Who is Jalen Noble? His Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Jalen is an American reality TV star, who came to prominence thanks to his appearance in the reality TV show “Love Island” (2019).

Jalen Noble Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Jalen Noble was born on 13 May 1993, in Columbus, Ohio USA, the son of Carla and John Coburn. Jalen is the older sibling in the family with a younger brother named Trey.

He matriculated from St. Francis High School, after which he relocated to Miami, where he enrolled at Miami University, graduating with a degree in psychology and communications.

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Life Before Love Island

After finishing his studies, Jalen started working as an account executive at Nutanix in Nashville, Tennessee. However, the routine of his everyday life started to wear on him, and a desire for something different stirred within. Seeking a change from the monotony of his work at Nutanix, Jalen took a leap and signed up for the reality TV show Love Island USA. Little did he know that this decision would thrust him into the spotlight.

Love Island Stint: Casa Amor Prominence

Jalen Noble created a buzz on “Love Island USA” season two during the Casa Amor twist. In this phase of the show, new islanders are introduced, and their mission is to take away the contestants from their current partner. Jalen used all his charm and good looks to sway Mackenzie Dipman; eventually, she chose him over her original partner, Connor Trott. Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last long and she went back to Connor before ultimately both being sent home.

Jalen sparked a couple of controversies while on the show. He was accused of being a womanizer, and manipulating women to gain popularity. Following Mackenzie, Jalen had a brief romance with Sher Suarez, who was also a Casa Amor islander, but they were eliminated as Jalen’s stint in the Love Island villa ended after just 10 days.

Although his stint was brief, he garnered a massive following on social media during and after the show, which helped him launch his online career.

Career after Love Island

After the Love Island villa in Las Vegas, Jalen made his way back home to Utah where his family was residing at the time, a chance for him to reconnect with his roots and catch up on some much-needed family time.

His focus on family, particularly his mom, was evident as he shared glimpses of these moments on social media. Jalen’s emphasis on spending quality time showcased a desire for a sense of normality and grounding after the reality TV experience.


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Social Media Stardom

Jalen was active on social media before he got to Love Island. However, his popularity soared once he introduced himself to a wider audience. However, rather than diving headfirst into lucrative brand deals or influencer pursuits, he found his niche on TikTok.

His content stood out with “day in the life” videos, providing a candid look at his daily routine. These videos often featured his two Doberman dogs, Houston and Cora, who became integral parts of his social media posts. Notably, Jalen went a step further in expressing his bond with the dogs through tattoos on his legs.

Despite his brief but impactful stint on Love Island, Jalen kept this chapter of his life somewhat low-key; he didn’t push his reality TV fame into the influencer sphere. Additionally, Jalen talked openly about going to therapy, and how it helped him.

He currently has more than a million followers on his official TikTok account, with more than 60 million likes.

However, his Instagram account is reserved for his travel and selfie pictures and videos; he’s into fitness and fashion. As an influencer, he’s worked with notable brands such as Hyundai USA, American Express, Topicals, Clorox, and Society6.

YouTube Popularity

Jalen Noble kicked off his YouTube journey in July 2023, and even with a relatively modest activity level, he’s already captured the attention of viewers with an impressive 160,000 views. Among his most popular videos are, “Soul Tied with My Dog: He’s Home and Thriving Now!“, in which Jalen shares the heartwarming reunion with his canine companion, and which has garnered around 7,000 views.

His next one is for those in need of breakfast inspiration, as Jalen’s “Rise and Shine Delicious Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Day!” is all about quick and tasty options, and has accumulated over 6,000 views.

In the video “Chasing That A Goofy Movie Cheese Pull Dream!“, Jalen dives into the world of pizza, attempting to recreate the iconic cheese pull from A Goofy Movie, and this short has earned 5,500 views.

Jalen’s lifestyle is shown in the video “Curls to Braids, Repeat, & Glow-Up: My Fabulous Lifestyle!” in which he shows transformations and the glow-up journey, capturing around 5,000 views.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Jalen Noble’s net worth is estimated at $1 million as of late 2023.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Mental Struggles

Jalen Noble openly shared how therapy positively impacted his life, revealing his growth story after severe struggles with mental health during Men’s Health Month in June 2023. He admitted to facing dark moments, and contemplating suicide a decade ago, but emphasized seeking help for mental struggles. Currently, he continues efforts in recovering and healing, encouraging followers to reach out when dealing with similar challenges.

When it comes to his love life, Jalen is in a public relationship with influencer Monet McMichael. The couple went public in April 2023, gaining popularity on TikTok. Despite residing in different states, Jalen and Monet manage a long-distance relationship, sharing their journey on social media.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Jalen Noble has black hair with natural curls, and brown eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 10ins (1.78m), while he weighs 180lbs (81kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, but he has an athletic figure.

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