queensland, Australia, comes from Australian roots. Because she values her family and her childhood as personal, not much information is available. However, It’s known that Gabby spent her childhood in affluence, with her father pursuing a career as a lawyer.

Details about any siblings she might have remain undisclosed. Gabby’s passion for modelling and fashion developed early in life. During her school days, she actively participated in sports, particularly excelling in swimming. Her talent even led her to compete at both state and national championships.


Gabby wrapped up her high school journey at the age of 17 in 2011. Following that, she took the next step in her academic path and joined Bond University in 2012, setting her sights on Biomedical Science. Her dedication paid off, and she earned her degree in 2016, and made herself and her family proud.


Gabby’s journey in the modelling world kicked off at the young age of 15, when a talent scout in Gold Coast spotted her, enchanted by her looks. Starting with local advertising campaigns and photoshoots, she quickly moved on to more significant modelling projects.

Post graduation in 2016, Gabby made a bold move to the USA, to fully embrace a career in modelling. Represented by Miami-based agency Wilhelmina Models, she has successfully undertaken various jobs.

Some notable milestones in Gabby’s modelling career include collaborating with Guess Jeans, being an ambassador for Love & Lemons lingerie, becoming the cover girl for treats! Magazine, and being featured in Galore Magazine, Maxim Magazine, and Zoo Weekly.

Gabby was also a model for Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brand, and strutted her stuff on the catwalk for C-Heads, the surf brand. On top of that, she did ad campaigns for Luli Fama swimwear and Simple skincare.

The model was also involved with brands like Bikini Crush, Barely There, BoutineLA, Honey Bum, and Bali Body during her career.

As if that’s not enough, Gabby also ventured into the social media world to become a popular influencer. Her rise to fame on Instagram is undeniable, boasting an impressive following of 3.4 million followers. By strategically sharing selfies, bikini photos, and engaging content, Gabby leveraged Instagram’s algorithm, leading to widespread popularity.

She also maintains a presence on YouTube, attracting almost 27, 000 subscribers. She’s also active on TikTok, and there she’s managed to gain an impressive following of 72, 000+. Gabby also has an OnlyFans account for her dedicated followers.

Beyond her modelling endeavours, Gabby has delved into the realm of acting, exploring projects that have contributed to her earnings. In 2016, she took on smaller roles in three episodes of “Goodwall & Gallagher,” an Australian comedy series.

Her presence extended to reality shows, with cameo appearances in programs such as “City Beach” and “TMZ on TV,” giving fans a glimpse into her off-model life.

Gabby’s involvement in the music documentary, “Andrea Bocelli Live from Florence,” marks another dimension of her career, revealing a connection to the world of music and entertainment.

While these ventures have added to her portfolio, Gabby has yet to secure any major acting roles on TV shows or in movies.

Interesting Facts

Gabby doesn’t always feel comfortable in front of the camera, claiming that she’s unnaturally uncomfortable in front of the camera. It doesn’t come easily or naturally to her at all.

Although it wasn’t what she initially had in mind or planned, in an interview with Maxim Magazine, Gabby expressed her gratitude for the unexpected path her life has taken; despite the deviation from her original intentions, she feels incredibly fortunate to be in her current position.

Admitting to being a big science nerd, Gabby delved into studying biomedical science with aspirations of entering the medical or science fields, possibly even becoming a vet after completing her bachelor’s degree. However, those plans took a back seat when social media exploded around 2013-14, steering her life onto an entirely different path.

Gabby showcased remarkable talent as a competitive swimmer, hitting her peak around the age of 16 or 17. While she doesn’t necessarily boast about it, her family is deeply rooted in sports and swimming. Her mom and uncle were national swimmers, her grandad coached Olympians, and her dad’s brother is a three-time Paralympic weightlifting champion. The competitive spirit within her family has undoubtedly influenced various aspects of her life.

However, a significant setback occurred in her senior year of high school when she tore her rotator cuff (shoulder), abruptly ending her dreams of competing at the Olympics. This unexpected turn led her life down a couple of different paths from what she’d envisioned.

The model believes her standout personality trait is having a thick skin. She’s not easily sensitive and excels at laughing at herself—a crucial quality, valuable asset in the realm of social media, where others are quick to find amusement.

Gabby isn’t entirely sure about her best physical asset, but she humorously wishes it could be her feet, having heard that people pay a pretty penny for those on the internet. She also boasts about having long fingers, while playfully referring to her toes as ‘gecko toes’.

Gabby has a furry companion named Coco, a beloved dog that likely adds joy to her daily life.

When it comes to travel, Mexico, Greece and Italy top Gabby’s list of favourite destinations, suggesting a preference for diverse and culturally rich experiences.

In terms of lifestyle, Gabby adheres to a vegan diet.

Her idols in the world of modelling include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cindy Crawford, making clear her admiration for influential figures in the industry.

During her moments of leisure, Gabby finds solace and rejuvenation in spas, highlighting the importance of self-care in her busy life. These snippets provide a glimpse into the multifaceted and balanced lifestyle that Gabby leads.

Naturally awkward, Gabby is not one for parties; rather, she prefers spending Saturday nights immersed in dinosaur documentaries, and is an enthusiastic reader with a penchant for books that are related to philosophy and empowerment. According to her, she considers herself somewhat boring, admitting that her social media posts serve as a highlight reel, and don’t entirely reflect her real-life persona.

In her downtime, she finds comfort in wearing sweats and going makeup-free.

Gabby faced significant backlash over several of her social media posts, which she chose to share with her followers, including hate-filled comments.

She’s been outspoken in her support for Israel during its conflict with Hamas in Gaza, for which she’s encountered harsh criticism, with some individuals going to the extreme of sending her death threats. One threatening message read, “Your time will come again very soon. And this time the world will not help you from the chambers.”

Despite the evident impact on her, she remains resilient and steadfast in sticking to her opinion.

Later Personal Life

Gabby’s personal life has stirred curiosity among her fans, especially regarding her romantic relationships. Currently, she’s involved with James Roberts, a well-known swimmer with Olympic experience. Through her Instagram account, Gabby frequently offers glimpses into their relationship, allowing followers to share in their joyful and adventurous moments.

In the past, Gabby was romantically linked with Conner Malon, a real estate sales associate at Ray White. Their relationship began in 2014, and garnered significant public attention. However, as time went on, they decided to go their separate ways.

Gabby has since embarked on new experiences and relationships, finding love with James. The two have been together since 2017.

Physical Characteristics

Gabby stands relatively tall at 5ft 8ins (172cms), weighs about 128lbs (58kgs), with vital statistics of 32-26-35. She has bright blue eyes and long, blonde hair.

Net Worth

Gabby Epstein’s influence extends to her income, with estimates ranging up to $6,000 for a single sponsored Instagram post. Her annual earnings from Instagram alone, driven by brand endorsements and collaborations, are estimated to surpass $500,000. As of late 2023, her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

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