Who is Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife Margaret Anne Williams? Her Wiki: Age, Married, Wedding, Biography

• Margaret Anne Williams was born in Tampa, Florida in 1979.
• She studied Business and Marketing at New York University.
• Margaret is the wife of chef and TV personality, Geoffrey Zakarian.
• She and Geoffrey have three children together.
• Margaret runs a few companies and is active in social media.

Who is Margaret Anne Williams?

Margaret Anne Williams was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini, a symbol of strength and wealth, on 12th of June 1979, in Tampa, Florida USA, a child of Marie and Francis Williams. She followed her father’s footsteps and built an empire in the business industry, but Margaret is perhaps  best known as the wife of chef and TV personality, Geoffrey Zakarian.

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Margaret Anne William’s Life Before Fame

Margaret Williams grew up in a charming and prestigious neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. Her father, Mr. Francis Williams is the chief executive of Kimmins Contracting Corporation, founded in 1923, a construction and demolition company that aims to create innovative projects. As a daughter of a businessman, this became the ‘playground’ of Margaret, and the exposure proved to be effective because years later Margaret Williams became a world-renowned businesswoman. Before that, she studied at New York University as a Business and Marketing major. People who knew Margaret know for a fact that she’s a believer of the quote, “Do something twice before concluding you hate it”, as she was born a risk-taker, and subsequently a leader in industry. However, Margaret has lived in the shadows – not much is known about her personal life except for her businesses and relationship with Geoffrey Zakarian.

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Career Beginnings

With her father’s connections and Margaret’s enthusiasm to excel, she was born to lead in the business world! She was aware of what she wants, all that’s left is to thrive and turn her ideas into reality. By the age of 26, she had become the Marketing Executive of 3Sixty Hospitality, which focuses on catering services to its’ customers. It offers excellent customer service and undeniably mouth-watering dishes. Moreover, 3Sixty Hospitality is partnered with two companies, namely Lotus and Double Seven. Lotus has three branches in USA, France, and Germany, and provides a fine-dining experience, specifically for the elite class. Meanwhile, Double Seven is at the heart of New York City, and offers a luxurious lounge for small to large gatherings.

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Relationship with Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey Zakarian, better known as the Iron Chef, met Margaret Williams through a mutual friend. Their passion for food and entrepreneurship became the bridge of their relationship, but the two also have a lot in common, as hiking and traveling are known to be their preferred “date” agenda! The attraction was evident from the start, Geoffrey Zakarian dated Margaret Williams for a few years, while because of their 20-year age gap, the public accused them of having a “fake” relationship, but age and opinionated people clearly didn’t worry them. Soon the duo created a restaurant called “Town”. The couple wanted a business that defines their relationship, not only as lovers but business partners. Through the intricate interior design and the cuisines made by Geoffrey, it caters to more than 100 customers every day.

From the First Date to the Wedding

On 31 July 2005, Geoffrey Zakarian and Margaret Anne Williams tied the knot at Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic Church in Niagara Falls, New York State. The wedding was kept private – only the family from both parties and close friends were present. Most women would want an extravagant wedding, but Margaret and Geoffrey had something else in mind, and the simple white-gray wedding theme created a sophisticated and intimate event for the couple and their guests. To commemorate the new milestone, Margaret Anne and Geoffrey Zakarian decided to build a new restaurant called “Country”, which was later awarded a Michelin Star, which means the business is recognized as one of the world’s greatest dining businesses.

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The Family of Five

Geoffrey and Margaret now have three children who became the definition of joy and perfection for the couple. Madeline was born in 2007, Anna in 2009, and they and Geoffrey were recently seen in an episode of “The Kitchen” in Food Network. In the show, the trio dives into the culinary experience. However, the couple yearned for a baby boy and George Harris Zakarian arrived in 2014. The family activities they enjoy are horseback riding, cooking, and traveling all over the world.

Social Media Presence

Margaret Anne Williams is a private individual, so details about her personal life and family can’t be found on the internet, but since she’s the wife of Geoffrey Zakarian, she opened her social media account to the public. Her official Instagram account has over 22,000 followers, with whom she has shared her most recent endeavors, showcasing cuisines, her husband and children.

Her current post was on 4th October 2018, wherein the couple – Margaret and Geoffrey – attended the “City Harvest’s BID against Hunger”. The purpose of this event is to raise funds to alleviate starvation in New York City through the use of auctions and other fun activities. More than 1,000 people participated in the event.

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